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Not Just for Bowling Anymore: Bowling Alleys Offer Conference Centers and Games for Children

Bowling is a great way to relieve stress and tension after a long day of work. There’s a certain catharsis in hefting a weighty ball down the lane and knocking over as many of the pins in one fell swoop as you can. Bowling alleys, however, are no longer a place just for the guys to go out and have a few beers. Many are now incorporating conference centers, and even interactive games for children to cater to as diverse a customer base as possible. Weekly meetings at the office can sometimes get a bit boring and tedious, making it necessary to make attendance a requirement that carries penalties for non-compliance. Moving those meetings to a conference center in a bowling alley, while it doesn’t necessarily reach everyone, can be an easy way to lessen the drudgery of those weekly meetings. Think of it as having a grown up pizza party on Friday.

Bowling alleys are also incorporating interactive games for children. They are catering to a younger crowd, while still keeping the ages old past time of bowling a fundamental portion of their business. The days of a husband going out on a Wednesday night to bowl a few games with the guys are fading fast, and being replaced by a new generation that wants to include the entire family from wives and friends, to the smallest of their children.

There are still a few little bowling alleys with a handful of lanes, tables, and shoes, and nothing more, but a vast majority of them are including conference centers, interactive games for children, pool tables, air hockey tables, arcades, bars and even restaurants. They’ve become far removed from the one trick pony that they used to be. They’ve become entertainment centers that cater to a wide array of needs from birthday parties to business lunches. They have become entertainment venues with group rates, parties, private rooms, and even the occasional band all available for your perusal.

What else do bowling alleys offer besides bowling?

Bowling alleys are no longer limited to bowling. The stigma now seems to be that bowling alleys only offer bowling, and that’s it. This is a gross misconception. Many bowling alleys feature full arcades, interactive games for children like whack-a-mole, pool tables, sports bars, and even have conference rooms available for lectures. This versatility is causing bowling alleys to grow in popularity among a larger audience. Bowling alleys are not just for rainy days or leagues any more – they encourage development through interactive games for children and a diverse space for office dwellers to communicate in conference rooms.

Kris Leeds is a freelance writer for Facenda Whitaker Lanes, a bowling alley that is more than just a bowling alley, offering a conference center and interactive games for children. For more information, or to inquire about the conference center PA, please visit at Facenda Whitaker Lanes online.

Confused About Bowling Terms? Learn “Must-Know” Bowling Terminology!

Ever wondered what comes after a turkey? Or what a brooklyn is? And where do bedposts come in? If you’re confused about all the bowling terminology and want to know what on earth they’re talking about down at the bowling alley, worry no more. Below is a list of some common tenpin bowling terms you’ll hear around.

Back-up ball – For a right-handed bowler, a back-up ball is one which curves left to right instead of right to left. For left-hand bowlers it is the opposite.

6 bagger – A 6 bagger is 6 strikes in a row. The word bagger can be preceded by any number from three to eleven. This is oneof the more frquently used bowling terms.

Bedposts (or goalposts) – Used to describe the 7 – 10 split. Very difficult to convert into a spare.

Big Four – A split which leaves bowling pins 4-6-7-10 standing. Again notoriously difficult to convert.

Brooklyn – When a bowler hits the pocket opposite to that expected of a right or left handed player, e.g. When a right-handed bowler bowls a bowling ball which hits the left pocket (1 & 2 pins) instead of the normal (1 & 3 pins)

Conversion – Bowling terminology to describe a spare. For example, a 7-10 conversion.

Count – The number of pins that are knocked over which are added to the strike or spare from the previous frame.

Double – A bowling term for two strikes in a row.

Field Goal – A miss which goes throw two pins set wide apart.

Hambone (also clover, 4 bagger) – A word used for four consecutive strikes.

Head-pin – The first pin.

Heavy shot – A shot which hits too much of the front pin and causes them to split.

Hook – Hooking the bowling ball makes it travel straight and curve in towards the pins as it approaches them.

Light shot – Light shots hit the bowling pins closer to the 3 pin than the 1 pin for right-handed bowlers. The same applies to the 1 and 2 pins for left-handed bowlers.

Lofting – Releasing the bowling ball too high above the lane.

Pocket – The ideal area of impact in order to score a strike. This is between the 1 and 3 pins for right-handed bowlers and the 1 and 2 bowling pins for lefties.

Spare – Where all the pins are knocked down in two attempts.

Strike – Where all the pins are knocked over in the first attempt.

Strike-out – When a bowler gets three consecutive strikes in the last frame.

Turkey – A bowling term used to describe three strikes in a row

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Bowling Bags Are employed to Guard and Carry Bowling Tennis balls

When My partner and i started bowling above 40 years back the simply bowling hand bags had tough sides. My carrier served the purpose for decades, even even though my basketball weighed 18 lbs. as well as the bag alone wasn’t mild. It safeguarded the basketball and helped to hold the bowling basketball, bowling shoes as well as other bowling components.

The next design of bowling hand bags developed has been the more supple plastic sided kinds. These bags likewise have pockets for your shoes as well as other accessories. We were holding not since heavy and also were better to transport d to 3 bowling tennis balls.

From the particular soft plastic-type sided bowling hand bags, the smooth sided cloth bags have been introduced. These hand bags are even better to transport d to 3 tennis balls. Some with the first going bags acquired small wheels plus a strap attached with one end with the bag to be able to pull the particular bag. The bags will have different dimensions wheels plus a pull upwards handle to be able to pull the particular bag. These greater wheels and also better developed handles have got made the particular bag better to roll any time transporting the particular balls and also accessories. These fresh bags have many options of shade combinations.

The most used bowling hand bags now will be the soft sided carrier rollers. There are a growing number of bowlers that have multiple ball any time bowling inside leagues and also tournaments. Numerous bowlers pan in multiple establishment, inside the same city or even a neighboring metropolis, for leagues or perhaps tournaments, as a result, it just isn’t practicable regarding these form of bowlers to be able to store the particular ball or perhaps balls and also accessories inside your home locker. Any bowling basketball can ponder from 8 lbs . to of sixteen lbs. Point out the bowler provides 2 tennis balls each considering 16 lbs ., that will be 32 lbs .. plus 10 lbs .. for the particular double carrier roller and add the particular shoes as well as other accessories for approximately 5 lbs .. adding with a total regarding 57 lbs .. With any bowling carrier roller the particular bowler merely pulls the particular bag to hold the tennis balls and accessories and only must lift in which 57 lbs .. into the car.

A bowling bag has changed into a necessity regarding bowlers with this age. Many towns have multiple establishment and also tournaments are usually held in numerous cities annually, therefore, bowlers must transport their particular bowling balls as well as other accessories in a simple way. Whether you might have one ball or maybe more, you can pick a bowling carrier, tote or even a rolling bag for you personally.

All bowlers, typically, need some design of bowling carrier for carrying the basketball or balls as well as other accessories. If you’d like a bowling carrier, tote or perhaps roller, this web site has numerous styles and also colors to decide on for oneself or being a gift. Enjoy shopping on the webpage listed under. These hand bags are of good quality and inexpensive with totally free shipping.

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The Ultimate Bowling Guide Review – Simplest Way to Advanced Strategies for Bowling


As a beginning bowler you might believe the intermediate and advanced levels are unrealistic, you really probably have all from the necessary skills, you just need to know how to use them.

If you have made the decision to try getting to a higher level of skill, you have to first understand that you’ll have to make a resolve for practice. Not just turning up and throwing the ball, but usually selecting a few techniques or skills to work on and practicing them over and over, til you have them cold.

Because many recreational bowlers never take lessons, they start with a lot of bad habits that simply necessary changed when they do decide to advance their level of skill. Working in a handful of sessions having a certified bowling coach will be a great help to get started correctly. Having someone help you identify things to start working on first will be to your advantage. The thing should be to help you identify what your natural style is commonly. They can also give you some pointers about the following items.

The correct approach technique.
How heavy a ball you should be using.
What style grip should work good for you?
How aggressive you should want your ball to become.
Get you using the more powerful 5-step approach.
How your arm swing affects the track and speed of your shot.
What your release should look like.
How to use lane marking as the target.
How to read the lane and adjust your target.
How to adjust using different hand and release positions.
How to use different angles to the strike pocket.
Where you can stand on the approach, and how to target different spare shots.

Using some from the information and recommendations out of your certified bowling coach now will be the time to begin considering investing in your equipment. Getting your own bowling balls that are correctly suited to you, the right weight, and chosen for what you would like them to complete is a giant step. Having your own shoes might not seem important, however shoes that suit well and that you are utilized to sliding with will help to enhance your confidence inside your approach. And of course you will need a bowling bag to carry all of your gear.

The jump from beginning recreational bowler to as being a good higher average bowler isn’t huge; it does require correct knowledge, dedication and exercise. The reward might be a duration of enjoyment, national honor scores, and if you actually become popular, there are a lot of tournaments where money can be created. It takes only a minimum 200 average in league play to get at the professional level, if that is the goal.

Now, let’s discuss about The Ultimate Bowling Guide created by Eric Miller and just how it might assist you. I really hope his short The Ultimate Bowling Guide Review will aid you to differentiate whether The Ultimate Bowling Guide is Scam or a Genuine.

You would like enjoyment that you experienced. You need to have fun with friends and family. Actually there is a game which may be great fun and exercise. This is bowling.

Probably you have friends who play bowling, think and talk about bowling. 5 days ago I was communicating with friends from Australia, US and Sweden. John our Australian friend mentioned that he is an enjoyable of bowling. And then we started referring to bowling. Our Swedish friend Ingvar told us: «I never played bowling” and asked: “how play bowling?” And so i did my homework and discovered the right guide for my friend. Here in this short article, I want to share my findings with you.

As I’ve mentioned previously I discovered a bowling related guide. It is written for newbies, just like my friend Ingvar, and for more knowledgeable players. It contains great info and tips that may help you to start throughing strikes in a very short time of time. This is the ebook called: “The Ultimate Bowling Guide”.

The great point with the Ultimate Bowling Guide is it is written and presented inside a way everyone can understand and follow-even my Swedish friend. It is well illustrated and contains many pictures-remember an image speaks a thousand words. The newbies can pick up ideas to start playing bowling immediately. The more experienced players will add new winning elements in their play.

If you’ve never played bowling this is a great time to begin on this fun game. With this show you will become familiar with to play bowling the right way. This can be a great guide if you are a experienced player and wish to improve your score too. I highly recommend it.


If you’re still wondering, you might like to check out The Ultimate Bowling Guide Review to learn more about the product in addition to Eric Miller credibility, or… Is The Ultimate Bowling Guide Scam or perhaps a authentic product? Find all of the answers on my review site now!

The Ultimate Bowling Guide Studies

It appears to be like bowlers everywhere are regularly in research of your actually elusive bowling word of advice and process that promises to great their online game. Surprisingly, there exists no perfect bowling idea and approach, because of to your undeniable fact that there are no right or wrong strategies or kinds. Bowlers, equally novice and professional, discuss unique techniques that do the job for them, but might not for somebody else. Therefore the acceptance of the statement, there is certainly no ‘right or wrong’ bowling hint and method.

We will be discussing some techniques of enhancing your game by itemizing a bowling idea and process with its respective explanation. The very first bowling suggestion and method to help keep in mind is stretching just before you commence. Bowling, similar to some other sport, calls for you to warm up your muscle groups.

The subsequent bowling word of advice and approach consists of two essential posture related approaches,

– Balance line- consists of timing your motion and harmony in excess of your leading foot, to accomplish by far the most beneficial level of vitality when releasing the ball.

The 2nd posture related bowling tip and strategy is as follows:

– Spine posture- a fifteen diploma angle in the beginning for the conclusion of your delivery is advised.

Just about every posture related bowling tip and method directly influences the angle of the swing, and will increase your information of simple bowling techniques.

The subsequent bowling hint and strategy refers in your swing, or your delivery of your ball. Though keeping your grip relaxed (producing sure to not squeeze the thumb) permit the swing start off at your shoulder, permitting the excess weight of your golf ball to direct the swing. A much more in-depth bowling idea and process to your arm swing is retaining your swing and elbow in shut in your facet as you provide the golf ball.

Proper hand positioning is one more crucial bowling tip and approach. Usually keep in mind to maintain a relaxed grip, and when holding the golf ball in stance, enable the pinkies effect around the underside from the ball, though spreading the remaining of your respective fingers.

A useful bowling suggestion and strategy for selecting up spares is to encounter the pins you will be aiming for. Use the hook position, but try not to implement the snap wrist launch.

Understanding to analyze your video game is an fantastic bowling idea and method. Pay out near attention to what performs and what isn’t going to. Studying from other individuals assists also.

A bowling tip and approach regarding lane circumstances is usually to watch our ball. If it favors the best, attempt bowling through the suitable then the still left. A bowling suggestion and process for dry lanes are to maneuver on the still left on your own strategy, and for oily lanes, run to the right on your method.

The following bowling word of advice and method addressed, concerns the style of golf ball to use. We propose a highly polished plastic golf ball for exceedingly dry lanes. Maybe the very best bowling tip and approach is always to bear in mind bowling is often an excellent sport for exciting or competition, give it a possibility and see which way the ball rolls.

All in all, the perfect bowling hint that one can get would be to by no means avoid mastering. Bowling is often a sport that is constantly modifying, and one particular of your only strategies to vacation on top of one’s match is always to understand new methods through the masters from the sport.

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UK Bowling Centres Market Study

Bowling is a fun-filled family activity enjoyed by people from all walks of life. A family activity perfect for grandparents since old people enjoy it as much as young adults and kids. It is ideal for birthday parties, corporate events, and a night out with friends. Bowling is a skilful sport that provides good exercise, and healthy competition. It can be easily mastered with practice and can be played as a team sport.

In the UK, ten-pin bowling was introduced in 1960, and was instantly successful. The Stamford Hill and Golders Green bowling alleys were the first to open up in London, which led to several new alleys. During the 60s there were over 160 bowling alleys in the UK. However, during the 70s the bowling industry nearly collapsed after a major chain operator pulled out by converting its luxurious alleys into bingo halls. About two thirds of the alleys closed down during 1970s, and the industry was at a decline with no new investment. The industry’s decline was a result of the complex manual scoring system.

However, in 1982 two factors phenomenally revived the industry with the introduction of automated electronic scoring systems and the super hit movie, Grease 2. The new electronic system was easy, it only required the general public to enter their names into the computers and everything else was done automatically. The musical, Grease 2, completely changed the image of the sport which was regarded as an older person’s or a gentleman’s sport. The song, Score Tonight, in the movie spurred great interest in the sport among young people.

This led to the 80s golden age of bowling as people started re-investing in the sport and the construction of many bright, modern and attractive bowling alleys. The number of ten-pin bowling alleys rose to over two hundred during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Presently, in the UK there are several bowling centres that are listed on SearchMe4, the UK’s leading online business directory. The atmosphere is out of this world with our cosmic glow-in-the-dark bowling alley. Contemporary bowling alleys use the latest technology featuring glow-in-the-dark bowling lanes, UV lighting and special 3D graphics, and audio-visual technology. They are usually equipped with flat screen TVs, plasma TVs, sports score, and news ticker. A sports bar is also present inside the bowling alley along with a restaurant serving food and beverages for customers who wish to take a bite or two.

For more information on Bowling Centres, visit our business directory.

About the Author: Content writer and specialist


The Ultimate Bowling Guide Evaluations

It looks like bowlers all over the place are often in search from the at any time elusive bowling idea and process that promises to excellent their sport. Surprisingly, there may be no great bowling suggestion and technique, because of on the incontrovertible fact that you’ll find no suitable or incorrect methods or designs. Bowlers, both novice and specialist, talk about diverse methods that perform for them, but may not for somebody else. Hence the acceptance from the statement, there’s no ‘proper or wrong’ bowling word of advice and process.

We will be discussing some approaches of improving your activity by listing a bowling hint and technique with its respective explanation. The very first bowling tip and process to maintain in intellect is stretching prior to you commence. Bowling, just like any other sport, demands you to warm up your muscle tissue.

The subsequent bowling idea and strategy incorporates two crucial posture similar tactics,

– Steadiness line- consists of timing your movement and steadiness in excess of your top foot, to achieve the most effective amount of vitality when releasing the ball.

The second posture similar bowling tip and method is as follows:

– Spine posture- a fifteen degree angle in the starting for the finish of one’s delivery is recommended.

Just about every posture connected bowling idea and strategy directly influences the angle within your swing, and raises your understanding of basic bowling methods.

The subsequent bowling idea and technique refers for your swing, or your delivery in the golf ball. Although maintaining your grip relaxed (creating sure to not squeeze the thumb) allow the swing begin at your shoulder, permitting the weight of your golf ball to lead the swing. A more in-depth bowling word of advice and technique to your arm swing is keeping your swing and elbow in shut to your facet as you provide the ball.

Proper hand positioning is one more essential bowling idea and approach. Usually recall to maintain a relaxed grip, and when keeping the golf ball in stance, enable the pinkies feel around the underside of your golf ball, while spreading the remainder of your fingers.

A beneficial bowling word of advice and technique for selecting up spares should be to confront the pins that you are aiming for. Use the hook place, but try not to work with the snap wrist launch.

Studying to evaluate your video game is an excellent bowling word of advice and technique. Pay back close interest to what functions and what doesn’t. Understanding from other folks aids also.

A bowling tip and process regarding lane ailments is to enjoy our golf ball. If it favors the best, try bowling from the suitable then the still left. A bowling word of advice and method for dry lanes are to move to your left on your technique, and for oily lanes, proceed to your proper on your technique.

The subsequent bowling suggestion and approach addressed, concerns the kind of golf ball to implement. We advise a hugely polished plastic ball for exceedingly dry lanes. Probably the top bowling suggestion and technique would be to bear in mind bowling can be an awesome sport for fun or level of competition, give it a chance and see which way the golf ball rolls.

All in all, the best bowling tip that a person can get is to in no way stop studying. Bowling is often a sport that may be continuously shifting, and one in the only strategies to continue to be on leading of the activity is to understand new tactics in the masters from the sport.

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How To Buy Real Bowling Shoes?

In our daily life,play bowling already become more and more popular.A problem id happened,we should wear what kind of bowling air max 90 shoes?

A informal bowler may cogitate on that all bowling shoes are the same. They are not enlightened that bowling shoes provide immensely to the act of a bowler. If someone would like to excel in bowling, then he/she may want to chew over getting their own pair of bowling shoes. Here are some guidelines to rate when buying bowling shoes:

1. The price of the bowling shoes should be considered. Prices may vary depending on the durability and brand of these shoes. Prices for advanced and in-between bowler’s shoes may be more expensive than the beginner shoes. An unprofessional bowler or just a unsystematic bowler, who bowls just to comprise joking, should choose less extravagant shoes. There are shoes that may be purchased instead of as cheap as $ 15.

2. It is very high-ranking to favoured the proper size and the measure of shoes. Whack at the shoes on previous buying them. The shoes should not fit too hard or be too untied on the feet so that they are serene and forearm for mobility.

3. There are also shoes at throughout right-handed bowlers and for the sake of paradoxical ones. It is important to adjudge if the chaussure tn shoes are as a service to d?bris persons if he is residual because each shoe in a set of two has its own purpose. Ditty shoe is pro sliding while the other shoe is as braking. If a yourself is doubtful remainders, then he should elect a shoe where the honest side is for sliding and the pink for braking, visa versa.

4. A bowler may also choose bowling shoes that deliver collars and padded linings or be subjected to cushioned insoles. Bowling shoes with these features can accord much reassure payment bowlers. The shoes are also habituated to to pay for and minimize the wing of the feet in the shoes. They will-power remedy maintaining balance while sliding on the lanes.

5. It is critical to department store all over formerly choosing a pair of bowling shoes. Bowling shoes can be initiate in sporting goods stores and in the malls. It is recommended that an maven in bowling be asked which brands they comprise tried and tested.

Nike air max 95 bowling shoes are remarkably primary if a bowler would like to emend his performance in bowling. If the budget is narrow, he may regard renting these shoes at the bowling alley. Anyone who bowls on a standard point of departure can prevent boodle near investing in a team of bowling shoes to some extent than renting them.

Nike air max 90 shoes is your best Christmas gift.When you are sporting, chaussure tn and air max 95 is your best friends.Our online store brand shoes are the real quality and fashion design,reasonable price attracted so many customers attention.

Right Up The Alley Bowling Party Ideas

Right Up The Alley: Bowling Party Ideas

Bowling is a fun past-time that combines the competition of a bowling game, the exciting environment of the bowling alley, good clean fun and exercise together. Therefore, a bowling alley is a great venue to celebrate a special event or have a party.

Therefore, if considering having a bowling party it is important to take into account a number of considerations. Those considerations include bowling party ideas, coming up with clever invitations and steps to take to set up the party.

Examples Of Bowling Party Ideas

When throwing a bowling party there are a number of options available to the host. Some of those bowling party ideas are age specific.

For example, if the bowling party is for grade school kids some bowling party ideas can include the forming of bowling teams and using teams that resonate with these youngsters. Some of those names could represent action heroes such as the Supermen, the Spidermen, the Powder Puff girls, etc.

Or if a bowling party is being held for teenagers there are a number of bowling party ideas that can be incorporated. For example the lanes that have been designated for the party can have teen idols depicted at the end of the lanes or specific music can be played that appeals to this age group.

Additionally, there can be prizes given as part of the bowling party ideas. These prizes can be given for the highest game, the highest series, the lowest game, those with the most strikes, etc.

Clever Invitation

Also, when thinking about bowling party ideas it is important to the success of the party to have people there. Therefore, as part of that process, one of the important aspects of a party is to have a clever invitation.

An example of a clever invitation could be the picture of a bowling pin with the words “Can You Spare An Afternoon.” In addition, the inside of the invitation can give the specifics of the party that includes the date, time, location, etc.

Or, if a superhero theme is used, the invitation can depict an action hero throwing a bowling ball at pins and a caption written as they are shown in a comic book.

Preparation Steps

As with the successful accomplishment of all things preparation is very important. Therefore, bowling party ideas should begin with the details of setting the event up. Specifically, the date and the time should be determined. This step should be accomplished in concert with the availability of the bowling alley. In addition, it is a good to have a list setup that captures all of the details and materials that are needed.

Also, it is important to make sure that the bowling party ideas are completely thought through to their completion. This means that cleanup occurs, thank you’s are sent, recording improvements for the next party, etc.

To learn more, check out youth sermons and youth ministry resources.

Strike Bowling – Founded on Consistency

Most bowling enthusiasts dream of getting the perfect score of 300 in a game or beating the world record of 47 consecutive strikes that is currently held by Tommy Gollick. While seemingly an elusive aspiration, there are techniques involved in a person’s success in strike bowling. These methods, paired with steady consistency, are sure to improve a bowler’s points.

Know your ball. Before you even begin to play, you need to make sure that the bowling ball you’re using is the right weight. The basic rule of thumb is that the ball you use should be 10 percent of your body weight. But if you feel that it is too heavy, you can move down a pound or two. Ideally, you should be able to hold the ball out with your arm bent like an “L” for a few seconds. Once you have found a ball you’re comfortable with, stick with it. Remember that in bowling, using the wrong ball is like going to war with a spatula.

Posture up. When bowling, having the correct stance makes a big difference. Start by making sure that your shoulders are parallel with the foul line. Hold the ball with only your dominant hand and the other just supporting it. Next, align your ball and hand to whatever you are aiming at. Note that your arm should be at a 90-degree angle, close to your side. As you walk forward, use your knees to lower yourself closer to the ground but keep your upper body upright. If you follow this technique consistently, your average score should increase exponentially.

Swing the right way. There are three fundamental throws in bowling. These are stroking, which highlights the smooth release of the ball, cranking that relies on heavy wrist action to deliver a powerful stroke, and tweening, which is a combination of the two other styles. Although different athletes use different forms for their swing, there is a general assumption that stroking works best when aiming for more repeatable and accurate shots. This consistency is highly valued in strike bowling, as you would like to regularly get a strike.

Master the art of ball release. Novice bowlers usually make the mistake of either releasing the ball too early or too late. This causes a big problem in terms of the aim, because if you don’t let go at the right time, chances are the ball will proceed off course. It’s best to release the bowling ball as you begin the final upward motion of your swing. As you do this, don’t make the mistake of lowering your eyes to watch the ball depart. Doing so moves your shoulders and upper torso that, in turn, affects the trajectory of the ball (which might just be heading to the gutter at that point).

Adopting a good technique will certainly get bowlers far but it is consistency that will get you even further. It is not enough to simply know the style and be able to perform it once or twice. To be victorious in strike bowling all of the tips mentioned above have to be thoroughly practiced, perfected, and executed consistently without exception.

The author has been bowling for over ten years and is happy to share his know-how on strike bowling. Visit http://strikebowling.org for more tips on ten pin bowling.

Raffy Chan is a writer and internet enthusiast, based in California. He enjoys doing research, writing, and website/s creation. He is the originator of the QuidErgo Group: a community of professionals, authors, artists and computer enthusiasts who come together with the common aim of communicating with the online world.