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Trading Computers are key!

If you are a trader like me, you undeniable depend on your computer to participate in the market. We are part of an automated world that more than ever depends on technology. Thousands and thousands of market transactions take place on any given working day and technology is responsible for making it happen.

We have evolved and there is no way back. For this specific reason when searching Computers For Trading, make sure you understand how vital is to have the best technology you can have. A lot of people say a computer is a computer is a computer. Well, let’s think about this, if you are a runner and need to buy shoes, what type of shoes do you buy? And where do you buy them? I can also say: A shoe, is a shoe, is a shoe, right? As you can see, when we talk about performing well in any field, we look for what has been designed to achieve better performance. We do not just buy a pair of sandals and go running. We look for the best support on a shoe and comfort of course. The same applies when talking about technology. In this case the technology that you will be using for trading.

So, if you are in the market and have been browsing trading computers, you will come up with some options that might confuse a lit bit in the beginning but will make a lot of sense once you take the time to understand what all of that means.

Be aware of mass manufacturing companies. These companies use cheap components and will not give you the customer support you deserve. If you have any questions, more than likely, your call will be routed to somebody in a foreign country and you will be one more in the queue. Also, check out what types of warranty do they offer. Most companies only offer a one year warranty, even though; the usable life of a computer is 3 yrs.

By now, I hope you realize that when searching for Trading Computers, there are a few things to take into consideration. If trading is part of your life or what you do in life, then you must have the best tools out there that will allow you to be the best.

We are in an era where we depend on technology and more than ever we need to familiarize ourselves with it. We live in an almost virtual world and as traders; we know that the trading virtual world is a very powerful and interesting one. Get on board and embrace it!

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Trading Computers Are Better

What comes to mind when you hear the term trading computers?  For the person who is not familiar with trading, perhaps this just sounds like another marketing fancy word that computer companies use to impress the public.  However, for a serious trader, like me, this is something that makes total sense and that stands out among any other computer machines.

People tend to perceive different words and terminology in different ways depending on what they like or dislike.  For example, if you like cars, what comes to mind when I say: Lamborghini verses Toyota Corolla?  I am sure you have already developed a mental image of these two vehicles and it won’t take you too long to mention the major differences between them.  A Lamborghini represents style, speed, performance, beauty etc.  A Toyota Corolla is not as exciting for the car aficionado as a great sports car is.  The same applies with computers.  Trading computers for the serious trader means speed, performance and reliance. 

As we all know, trading is mostly done electronically, so if you are a trader, you want to have the best machine you can have. It amazes me how sometimes people want to trade on a laptop or an old computer.  If you were a surgeon, would you operate with your kitchen knife? The same applies to trading.  This is your main tool, it is your livelihood. Can you imagine putting in an order and having to wait to get filled?  This could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars at risk.  So, think very carefully when it is time to buy trading computers.

Do your research!  You do not have to become a computer expert but you can find a trading computer expert who can guide you through the process. Talk to the expert who knows what you are talking about.  There are not too many of these people out there but it pays off when you find them.  I personally was fortunate enough to find the person, the expert, who sold me my trading computer, who was also a trader.  It was very refreshing to be able to talk to him about my needs as a trader, my trading platforms, my method of trading, the frequency at what I trade, how I use my trading indicators, what other systems I ran on my computer, what are my most frustrating problems with my computer and how to overcome them. 

I really hope you do your homework and get the best you can get.  Like I said, if you are a sports car fan, I doubt it you will go buy a Toyota Corolla and be excited about it. 



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Multi Monitor Trading Computers

Multi Monitor Trading Computers allow day traders to perform many tasks across a series of screens without the hassle of closing and opening windows. In addition to ample screen space, a trading computer should also be equipped with enough storage space to operate effectively.

Day trading computers should be configured in such a way that the data transfer rates are always operating at premium speed. Adequate storage space is necessary for this optimization. In addition to this adequacy, these multi monitor trading computers must also have accessible quality storage. Believe it or not, there is a fairly broad range of storage costs and capacity. Deciding which one fits your needs is usually a simple assessment of production and budget.

On the low-cost side, a standard magnetic hard drive is an excellent option. Advances in technology have led to significantly more affordable pricing structures a 1.5 terabyte hard drive can easily be purchased for less than $ 100 these days. Whats more, 1.5TB is more space than most traders will ever use. Hard drive storage is a beautiful thing in that we have gained huge strides in space and technology, while simultaneously keeping the costs of upgraded equipment affordable.

When looking for a magnetic drive for multi monitor trading computers, youll want to consider those that offer 6GB/second data transfer rates. This technology is referred to as SATA III, and has the capability of doubling a drives communication exchange rates.

Like most things technical, there are varying degrees of capabilities. The next step up for drives is known as SSD (Solid State Drive). Essentially, an SSD is a flash drive. Aside from an improvement on speed, the SSD functions without moving parts, minimizing breakdown and problems. It does come with a hike in price, which is to be expected for the advanced technology, but understand: you will get your moneys worth. I can confidently say that coupling a motherboard and SSD that each support the 6GB/s rate will be faster than any machine youve experienced. (EVER.)

The third main choice among drives for Multi Monitor Trading Computers is known as RAID. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a newer introduction that capitalizes on multiple hard drives to maintain reliability and improve transfer rates. The most common installation of RAID drives for trading computers is an implemented two-drive system. One drive mirrors the other and is retained as a backup. In theory, having multiple SSDs in combination with a 6GB/s transfer capability would create the fastest possible computer, but the rate and capacity are almost overkill, and would, in most cases, be more than a typical trader needs.

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Trading Computers And Processors

Trading Computers, for many reasons are in a class separate from standard desktop models. A standard machine is going to produce standard results and working capacity, every time. Trading computers have some specific needs that have to be addressed when talking efficiency, and standard isnt going to cut it. The best option for day traders seeking the highest performance out of their machines: computer systems that are not bought, but built.

As a stock trader, you have to think on your feet, make immediate decisions, and execute choices with precision. Shouldnt your computer be held to the same standard? Even the best of the mediocre are still mediocre, and trust me when I tell you that is all you will ever find at a big box store. Even those machines marketed as trading computers are not comparable to what you can create by building a customized computer.

In every computing device, the processor is the multitasking wizard behind the curtain. As a day trader, you need optimal multitasking skills out of your machine, meaning your processor had better up to par. Slow processers absolutely kill time and in a business where time is quite literally money, every second counts. Computing quantitative indicators, drawing charts, and constant navigation between windows is a lot to throw at a typical processor. Theyre simply not designed to perform that way.

As a day trader, speed and power capacity are two of your greatest allies. For stocking trading computers, there are virtually two options. Obviously, there are more; but there are only two worth considering. They are both from Intel, and feature varying degrees of options within their respective series: Intel Core i7 900, and Intel Core i7-2600. Each incremental upgrade provides more brain and brawn, with models like the i7 980x (fastest model available to date) seeing as much as 65% higher power capacity over the inferior i7 950.

A Core i7 processor is truly ideal for almost every stock trader, creating a fast, reliable system that can handle anything the day might bring. While highly preferred, its not the only option out there. The Core i5, as example, performs great as an entry-level trading computer processor. The downside for this particular model is its lifespan, which puts it obsolete after about 24 months.

And while were talking obsoleteBefore you get started, do your research. There are many processors out there that can create a load of trouble for a trader. If you truly understand what you need to get out of your machine, buying a customized Trading Computers will be the best career move youve ever made. For more information about customized trading computers, complete with buying advice and a list of models to avoid, download my free guide at www.eztradingcomputers.com.

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Trading Computers And Ram

A Day Trading Computer should be reliable, fast, and efficient. It should be able to concurrently run multiple applications and processes without any lulls in productivity. When purchasing a boxed unit that is manufactured by the thousands, you might find one with a great motherboard, an effective processor, or maybe even one that has the RAM capacity youre looking for; but youre never going to find all of those in the same unit. Instead, think about building the best machine from the best parts.
When talking day trading computer components, RAM isnt one of those middle-of-the-road guys. In nearly all cases, RAM either works, or it doesnt. Many RAM chips on the market are insubstantial and burn out easily, so choosing one from a reputable manufacturer is crucial.

In addition to finding a dependable model, RAM in any computer, but especially a day trading computer, needs the capacity to run lightening fast. Triple Channel RAM is a relatively new in motherboard architecture. The simplest explanation of Triple Channel RAM is a tripled peak bandwidth over channel systems. If you dont know what that means, dont sweat it, but know this: its REALLY fast.

Another other key factor to consider for a day trading computer is the amount of RAM youll actually need. The very minimum you could operate with would be 3GB which could suffice for a Windows 7 64-bit and some basic applications. If you planning on actually using your day trading computer to be a day trader, however, this option will simply not work. A 6GB to 12GB is a much more reasonable, with an obvious large span of options. A 6GB is a great place to start if this is your first day trading machine, but extra RAM, while not always necessary, is never really a bad thing.

A day trading computer needs to executes tasks with speed and precision, and simultaneously serve as a central hub of information. RAM is the key to both. If you are serious about creating the best Day Trading Computer, finding a reputable brand for your RAM chip is not a luxury or really an option; it is a necessity. Opting for lesser quality to save a few dollars on the front end will almost always cost you far more in lost time, and/or information. Instead, seek brands like GSkill and Mushkin, that stand behind their products.

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