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Soccer Nets For All Budgets

Soccer nets come in an assortment of sizes, colors and shapes.  What most people may not realize is that they also come in some different materials and construction types.  The material a net is made of and the way it is made can determine how long it will last as.  These qualities can also help determine the price tag, as higher quality materials cost more and the more durable construction types require more detail. 

We’ll start by looking at the least expensive nets.  Polyethylene soccer nets are most common.  The twisted material is durable and dependable.  You can find these in 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm sizes and a full assortment of colors.  The 3mm size is quite popular and is usually affordable at around $ 100 per pair.  These nets feature a twisted material for their construction that is weather resistant and relatively stiff.

When you start getting into the 4mm size more options are available.  First thing you’ll notice is that many of the 4mm and larger nets offer braided construction.  Braided construction is very durable as it weaves the individual strands of material closer together.  You can find 4mm braided nets made out of polyethylene which makes it possible to purchase 4mm braided nets for under $ 170 per pair. Polyethylene is not the only game in town though.  If you really want the ultimate in durability Kwik Goal offers a material called High Tenacity Polypropylene or HTPP for short. These nets offer incredible durability.  In addition to your standard 4mm nets you will also find hexagonal 4mm nets.  The model made by Kwik Goal is a solid braided net (most are hollow braided) made with knotless HTTP material.  These nets are some of the most durable on the market.  These types of nets have become very popular in the past years despite their high price tag of around $ 600 per pair.

At www.morleyathletic.com you’ll even find 6mm official size soccer nets.  Available in color orange only these nets feature a standard knotted design and polyethylene material which keeps the price tag down.  The 6mm size makes them extremely durable and at around $ 200 per pair they certainly make a good option for the budget minded shopper that wants heavy duty nets without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that no matter which style nets you choose they will last much longer if attached to the net correctly and anchored securely.  That’s why you will find a complete selection of soccer nets and net accessories at www.morleyathletic.com.

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