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Big 12 Championship 2010 (Oklahoma v Nebraska) One Hour

It’s a sad day for college football. On this day, the Big 12 Conference will play it’s last Conference Championship game for the foreseeable future and more regrettably, Nebraska and Oklahoma will end their illustrious rivalry. With Nebraska’s departure to the Big Ten Conference, the ghosts of Bud Wilkinson, Bob Devaney, Jerry Tagge, Jack Mildren, Eric Crouch, the Selmon Brothers and countless others will no longer roam the sidelines of this epic rivalry. Despite the melancholy associated with this game, the winner will go to the Fiesta Bowl so there is still much at stake for the two squads who have worked so hard to get to this point. QB’s Taylor Martinez and Landry Jones square off as they lead two very different offenses so sit back, pour yourself a cold one and enjoy the last Big 12 Championship game for a while.
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The Six Nations Championship: Six Nations Tickets

The Six Nations Championship (referred to as RBS 6 Nations for sponsorship reasons) is an annual international rugby union competition involving six European sides: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

The Six Nations Championship is the successor to the Five Nations and the Home Nations Championship, which was the first international rugby union tournament in the Northern Hemisphere. The event is currently sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland. The winners of the Six Nations Championship are also known as the European Champions.

France are the current Grand Slam title holders, unseating Ireland, who won a Grand Slam and a Triple crown in 2009. France won the 2010 title on 20 March, completing their Grand Slam before their home fans at Stade de France against England.

The winners of the Six Nations are presented with the Championship Trophy. This was originally conceived by the Earl of Westmorland, and was first presented to the winners of the 1993 championship, France. It is a sterling silver trophy, designed by James Brent-Ward and made by a team of eight silversmiths from the London firm William Comyns; it is valued at £55,000. Although originally silver on the inside, the trophy became so corroded through celebratory champagne fillings that it is now plated with 22 carat gold for protection.

It has 15 side panels representing the 15 members of the team and with three handles to represent the three officials (referee and two touch judges). The cup has a capacity of 3.75 litres – sufficient for five bottles of champagne. Within the mahogany base is a concealed drawer which contains six alternate finials, each a silver replica of one of the team emblems, which can be screwed on the detachable lid.

If the champions have won all their matches, then they will have won the Grand Slam, although no actual trophy is awarded for this achievement.

The Triple Crown can only be awarded to either England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, and is awarded when one of those nations wins their matches against each of the others. As no trophy was historically awarded for winning the Triple Crown, it was often called ‘the invisible cup’. In 2006 the primary sponsor of the competition, the Royal Bank of Scotland, commissioned a trophy to be awarded to Triple Crown winners.

The award, a silver dish known as the Triple Crown Trophy, was contested for the first time in the 2006 Six Nations. Ireland captain Brian O’Driscoll claimed the trophy for Ireland at Twickenham on 18 March after a last-minute try from Shane Horgan gave Ireland a 28–24 win over England.

Ireland are the last nation to win the Triple Crown, having done so as part of their 2009 Grand Slam. Now you can buy Six nations tickets online through a secure online booking and delivery system


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The Big 12 Championship

Wow, the 2010 Big 12 Championship came up quick. The winner of the north is Nebraska and the winner of the South is Oklahoma. This will be the last year for the big 12 championship since next year the conference is reduced to 10 teams. Nebraska and Oklahoma was a huge rivalry game when they were in the Big 8. However, since joining the big 12 they do not play every year. This is a perfect ending to the end of an era for the Big 12 Championship Title game.

What was Nebraska key to success in 2010? A great defense, great kicking game, and at times a great offense. The Offense is still a work in progress. Their were a lot of amazing 40-50 plus scoring games when Nebraska was really clicking. Their offense seemed to be built around their quarterback Taylor Martinez. He is one of the fastest guys that I have seen when he gets to his second step. With injuries to Taylor Martinez the offense has been up and down. For future years to come, Nebraska needs to continue to get depth at each position and recruit more quality wide receivers.As far as Oklahoma, they have improved since last year. Just like Nebraska had injuries to their starting quarterback, Oklahoma had injuries to their starting quarterback last year. Sam Bradford was the number one pick this year in the NFL draft. Oklahoma’s new quarterback struggled last year which led them to a disappointing 7 win season. However, Oklahoma finished the regular season in 2010 10-2 and ranked number 7 in the BCS. All in all it should be a great game.

What I don’t understand about conference championships in the NCAA is the lack of consistency. Some conferences do not have an extra game. Over the years, the extra game seems to hurt a team in the overall standings. I know it is tough to compare strengths of schedules but fair is fair. Maybe one of these days, their will be a playoff system.

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