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Ex-Leaf Lynn passes away

Former Leaf Vic Lynn, who played for all of the Original Six teams in the NHL and won three Stanley Cups with Toronto in the late 1940s, has passed away at age 85,

The Saskatoon-born Lynn played in the NHL from 1942 to 1954 and while with the Leafs was on a line with two legends, Ted Kennedy and Howie Meeker. The 1947 final saw Lynn hamper Rocket Richard to the point where the angry Montreal Canadiens’ star clubbed Lynn and cut his head open. Richard eventually was kicked out of Game 2. Lynn scored big goals in Games 3 and 6, where to buy Discount NHL Jerseys? maybe ujersy is a good choice.

Lynn, a speedy left winger, had played for Detroit and Montreal before coming to the attention of the Leafs, ironically through a former player turned AHL referee named Rabbit McVeigh who tipped Leafs manager Conn Smythe that Lynn was available.


Dion Phaneuf spent long enough in the press box during a month-long recuperation from a knee injury that he could have served as another eye-in-the-sky for the Leafs.

The captain’s input surely would have been welcome during the club’s 5-9-3 skid from the moment his leg was cut in a freak skate blade accident on Nov. 2 against Ottawa. But Phaneuf would not share any of his observations with the media when questioned what he liked and didn’t like while sitting upstairs.

“Everyone always says it’s very easy to be critical from up there,” Phaneuf said Thursday morning. “It isn’t as quick when you’re out there. You see a lot of things, but it’s pretty hard to be critical up there when they’re on the ice battling, if you want to buy Pittsburgh Penguins¬†Jerseys, go to ujersy.”



Centre Tim Brent wasn’t kidding the other day when he mentioned the Leafs are 3-0 when he scores. They are also 4-0 when he gets a point. But the Leafs’ loss to Pittsburgh on Wednesday was the first time Toronto has lost in regulation when Tomas Kaberle gets a point (7-1-4). Other such notable stats prior to Thursday night’s game against the Flyers were related to Nazem Kadri (5-0-0 when he gets a point) and Phaneuf (3-0-1 with a point). But the Leafs are 0-3 when …

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Deadlines – Make Sales Negotiators Give it All Away

Every sales negotiation has some sort of time limit associated with it. You might have an hour, a day, or even longer to conduct the negotiations, but there is some point in time at which you’ll run out of time to talk. This is when most sales negotiations fall apart.

The Problem With The EndStudies of negotiators has revealed a disturbing fact about all of us. During a normal negotiation we engage in a process in which we give a little bit and take a little bit. Pretty much what you would expect in any transaction. However, then the news arrives.

When we are informed or we become aware that the window to negotiate is coming to a close (perhaps someone important needs to leave for the airport), then for some weird reason one side or the other makes a mistake.

The Big MistakeWhen we become aware of an approaching deadline, all too often we start to make big concessions to the other side of the table that we wouldn’t normally make. What happens next is that they don’t make big concessions to us, instead they make smaller concessions which causes us to make more big concessions.

It turns out that this type of behavior is practiced by both experienced and inexperienced negotiators. The only real difference is that the inexperienced negotiators made bigger concessions than the experienced ones did.

Why Do We Behave This Way?In all honesty, this type of behavior really shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us. It all boils down to one simple fact of life: humans have a tenancy to make very bad decisions when we are under pressure. Clearly, the last few minutes of a negotiation is the worst time for us to be making concessions.

What To Do About ItIf we can accept that we are poor decision makers when we are under pressure and if we don’t want to give away the farm at the end of a sales negotiation, then what’s a sales negotiator to do? In the end this is all about self-discipline.

You need to limit yourself to only making small concessions during the negotiation and you need to space them out during the negotiations instead of bunching them up at the end.

As the end of the negotiations draws near, before you make ANY concession keep asking yourself:
Why should I make this concession, and
Can this deadline be negotiated?

If you can keep these questions in mind as the negotiations wind down, then you’ll be all set to close better deals and close them quicker.

Super Bowl 2013: Jim Harbaugh says Ravens got away with holding

Super Bowl 2013: Jim Harbaugh says Ravens got away with holding
In the eyes of Jim Harbaugh, there is no way the San Francisco 49ers should have ended their final drive of Super Bowl XLVII with a Colin Kaerpernick pass that sailed out of bounds on fourth-and-goal. Jimmy Smith and Michael Crabtree were tangled up in …
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The Basketball Jones – Ep. 824: Give It Away

On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Wednesday’s two games: Thunder-Lakers and Celtics-Sixers. Topics discussed include: LA’s brutal turnovers, Perk and Ibaka’s complimentary defense, Durant’s superstar game, Blake’s final look, blue-and-white Chesapeake Energy Arena, aggressive Rondo, shitty Sixers, and whether Kevin Garnett is the best center in the game right now? All that, plus Bird, boogers, crocodiles, A-Rod, and fat guys.
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WAC adds Cal State-Bakersfield, Utah Valley as it shifts away from football

WAC adds Cal State-Bakersfield, Utah Valley as it shifts away from football
WAC interim commissioner Jeff Hurd said the WAC will continue looking for other new members as it makes the transition from an FBS conference to a non-football playing Division I conference in 2013-14. Cal State-Bakersfield is a Division I independent, …
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