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Trade Show Booth Rental Essentials

A trade show presence is crucial for any firm that wishes to make an impact on customers, rivals, and industry observers alike. However, if your firm has not been participating in trade shows because an exhibit purchase is prohibitively expensive, consider renting a booth to help your marketing campaign and boost your corporate image. Many companies taking part in important trade fairs have trade show booth rentals right at the top of their lists of ‘things to do’.

Booth rental basics

Spend some time doing a little research before renting a stunning, high-end booth as you need to be familiar with several basic facts: 

The rental booth must be eye-catching and suit the service or product being promoted.
Find out from the trade fair organizers about any kind of floor space, height and other restrictions as you will need to fit your booth into these limits.
Once that is taken care of and you have chosen an appropriate size for your rented booth, you then have to examine the products, signage and other accessories that have to be accommodated in the booth. You might wish to use all the available wall space or alternatively make do with just a table-top display. Think about how you will display any products or equipment.  Alternatively, if you are a service oriented firm, perhaps you only need a literature rack to hold the flyers that you plan to hand out.
Your corporate requirements will influence both the format as well as size of the booth you rent. Remember the larger the display and space, the more expensive it will be.
Now all that is left is to identify a reliable company that is experienced in trade show booth rentals and can offer competitive rates. Don’t automatically go for the lowest quote.  Some suppliers undercut rates but provide low quality booths.  Before signing the agreement, ensure you read the small print, looking out for ambiguous wording, loopholes, and hidden charges.

Booth rentals offer flexibility

Trade expos within an industry often carry different standards as to what is popular and appropriate at a specific show. Renting a booth will offer you a degree of flexibility that others who have purchased booths will not enjoy. If it is your first time around, ask experienced hands who are not your direct competitors for tips.

Assembling the booth and display

Make special note of whether the rental rate is inclusive of set-up assistance at the event venue. If it is not, it may be a good idea to go in for a booth with a design that is simple to set up. Be sure to get familiar with how the booth and the display are correctly assembled.  

Making a great initial impression with participants and visitors alike at trade shows and similar business events is essential and trade show booth rentals help you achieve just that. You will not realize when a prospective big customer or potential business partner is passing by your booth. For this reason you must look for a rented booth display that is stunning yet cost-effective.

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Trade Booth Display Solutions

In these modern times, when everyone is fiscally wise, even a layman would know what the importance of trade shows in a business is. No one can deny that such events give a boost to a business. There has been a stud that suggests that most of the people owing some or the other business believe that trade shows are very helpful for business promotion. Nowhere else, one would get such a high competition and high concentration of potential customers.

Participating in trade shows and exhibitions is beneficial for new as well as established business. No matter what the size of the business is- what matters is how you present yourself and of course, the products. Though there are strong chances to get a vast customer base, it is equally challenging a task to attract them. Your products, selling techniques, quality- everything takes the backseat and the first and foremost challenge remains to attract buyers to your stall. Only if they come to your stall, you can pitch upon selling a product.

Well, there is a dire need to make your booth look visually attractive. Certainly, it requires a lot of efforts and planning. Another important aspect is advertising. One should understand that these events are just tools to promote one’s business; therefore, promotion holds the center.  If all the things are in order and you just didn’t pay much attention on the promotion part, things are likely to fall flat. Advertising is the key to success of a business. In this competitive world, it’s extremely important to stand out and that is possible only when your point of sale speaks about itself. Good promotion material, boards, literature always helps attract buyers. These are time-tested methods employed by many successful people.

The idea beneath the layers is to present your business very well and use smart publicity material to grab attention of people. Smart literature stands, Elegant counters and podiums can give a visual uplift to a point of sale. Each detail in the stall should be given special attention. Customized uniforms, table covers/ wraps help a long way. Banners are of course just indispensable part of trade shows. No one can even think of arranging a booth without banners. One can also pay extra money to the organizers to get one’s display boards fixed at various important points such as at the entrance etc.

These days many stylish trade display solutions are available in the market. Not only stylish but also pop-up booths are very easy to fix. Nowadays, Pop up Displays are just apt for trade events and these are very light-weight, compact and easily portable. The set-up time of pop up displays is hardly 2 minutes. So arranging a booth and its promotion has become quite trouble-free and effortless. Relevant and eye-catching visuals are just like cherry on the cake. Though pop-up displays come with header lights, back-lit or glow display boards are extremely eye-catching.


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Trade Show Booth Rental 101

Trade show booth rental options have increased dramatically over the last few years. In the past, they weren’t really any good leasing options. They lacked customizability and were often too generic in form to be a feasible choice for the majority of companies. Nowadays, they’ve changed almost completely. Many companies are making the choice to rent their trade show stand rather than purchasing, recognizing it as an inexpensive alternative to buying trade show displays and supporting materials.

Trade Show Booth Rental Offers Customization

The introduction of modular units has changed the landscape of rental displays. In the past, it was impractical for any rental company to offer more than a few selected styles of units. They couldn’t really offer any customization, simply because the cost to them would quickly outweigh any benefits provided by the rental income. Today’s modular trade show displays make things very different. Modular units have a high degree of baseline customizability because they can be rearranged on the fly, adjusted to meet varying demands and stylistic requirements. Companies can stock just a few units while at the same time meeting the demands of hundreds of companies.

The main detriment of choosing a trade show stand lease is that you lose the ability to customize the graphics and text to some extent. The exact level of adjustment available will depend on the company you choose to work with. Before you firmly decide to lease, discuss the options and exact level of adjustment available with the provider.

Benefits Of Renting A Trade Show Stand

If the slight lack of detailed design control is acceptable for your company, you can consider the benefits that come with a leased unit. First, you’ll be able to avoid some of the most substantial hassle associated with owning displays. When you’re the owner, you need to ensure that you’ve got an adequate place to store your unit as well as a way to get it transported where you need it to be set up. This can be a costly and very annoying process that can be completely avoided if you decide to lease instead.

Finally, you also avoid the upfront costs of purchasing when you choose a lease option. Many leases may give you the option to purchase in the future, which would allow you to lease for as long as it suits you and then move on to ownership.

Should Your Company Lease Trade Show Displays?

The best way to determine whether purchase is the right option or not is to consider whether you’re going to use your new unit often enough to make buying outright the more economically viable option. Many companies will offer some degree of storage and other amenities that make shouldering the burden yourself slightly less of a hassle. Ultimately, look at your finances and your projected usage, and decide which one will be more beneficial to you. While a purchase may be ideal for some and a lease ideal for others, there is no wrong answer. Either one will help your company present itself positively at conventions, which is always a good thing.

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Trade Show Display Booth

Having a trade show display booth at a convention is a great way to display your company, brand or product. An effective booth will not only generate many new prospects, but it will also help you to connect with clients or contacts from the past.

A cleverly designed booth will help to get important information about you and what you are advertising to a large amount of people quickly, as trade shows are designed to do.

There are three key things to keep in mind if you want an effective trade show display booth. The first thing that you will need to focus on is getting noticed.

Your company name and logo should be easy to find either at the top or in another location where it can be seen clearly, even from a distance. Along with your name, there should be a brief explanation what it is it that you are displaying and what it does.

Lastly, your presentation should be smooth and to the point, telling people passing by what your products or services can do for them. Banners, retractable banners, and vinyl posters all help to define and brand this space as yours.

Hiring a professional to design, build and set up your trade show booth may be an option you should look into. It might seem costly at first, but it could wind up saving you money in the end, and perhaps even making you money.

Getting your booth noticed can be a tricky task. You should get opinions of others and make sure that the display meets the standards and expectations of those organizing the event. In some cases you will be required to send in a photo of your trade show display booth, this is so that the organizers can authorize the display prior to allowing you to participate.

In many cases the area you are allotted to use is the standard ten feet by ten feet, be aware of the space and how you’re going to design it to effectively represent your company.

Once your booth and graphics are catchy and attention grabbing, it is imperative that they can see your company information upon walking up to the booth. The longer they look at your company name the more likely they will be able to remember you in the future.

Some keep it simple when it comes to the booth design, and then get crafty by handing out items with contact information on them such as key chains, pens, and business cards. When deciding what you want to or can afford to give away at your display booth, practicality, originality, plus professionalism is the key.

Lastly, explaining what you are going to do for you audience (i.e. future customers) is the most important part of your trade show display booth. Most business savvy people want to know how dealing with your company will benefit them. Keep this part simple and to the point.

Whether you are stating it verbally or if it is on a banner, keep it brief so they have an easier time remembering the information along with your company name. If you can master this third step, then by doing some planning you will be able to fine tune the rest. This messaging is an important part of branding your company through advertising and signage.

Remember your trade show display booth can potentially be a stepping stone to your success. Be sure to do your research and plan it well. Hire a professional if it is in your budget. They have the means to design an effective booth as well as build it and transport it.

If the idea of a professional is up in the air for you, it might be best to do a little research and see how they can benefit you. It may even make you money if your booth has a lot of traffic and meets the three criteria discussed. Whatever you decide, its best to make sure it is planned well, as planning is the key to a successful trade show.

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