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Best Basketball Commercials

Here we go. A look at the top five basketball commercials. Anywhere from funny basketball commercials to simply sweet ones.

5. Steve Nash with Vitamin Water: This funny basketball commercial was not widely aired, but is down right funny. It reminds me of Zoolander. So if you like that type of humor, you have to see this. It is basically Steve Nash saying all these outrageous things about himself while he is doing a model shoot and putting on makeup.

4. Be Like Mike (Gatorade) Original: The one that started it all I guys. “Like Mike, I wish a could be like Mike.” How that has stuck even today. How could this not be a top commercial if even years later people are still saying “I wish I could be like Mike.”

3. Nike Freestyle: This Nike commercial is exactly what it says it is. Freestyle. It has a whole bunch of people doing sick moves with the basketball. It is put together to an absolutely sweet rhythm and it makes you want to go out and learn and do the moves that the people on the commercial are doing.

2. Let Your Game Speak: Once again, a Nike commercial. I am not a Nike fan, but there commercials are good. ThisĀ  Nike commercial features a whole bunch of kids doing Michael Jordan moves. They then go on to do some of his highlight dunks. It ends with them having the same game winners as him. It is basically a whole bunch of kids in a Michael Jordan highlight real with sweet music. Just Awesome.

1. Kobe and Lebron Puppets: This commercials were just absolutely awesome. For once, it was like the Superbowl when watching the NBA playoffs because I could not wait until another one of these commercials came on. There was “playoffs” commercial in which Lebron is totally jacked and is running around doing his chalk ritual and Kobe is like “been there, done that.” Then there is the “babysitting” commercial in which they have to babysitting this annoying little kid. The good part comes when they show the kid their shoe room and he shuts up and grabs for his inhaler. There is the “rings” commercial in which Kobe lets Lebron know about how many rings he has and the “car jump” commercial in which Kobe’s puppet does Kobe’s original (fake) car jump. This are just absolutely great.

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What Super Bowl Commercials Mean To Your Success

When Super Bowl Sunday arrives, I watch the event with great anticipation. Yes, I like football a lot, but that’s not necessarily my greatest interest when it comes to the Super Bowl. Being a student of marketing, I am very much interested in the highly-anticipated commercials. All though I have to admit, over the past few years I’ve been disappointed.

To me, the ads are less than stellar. They just don’t make me want to run out and buy the products. But then again, the companies that are featured in the ads might be okay with that. For the most part, they aren’t targeting me. The vast majority of the commercials indeed target men, but not those in my age bracket. So when I sit there and say, “I don’t get this commercial,” or “This commercial does nothing for me,” that’s fine … as long as those who are targeted are inspired to buy the products.

That’s the point for you as a small business owners. It doesn’t matter if the people who don’t buy your products and services don’t get your marketing. All that matters is that your marketing connects with your profitable target audiences and that it inspires them to take action … to contact you and make a purchase.

So the next time a well-meaning business associate, friend, or family member criticizes your marketing efforts, judge their comments on the fact that they are or are not in your target audience. If they are, give more weight to their critiques. If they aren’t, take their comments into consideration, but don’t necessarily make changes on their account. What you really need to do is go out and get responses from actual members of your target audiences. Then make any necessary changes to your marketing message so you get the results you’re looking for.

As a speaker, author, and coach, Peter George helps self-employed professionals achieve the success they’ve been striving for.

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Super Bowl Commercials … Sales Or Publicity?

The hype surrounding the commercials is almost as great as that surrounding the Super Bowl itself. Newscasters report on the cost of a 30-second spot. The list of advertisers is pored over, as is the list of previous advertisers that decided not to participate. It’s covered on television, radio, newspapers and magazines, blogs … seemingly just about everywhere.

The big question
It used to be that people talked about the commercials the day after the game. Now, discussions take place immediately. Focus groups are assembled, interactive polls are done, marketing groups watch and grade the advertisements. It’s become a game onto itself. And then there’s the question — do the commercials make you want to buy the products?

This question (and the answers to it) are cause for a great deal of debate. “Sales,” some say, “are the barometer of a commercial’s effectiveness.” Others profess that, “People talking about a commercial is what matters.” Well, the answer is “it depends.” The success of a commercial is determined by how well it addresses the intended results. Some commercials are made to drive sales, while the function of others is to create and sustain publicity.

For your greatest success
So when it comes to your marketing, you have to know exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to increase sales, or are you looking to generate publicity? Do you want immediate return, or are you planning on bolstering your long-term exposure? Once you decide on the purpose of a particular tactic, then you’ll have a much better idea about how you want your audience to react. That’s how you develop strong marketing with worthwhile results. That’s how you build a profitable business!

An idea for one of next year’s Super Bowl
If I were marketing a company that was looking for publicity and willing to spend more than $ 3 million in order to get it, here’s what I would do.

First, I’d contact the major national and local news organizations, alerting them to a very special news opportunity, taking place during the Super Bowl’s halftime. When they arrived in the company’s parking lot, they would see three million $ 1 bills, piled high. Then, when they were all set up to record, I would pour lighter fluid on the money, light it, and let it burn.

Think about the coverage. Think about the number of times the images would air. Think about how many hits on You Tube there would be — people watching in amazement as $ 3 million goes up in smoke. It would work, and I’ll prove it to you. I’ll do it next year. All I need is $ 3 million.

As a speaker, author, and coach, Peter George helps self-employed professionals achieve the success they’ve been striving for.

Start attracting more profitable clients now! Download your free copy of “101 Ways to Attract More Clients” at MoreClientsMoreProfits.com

Ridiculous Tech Commercials of Super Bowls Past

Ridiculous Tech Commercials of Super Bowls Past

Every year companies spend millions of dollars to advertise during the Super Bowl. Annie takes a look at commercials from some defunct tech companies that probably should have invested their money elsewhere. Please Subscribe: www.youtube.com Google+: gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Follow Annie on Twitter: www.twitter.com And on Facebook: www.facebook.com Host: Annie Gaus Producer: Lauren Rudser Associate Producers: Todd Boudreaux, Chastity Vicencio Editor: Frank Knight
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Best Super Bowl commercials 2013: Leon Sandcastle makes headlines

Best Super Bowl commercials 2013: Leon Sandcastle makes headlines
Many people in America only watch the Super Bowl every year solely for the purpose of catching the commercials in between the action. If you fall into … With a wig and fake mustache, Sanders names himself Leon Sandcastle at the NFL Combine. Of course …
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Super Bowl Commercials of 2013: Do They Reveal A Sick Culture?

Subscribe – bit.ly In the age of the DVR and the internet, Super Bowl Sunday is America’s High Holy Day for advertisers. On no other day during the calendar year are more people in the United States sharing in the same common experience. Last year, 71 % of households who had a TV turned on were tuned into the big game. In an age with 9 thousand channels on your boob tube plus the endless nooks and crannies of the Internet, to produce a communal experience like the Super Bowl is a marvel. With so many people watching — and watching the commercials, what can we learn about ourselves by what advertisers are trying to sell us, and the tactics they use to get us to identify with their brand? To put it another way, if aliens joined us on Super Bowl Sunday, what would they learn about our culture? Well, for starters, they would lean that we like cars. Almost as much as we like the female form. Not just any female form, mind you, but the kind only a tiny fraction of actual females come by naturally- and the kind a statistically significant of others starve themselves for or undergo surgery to achieve, or both. Based on this metric, who could blame aliens if they placed the average American in 2013 at even par with the Dukes of Hazard on the evolutionary chain. Of course these aliens would also know that we like beer. And Pizza. Enough to support a Papa John Asshat who budgets to give millions of pizza’s away every year and advises his franchise owners to keep his employee
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Super Bowl 2013 Commercials Sneak Peek! – Preview Best Superbowl XLVII ads

TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPERBOWL ADS! youtu.be SEE THE SEXIEST ADS HERE: youtu.be TOP 2011 ADS HERE: youtu.be Click here to subscribe! www.youtube.com A Llama gives a sneak preview of Superbowl 47’s high profile ads, including: MiO Fit – Bleep Audi – Prom Mercedes-Benz – Kate Upton slow motion…
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Funny NHL / Hockey Commercials

Funny NHL / Hockey Commercials

The Funniest NHL / Hockey Commercials according to me: Willy Penguin Enjoy! *Note – Commercials in no particular order

Steven Stamkos lead the NHL with a career-high 60 goals this season. That’s an impressive mark for the 22 year old. Alex Ovechkin is the only other player to score 60 goals since the lockout (He had 65 in 07-08). Stamkos is the 20th player to score 60 goals in an NHL season. Only his 4th NHL season and he’s known as the best goal scorer in the NHL. Unfortunately the Tampa Bay Lightning didn’t make the NHL Playoffs this season, after an unexpected run to the Conference Finals last year (Losing 1-0 in Game 7).. Only 22, NHL fans definitely look forward to seeing A LOT more goals from Stamkos.
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