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Saints signed with the All-Star is about protecting front location with the highest salary for the NFL

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Former graduate of the University of the Second District Broomes Berg fourth round draft pick , Jiahe Li – Evans is now the NFL ‘s highest paid in front . Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints and the best team last season and the All-Star players Evans , Wednesday on a seven -year contract worth 57 million U.S. dollars agreement . One familiar with the contract told AP reporters He Tong and Jia Zhi 56.7 million U.S. dollars , of which 19 million U.S. dollars is guaranteed . This person is anonymous manner disclosed in the contract because the club has not released the amount . Evans ‘s agent, Jerrold – Colton confirmed the offer to the NFL ‘s largest contract guard .

Evans is a restricted free agent , which means that Saints and other teams in his signing on the expiry of the right and his contract , however, the team general manager Micky – Loomis and Colton to discuss A long-term contract in New Orleans when Evans did not participate in the first off- season training voluntary .

Loomis on Wednesday announced the long-term contracts , but coach Sean – Payton said that it were 6 feet 4 inches , 318 -pound guard worthy of this contract. Last season Saints have captured 20 killed , captured, killed at least ranked in the NFL ‘s fourth. New Orleans over the past four seasons, leading the third time in the defensive alliance . Evans , 26, started all 64 regular season games , 5 games during the playoffs too. Payton stressed Evans dominated the ball in the red play the game leader.

Red ball stop is the University of Evans Berg in Broomes long items , the team remain unbeaten in 2005 , when Evans was left- cut front to help the starting running back Jamal – Brittingham red ball 2.26 thousand yards and 32 touchdowns .

When Evans wipe out the defensive end and red Daoqian Chang Feng another block manufacturing capacity to impress scouts when it is difficult to know in the face of tougher competition that he will show how .

Evans is the Phillies , the time in the Middle School raised more than an interest in the University area , but an injury made him miss the entire season, high school, he was only part of the University in Broomes Berg scholarship . As Evans into the NFL draft , when Saints selected him in the fourth round , his training camp only a few weeks time that he graduates from a second area of success to the professional player changes . He immediately became a starter in his fourth season, was named the best team and the All-Star Game . (Leon)

(Note : NCAA competitive level of sport by the school to university is divided into three zones , Division I, Division II and Division III, the level of highest to lowest , the highest level of a district , the second district for the middle level , three districts have no scholarships Level.

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Nba All-star 60th Birthday

It has been 60 years when the first NBA All-Star opened. How many people do remember what it was in the year of 1951?

1.We made it! at 8000

When the boss of Boston Celtics standing at the entrance of the gym and accounted the 8000 number, he said We made it!, that meant that he did the success of the first NBA All-Star Game. You now can image how few people were watching the NBA in the house at that time.

2. No one want to invest in the game- the NBA All-Star(NBA Shoes) was almost canceled.

Back to the night 60 years ago, most of people in Boston Garden center wanted to watch the All-Star weekend. There were total of 10094 people there, which was a much small figure compared to 108,713 stayed in Rugby field. The average of audience of Celtics general season was only 3,500.

During the past ten years, the NBA All-Star brought about 0.64 billion US Dollars to ten cities in US; however, the first one was almost canceled due to the lack of fund and some players said that they could not come on time because of the lack of money for transport fees.

Thanks to Browns insist, he finally succeed! And now all cities are keen on owning the right of holding the game.

3. The first broadcasting Live, the first time solution in contract.

The NBA boys were smart and clever. They finally gained what they were asking for by staying in the rest studio and not be on the court to force the boss to sign the new contracts.

When talking about the salary, how could those old NBA players image the much big amount of the salary of Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant Shoes)? Regarding to the old experience, LeBron James(LeBron James Shoes) is now trying to gain more by talking between each other. It is not a good idea for him to do as what the former players did in 1951.

It is just few elements linking the past and the nowadays. What we should do now is to wait and watch the brilliant game tomorrow!

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2013 All-Star sneakers: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and more

2013 All-Star sneakers: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and more
LeBron James was one of many All-Stars to wear special sneakers on Sunday. (Getty Images). By Ben Golliver. Just about every color on the spectrum was represented during the 2013 All-Star Game, with players on both sides rocking special sneakers.
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2012 MLL All-Star Game Highlights

2012 MLL All-Star Game Highlights

Led by midfielder Stephen Berger, the Old School All-Stars edged the Young Gun All-Stars by an 18-17 count in the 2012 MLL All-Star Game on Saturday night. Subscribe to the MLL on YouTube! www.youtube.com LIKE The MLL on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow the MLL on Twitter twitter.com And Check out www.majorleaguelacrosse.com
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Former Salisbury All-American and current LXM PRO Sam Bradman tallies 7 goals and 1 assist in the LXM PRO 702 Las Vegas event. His performance secured the victory for Team STX as well as the title of MVP. Subscribe to TLN for more great lacrosse content! www.youtube.com LIKE TLN on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow TLN on Twitter www.twitter.com www.thelacrossenetwork.com
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2011 NHL All-Star SuperSkills

2011 NHL All-Star SuperSkills

Watch the highlights from the 2011 NHL All-Star SuperSkills competition.

So I started a new Be A Pro in NHL 12, another Left Winger. I Had to start a new guy since I am now playing on the Xbox and my old guy was on PS3. Let me know what you want to see with this series. —–Important Info—– Yeousch Sports: www.youtube.com Yeousch Twitch: www.twitch.tv Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com Subscribe to my Live Stream Channel: www.twitch.tv Like FPS games? Subscribe to my other channel: www.youtube.com
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