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China’s Industrial Fastener Demand In 2013 Will Exceed 74.2 Billion In – China Sodium

According to the U.S. Freedonia Group’s Beijing office to a new research shows that due to the rapid growth of manufacturing production, especially industrial machinery and motor vehicles, the Chinese demand for industrial fasteners is expected to grow 10.7% annually rate increase and in 2013 reached 74.2 billion. Although the period from 1998 to 2008 the growth of electrical and electronic products announced a very small number, but its production has also led to an increase in demand for industrial fasteners. While the growth in demand for high quality industrial fasteners fastener market prices will also push the overall rise. However, the new materials and new means of processing applications in a variety of durable goods to some extent inhibited sales of industrial fasteners.
Standard fasteners, internal and external thread and non-threaded fasteners of China’s industrial demand accounts for 98%. External thread fasteners standard fasteners in China, accounted for the largest share of total demand in 2008 of its demand for the 3 / 5. However, self-adhesives, and other optional connection technology, external threaded fasteners growth will slow. Shrinkage of the construction industry also within the screw-type fastener to 2013 below the average annual growth rate, the lowest annual growth rate of non-screw type, only 9.9% annual rate. Airline Fasteners sales to 2013 will exceed the standard parts, with an annual growth rate of 13.4%. The Government continues to infrastructure, the aviation industry and defense aerospace fasteners and other important markets, investment will stimulate China’s fastener demand.
According to forecasts, by 2013 OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and construction market right fastener demand will exceed the new MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) market. OEM fasteners in China will maintain its leading position in market demand, accounting for 75% of the total demand fasteners, coupled with industrial machinery, motor vehicles, electrical, electronics and other products to stimulate market demand, sales of fasteners will also appear new growth. Due to the large-scale infrastructure facilities, as well as the construction of residential buildings and construction of Central Africa the demand for high-quality fasteners, will also boost the growth of demand for fasteners in the construction industry.

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China’s Super

Coating Diamond coating is a new

Tools Coating materials. It uses Low Chemical vapor deposition Technology Hard alloy The growth of a layer of substrate formed by the polycrystalline diamond film, with its processing of silicon

Aluminum And Copper Alloy Etc. Non-ferrous metals , Glass fiber Etc. Project Materials and carbide materials, tool life is ordinary carbide cutting tools 50 ~ 100 times. Diamond coating with a number of diamond synthesis technology, the most common is the hot wire method, microwave

Plasma France and the DC plasma jet. By improving the adhesion of coating methods and coating, diamond coated tools have been produced and has been applied in industry.

Recent years, the United States, Japan and Sweden have already introduced a diamond coated taps,

Reamer , Mills And for processing Print PCB Holes on the diamond coated carbide

Drill And a variety of indexable inserts, such as the Swedish company Sandvik

CD Kennametal Inc. in 1810 and the United States and other trademark products KCD25. U.S. Turchan developed a new laser plasma deposition process of diamond, diamond deposition method has been applied, because the plasma field surrounding the tool, tool on the coating, the deposition rate faster than the conventional CVD method 1000 times. This law into the diamond coating and the substrate between a real

Metallurgy Combination of high strength coating to prevent coating to peel, crack and crack. CemeCon company has a unique CVD diamond coating technology, established in 2000

Production Line To diamond coating technology to achieve the level of industrial production, its high technology can be mass produced diamond coatings.

Diamond coating on some of the materials (Al, Ti and

Composite materials ) Machining side Mask Has obvious advantages. By low pressure vapor deposition diamond coating, the microstructure and there are quite different than natural diamond. Nineties, often with active hydrogen in the presence of low-pressure vapor deposition of DLC, the coating contains a lot of hydrogen. Excess hydrogen will reduce the coating adhesion strength and hardness, internal stress increases. DLC in hydrogen at high temperatures will slowly released, causing instability in coating work. The DLC is not hydrogen than the hydrogen in the DLC hardness is high and homogeneous deposition can be large area, low cost, surface roughness etc., has become a research hotspot in recent years, DLC coating. U.S. scientists AAVoevodin superhard DLC coatings deposited proposed structural design for the Ti-TiC-DLC gradient coating changes, so that the hardness from the soft steel substrate is gradually raised to the surface of the DLC superhard coatings. Such composite coatings to maintain the high hardness and low friction coefficient, but also reduce the brittleness, improve capacity, adhesion and wear resistance. Sumitomo Corporation of Japan introduced a diamond coated cemented carbide inserts on the DL1000 DLC coatings for cutting aluminum and non-ferrous metals, anti-bonding, can reduce the roughness of machined surface.

After years of research shows: As the internal stress of diamond coating of high thermal stability and with poor

Black Metal Effect between the catalyst to the change in SP2 SP3 structural defects to determine that it is currently only used in processing non-ferrous metals, which limits its further application processing machine. But in recent years, research has shown that the structure with SP2-based diamond coating (also known as graphite coating) hardness up to 20 ~ 40GPa, does not exist and black metal from the catalytic effect of the problem, the friction coefficient is low there are good anti-wet, cutting the coolant can also be used for dry cutting, the life expectancy has doubled compared with no increase in coating knife, can be processed

Steel Materials, thus causing the coating companies, tool manufacturers of great interest. Over time, this new diamond coated cutting areas will be widely used.

2. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) coatings

CBN is the second synthetic diamond that appears after another hard material, which in addition has many excellent diamond of similar physical and chemical properties (such as high hardness, second only to diamond, high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, etc.), the Diamond also has some superior features. CBN for iron, steel and

Oxidation Chemically inert environment, the formation of a thin layer in the oxidation of boron oxide, the oxide coating provides chemical stability, so it hard in the processing of iron material, gray cast iron heat resistance is also very good, at a very high cutting temperatures can cut heat-resistant steel, hardened steel,


And so on, and to cut the chill roll hardness, as well as carburized material very serious tool wear and other difficult materials silicon aluminum alloy.

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