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Conditioning For Soccer ? Guidelines On Eating For Soccer Fitness


Conditioning the body for better soccer games does not only involve the right exercises and workouts to perform.  Proper body conditioning also entails considerations on what you need to eat prior to a game, while playing and after playing soccer.  There are different components of nutrition that must be incorporated in your soccer fitness and conditioning. 
Proper Hydration For Sports
Hydration is highly important for soccer players to stay healthy and to perform optimally.  For a month, you can literally go without foods; yet, you can only last several days with no water.  This is because the body has 60% water contents; the brain is even composed of 70% water; the lungs are 90% water and the blood, 83% water.  A lean muscle is also made up of 75% water. Everyday diet significantly requires water. In playing soccer, your performance greatly depends on how hydrated your body is.  During a game and after the game, you need to remain hydrated. When you play, you perspire and essentially lose about 2% of body mass. When you sweat you also lose sodium that gives you the energy to move and perform.  When working out, you need to drink sports beverages, especially if working out for ninety minutes without break. If not working out, you still need to drink lots of water to avoid unnecessary dehydration. 
Pre-exercise, During and Post-exercise Foods
Foods that you eat before exercising is opposite to what others believe to simply stay in the stomach and give you a difficult time to perform.  Truth is, pre-exercise foods provide the body with better endurance and stamina.  Ideally, you need about 0.5 gram of carbohydrates/pound body weight one hour before exercising.  The amount of carbohydrates will still depend on how your stomach can tolerate pre-exercise meals.  
If you will exercise or train for more than one hour.  You need to consume fluids and carbohydrates before exercising so that you will stay energetic and hydrated. The size of your body, the intensity of your exercise and the tolerance of your stomach will determine how much carbohydrates you need to consume.  The ideal amount is 100-250 calories/hour once the first hour is up in a 2-3 hour workout. You need to drink about eight ounces sports drink every 15-20 minutes. You may also eat energy bar and drink water.  
In case you will skip exercising for 1-2 days, you should not be cautious about refueling your body immediately.  Nevertheless, if you are working out two times in a day, post-exercise foods need to be consumed as soon as possible and tolerable.  Typically, you need half a gram of carbohydrates for every pound of weight you have in your body each hour for 4-5 hours. Proteins need to be taken along with carbohydrates to help stimulate glycogen faster. Post-exercise fuel will also help in optimum growth and repair of muscles.  After training or playing, you need to continuously drink fluids as your body cools down.  This will help eliminate toxins that have built up while playing or practicing.  Follow this with some light foods or meals and do not overload your stomach.  Let your stomach regenerate and use glycogen to repair the muscles.
You may have your own nutrition scheme in your soccer conditioning. You should not immediately change or alter your diet; instead, you have to introduce changes gradually.

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Brown 2011 Fall Lacrosse Conditioning

Brown 2011 Fall Lacrosse Conditioning

The fall 2011 Brown University Bears recently completed The Navy Seal Fitness Challenge. The challenge consists of a 500 yard swim, two minutes each of sit ups, pull ups and push ups. It finishes with a 1.5 mile run. A week later the Bears took on the steps of the Brown University football stadium. Their fall season will conclude with two scrimmages at the Catamount Classic at Thayer Academy in Braintree Mass on Sunday October 9th. Find more info at catamountclassic.com/

University of Michigan Men's Lacrosse Video Blog: The Boys Are Back in Town

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