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The Best Way To Coach Indoor Soccer

by ViNull

I know that some of you out there are actually coaches and not players for indoor soccer! These articles I’ve been writing are for you too, not just the players. And if you’re a player, this article could aid you too. It tells you all sorts of helpful suggestions for both coaches and players that will assist you’ve got fun and win games!

One thing that all coaches must drill into their kid’s minds is the importance of taking lots of shots in indoor soccer. Since the field is so tiny and you’re almost usually within shooting range, it really is very worth it to take lots of shots. Most of these won’t go in, but they’ll likely bounce around the box and might result in a score anyway. Plus it gets the ball away from your half, which is always a great thing. I bear in mind my initial indoor soccer coach ever would continually yell at us “50 shots per half!” Clearly you won’t be able to take 50 shots in a 25 minute half most of the time, but it’s a great thing to strive for. Much more shots mean extra goals.

I mentioned the ball bouncing around within the box, which leads to my next point. You need to encourage your forwards and wing midfielders to usually be at the far post. This means that if your team is dribbling the ball up the correct sideline, there should be a player standing correct at the left goalpost. Quite, really normally, the ball will squirt correct to them and they’ll be able to score. It’s really surprising, in fact, how frequently this occurs! Each and every shot has a good chance of going to them, and this can result in a enormous quantity of goals.

Another high quality coaches should emphasize is communication. Communication is important in indoor soccer, mainly because of the size of the field along with the number of players on it. Players are continually switching which men they’re covering and who is making runs forward, and they have to let their teammates know about this. Letting a wing know when a defender is making a run up the sideline is crucial, or the other team could very rapidly have a 2 or three on 1 scenario. You also must tell your players when the ball is passed to them, due to the fact they may well be making a run away from the ball. Overall, communication is vital for all phases of play in indoor soccer.

Hopefully these tips will aid you turn out to be a far better coach (or player!). They’re based on years of experience, and I hope you may apply them!

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Total Soccer Fitness Reviews

Gamers who have interaction within a soccer health and fitness education method ought to certainly employ a conditioning edge more than players who really don’t perform out regularly. A fantastic soccer conditioning training system must contain numerous factors of conditioning. This suggests the program also needs to involve proper nutrition, consuming and drinking habits, and hydration. Many individuals feel that actively playing soccer will get them in condition, and right after time it may just do that, but they should truly be in very good issue just before taking part in the sport.

If players participate in a soccer conditioning instruction application they genuinely must adhere to it instead of acquire any shortcuts for it to generally be truly efficient. It can be these kinds of a physically-demanding sport that staying hydrated while actively playing and practicing is very important. Getting drinks just before, all through, and following games is necessary to assist your whole body quit from becoming dehydrated.

When you present one’s body with enough carbohydrates prior to, through, and immediately after actively playing, it will enable to keep your blood glucose stages from falling as well very low and will also assist to maintain the body’s glycogen amounts intact. To remain hydrated, you need a drink that is often rapidly absorbed into the body. If a drink has electrolytes in it, it will allow the stomach empty it rapidly, enhance absorption, and retain your fluid levels.

Basic drinking water does not genuinely support as it causes bloating, can suppress your thirst, and won’t have any carbohydrates and electrolytes in it. Drinking drinking water implies you might be not moving for being thirsty any lengthier, but you have not digested plenty of water to substitute what’s been misplaced however.

Your soccer conditioning training application ought to see you drinking sports drinks. People drinks are far better available for you as they have fluid, electrolytes and carbohydrates in them. Having said that, there are essentially three kinds of sports activities drinks readily available, which might be isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic. Hypertonic drinks use a high degree of carbohydrates, though hypotonic drinks employ a low stage.

Hypertonic drinks are used to replenish muscle glycogen shops. Should you’re using up a good deal of strength, these drinks could be consumed all through execute to gratify your power requirements. Even so, in the event you drink them for the duration of activity, they will need for being consumed with isotonic drinks to effectively exchange the fluids. Hypotonic drinks swiftly substitute misplaced fluids and are best for players who want the fluids devoid of the carbohydrates. Isotonic drinks are one of the most preferred as they’ll speedily change lost fluids and raise your carbohydrate levels.

Your soccer physical fitness teaching software should see you drinking at the very least ten to 12 ounces of fluid just ahead of you practice and participate in to maintain hydrated. When you’re proceeding to become actively playing for much less than an hour you do not should be anxious about drinking nearly anything with carbohydrates in it. Normal water will do. However, should you’re likely to generally be energetic for more than 60 minutes, you ought to drink something which has about 5 to seven per cent of carbohydrates in it.

Even though you have to replenish the body with fluids and electrolytes, you’ll need for making certain you don’t overdo it as this will cause h2o intoxication. This may result in disorientation, convulsions, comas, shock, and from the most serious scenarios, even loss of life. After you’re putting along a soccer health and fitness education plan you need to contemplate consulting a health care specialist for suggestions to find out just how much fluid to drink and what forms.

An excellent soccer fitness training application really should involve cardio and anaerobic workout routines and also allow you recognize what varieties of meals to eat and after you should be eating them to obtain your power ranges to their highest. It really is a fantastic notion to possess a fitness expert or professional design a soccer fitness teaching software as they know the most effective way so you can get essentially the most out of your body.

there is plenty you can do yourself to design a good soccer fitness training program

Why Use Indoor Soccer Shoes

When you think of brands everyone can remember the big one’s, Coke, Sony, Microsoft, Apple and Ford are just a few. However, more often than not we also associate the brand image more than the product they sell, never more so than Puma. Puma is a German sportswear founded in 1924 by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. Unfortunately the two fell out and thus Addidas and Puma were born. Puma are well know there higher end sportswear, especially there soccer shoes. With likes of Pele, Maradonna and Lothar Matthaus favouring the puma soccer shoe, it is has become a favourite for those looking for the higher end football boot. The legendary puma king has just been launched. Puma have a wide range of soccer shoes and now exactly how to make durable, hardworking football boots. However, did you know they also do indoor soccer shoes. Indoor soccer shoes are great for training on all weather pitches or for the popular five-a-side games. A good indoor soccer shoe, needs to be able to adapt to the surface you are playing on. For instance for a gym you will need a indoor soccer shoe with a hard flat rubber sole which is designed to support your feet on a gym floor, whilst artificial turf shoes have patterns built into the soles to help maintain stability and stop you slipping. The indoor soccer shoe is lightweight, and does not have screws or cleats. The sole is often made of rubber and is often padded on the inside to provide extra support to the arch of the foot. Soccer shoes can give you the extra balance needed and allow the player to easily manipulate the foot for passing, dribbling and shooting. Whilst, indoor soccer shoes can be expensive they are often custom built for the purpose of providing maximum improvement to a players game. Puma have a wide range of indoor soccer shoes available including:- Puma have developed a wide range of attracti ve looking soccer shoes that come in a wide range of colours and styles. For Instance:- The PUMA v5.08 IT Indoor Soccer Shoe The upper of the shoe has a soft mesh with synthetic leather overlay, which gives good contact. The shoe has central lacing and a soft nylon ankle lining, The outsole of the shoe is made of rubber, that has been specifically designed for use on indoor pitches. Puma has a passion for creating great soccer shoes for both indoor and outdoor use. Wearing a Puma can be the difference between winning and losing a match.

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How Soccer Predictions Are Made


Making correct soccer predictions is easier said than done. It is a skill that many people would like to have but few have managed to get right with any degree of consistency. There are so many variables to the game and depending on the rules at the least, three outcomes to every game. This does not include how many goals are scored or what the half time score is. Neither does it take into consideration how may goals could be scored by each team at the half time break.

Some important factors that can and do influence the outcome of the game are which team has the home advantage, the records of both teams in terms of wins, losses and draws, how many goals each team has scored thus far, how many goals that each team has conceded, what position each team is currently holding in the league.

Other factors include whether any key players are currently injured. One or both of the teams could have recently bought a star player that is going to be playing in the game. Even if one has all this information and much analysis is done, one can still incorrectly predict the outcome of the game.

There are websites that one can visit to see what predictions these sites make in terms of outcomes of selected games. One can log onto the site to check the predictions. It is natural that one will have to pay to be privy to these predictions. For people who are involved in sports betting this could be a very viable option. That is only if they predict the correct outcomes more often than not.

In certain countries, there are bet types where one has to predict the outcome of six games over a weekend. There are three outcomes that one is able to select. Either a home win, a draw or an away win. One is also able to take a permutation of the bet. This is where more than one result can be predicted for each game.

Permutations of the bet can become quite expensive however. If it costs six dollars to predict one result in each of the six games then one would spend six dollars to take what is referred to as a straight-line bet. This is simply selecting one result for each of the games. The results could vary for each game. One might select a draw in two of the games, home wins in two of the games and away wins in the remaining two games. This is simple enough.

In the case of a permutation it could work out somewhat more expensive. One might select outright results in three of the games. These could for example be three home wins. In the other three games, one could select all three results in two of the games and two results in the last game.

The cost of the bet would be quite a bit more than six dollars. This bet would be calculated using the following formula 6x 1x1x1x3x3x2. This bet would then cost one hundred and eight dollars. Many people feel that this adds an element of fun to the art of soccer predictions.

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The Best Soccer Coaching Equipment

Finding and buying the best soccer coaching equipment just got whole lot easier, thanks to the Internet. Now, you don’t have to search from store to store for the soccer gear you want. Whatever you may want – from soccer balls and goals to soccer DVDs or books, from high quality coaching equipment to refereeing gear, you’ll find all soccer accessories at one of the many specialty stores on the Net selling soccer goods and accessories. All it takes now is just a few clicks of your mouse to browse through soccer items and then order them online. Everything will be delivered to you even before the referee gets to blow his whistle.

Finding information about online sports stores is not difficult these days. You can find hundreds of them in a blink of your eyes using an online search engine like Google or Bing. However, there are also a few specialty soccer stores on the Net that deal in soccer items exclusively. They have an extensive inventory of soccer goods and operate with the sole purpose of providing the soccer fan or soccer player with genuine, high quality accessories all under one roof.

Some of these soccer stores on the Net are quite old and have been doing business for decades. Most of the items they carry are approved by authoritative bodies such as NCAA. Some of the best and the friendliest of stores in this circuit are family-owned-and-operated businesses that have earned quite a name for themselves by consistently providing exceptional equipment and service at factory direct prices. You will find every kind of soccer item here, such as field marking equipment, balls, coaching aids, referee equipment, goalkeeping gear as well as a wide range of soccer-themed gifts.

Take advantage of their periodic soccer closeout sales and enjoy super discounts on all your purchased goods. Soccer is a very popular the world over. And the excitement around this game is as strong in the US as in other parts of the world. If you’ve watched the recently concluded FIFA World Cup matches, you may be wishing to try some of those colorful jerseys or a Jabulani replica yourself. Don’t wait any more. Buy them at an online soccer store today.

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Increasing Your Foot Speed For Soccer

by cbboss

If you want to improve your defensive and offensive soccer skills, start by increasing your speed. You may think you are fast, but if you are diligent, you can always be faster!

Speed is perhaps the most coveted component of athletic performance. Whether you are a sprinter who competes in 5K’s or a marathoner who is looking to improve your time, the importance of foot agility in running is unquestionable.

Traditional thinking dictates that to be fast, choose your parents carefully. In other words, it is merely a genetic trait.

While this is true to the extent that it is not possible to be a world-class sprinter without genetic endowment, sport science and proper coaching have done much to refute this. It has been found to be a learnable skill that can be taught through motor-learning principles.

Ultimately, it is only through the practice (repetition) of these motor skills and proper training that any genetic endowment can reach its highest potential. The more you do something, the better you become at it.

Although the actual physical components of running agility are rather complex, we’re going to keep things simple. It is produced by stride length (distance covered with each stride) and stride frequency (leg turnover time, or how quickly you can get your feet on and off the ground).

Of these two components, stride length is the easiest to develop and is also the most misunderstood. Stride length is not created by how far you can reach forward with each step, but rather by the amount of force you apply to the ground (with the foot striking directly under the hip) and driving back.

It is created through the ground, not the air. Once the foot touches the ground, it drives rearward, creating a springboard effect that propels the body forward.

Head position is critical in athletic performance. Your head should be still during sprinting.

The term “focus” means that your eyes should be straight ahead, as if you are looking at somebody your height in the eyes. Remember, you go where your head goes.

If your head is moving side-to-side, your body is going to be subject to lateral forces that negate from the objective: moving straight ahead. You should run relaxed.

The human head generally weighs between 11 and 14 pounds. Keep this “bowling ball” (your head) in the proper postural alignment: centered between the shoulders.

Keep your arms fixed at a 90-degree angle, to use the strong muscles of the shoulder girdle to create optimum force. Never run with tight, clenched fists.

This will tighten you up and slow you down. Keep your thumb and forefinger in contact or run with an open palm, whichever you are most comfortable with.

Your elbows should be squeezed in to the sides of the body. Stand up and put your left hand on your left hip.

Move your right arm across your body. Did you notice how your left hip moved?

The body is a system of levers and, to simplify matters, what you do with one arm will affect the opposite leg. If your arms cross in the mid-line of your body when running, your hips will rotate in, thereby taking away from your force output and creating rotational forces that minimize your speed.

When sprinting, you want to land on the ball of your foot, or across the metatarsal arch. The foot should land directly under the hip (where all your force is stored) and drive back until the leg is straight behind the body, thus maximizing stride length.

As the foot leaves the ground again (this is called the recovery part of speed), your knee should be driving forward and slightly up. We call this a knee punch.

The most important thing to remember about leg action is that speed is created down and back-by the amount of force applied to the ground, which drives it back and propels the body forward. Leg action happens very quickly.

Olympic sprinters get their foot on and off the ground in about one-tenth of a second. Former gold medalist sprinter Michael Johnson had exceptional stride frequency.

His “ground time” was around 0.006 of a second; he also had a long torso and shorter legs and his amazing stride frequency compensated for a shorter stride length. The objective of linear speed is to go forward or straight ahead.

Therefore, you need to maximize your horizontal components and minimize vertical components. Remember, the objective is to go straight ahead, not up and down.

By studying this information, you can begin to practice becoming faster. You will be stealing the ball and scoring more goals in no time!

Jack R. Landry has been soccer a coach for the last 36 years and written hundreds of articles about soccer all over the world especially in developing countries. He recommends buying a good street soccer ball.

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Terry Daniels

Soccer Mom And Nutrition Police!

As fall soccer season winds down, it’s interesting to reflect on some observations from the sidelines!

We’ve experienced very different coaching dynamics on the different teams, and two very different teams as a result. This soccer season has also been about great friends, old and new. I think it’s a great social skill to see kids learn to work together as a team and support each other in a group effort while still pushing themselves to excel on a personal level.

There was much excitement and laughter throughout the season. All-in-all, it was a very positive experience for the kids.

Unfortunately, the dark cloud that loomed over the soccer games was the issue of snacks for the kids. It never ceased to amaze me what would pass as ‘fuel’ for these little athletes-in-the-making. Also, the frequency and timing of the ‘fuelings’ seemed ridiculous. Games were an hour long, yet parents were expected to provide half-time snacks and drinks and post-game snacks and drinks. Many of the games ended at 7:15 at night! Yet, we were expected to provide a ‘snack’ for the team. I thought that particular snack was called “dinner”!

With all the buzz about childhood obesity for the last couple of years, you’d think the soccer powers-that-be would say, “Hold on a minute! Maybe these little people don’t need to eat quite that much… they’re not playing professional soccer and burning through 3,000 calories per game quite yet! Maybe we are part of the childhood obesity problem by sending these skewed food messages.”

Even if these were professional players, it would be highly unlikely that they would ever think of putting this garbage into their high-performance bodies during the game.

When the letters to parents came home at the start of the season, one coach requested that the half-time snack be fruit. I don’t think most parents got the memo! The same coach, however, also recommended juice drinks for both the half-time and post-game snack times and “treats” for post game.

That’s just perfect. Let’s reward kids with toxic garbage that subtracts from their health because they did something good, healthy, and athletic. Craziness! That is exactly why I refuse to call this stuff “treats”. It takes away from health. How can that be a ‘treat’?! The term “tasty toxin” sums it up quite accurately. I’m not arguing that a lot of this stuff tastes good, especially to a kid. But, it’s clearly toxic to our cellular function.

I only saw water served as the beverage of choice two times over the course of two months! Several children wrinkled their noses at the water and made remarks about how they “don’t like water” or “don’t ever drink it because it doesn’t taste good.” That’s frightening. Last time I checked, we need water to survive and be healthy! Alas, what child would choose plain water over colorful fruit drinks in cool, brightly decorated pouches, or over sports drinks and energy drinks that their sports heroes endorse, or over soda pop that has such lively and entertaining marketing. It makes water seem pretty dull.

I saw more Rice Krispies treats offered as snacks than I can shake a stick at. I saw chips galore, pretzel “sandwiches” (who knew?!) filled with fake processed ‘cheese’, bags of cookies, packaged brownies, snack crackers… all loaded with some combination of artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, excitotoxins, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, fake fats, refined grains, excessive sugar, and on and on.

I do not believe that childhood obesity is the biggest issue we have. These kids on the soccer teams were not even close to obese. Childhood toxicity is a far bigger problem. Whether or not any of these kids ever becomes obese is clearly not the most significant and dangerous issue, if they keep eating this way on a regular basis. This type of food cannot possibly result in healthy cell function. What is so painstakingly difficult to understand about this?

The snack at a recent game took the cake… almost literally. An assortment of chips and crackers along with fake, toxic juice drinks to wash down them down took their usual place on the sidelines earlier in the games. Then, to my shock, out came the gigantic cupcakes! Yes, as a snack during a soccer game, these kids were offered an over-sized cupcake (from the local warehouse store), each topped with neon icing that stood an additional inch off the top of the cupcake itself!

The kids drooled! Shoot, I think I drooled! I don’t try to mislead anyone – I think cupcakes taste great, too! That doesn’t mean I eat it just because it’s there. It’s just not a wise choice. That’s also why I don’t bring this stuff into my house. I would obviously eat it in a moment of “weakness”!

As I’ve always taught our kids, if you know you’re going to a birthday party or some special event where there will be “tasty toxins” served, and you’re going to choose to have some, then you need to be a responsible “body owner” and make sure your body has been properly fueled FIRST. Make sure you’ve given it ample fresh fiber in the form of veggies and fruit, clean protein and natural fats. The rest of your intake should be pretty healthy and clean in order to make sure that your body gets what it needs to: 1) create more healthy function for you, and 2) protect you from toxicity, infection, sickness, or whatever it might need to deal with.

These cupcakes were presented at 11:15 in the morning. There’s not a chance that enough healthy fuel for the day had crossed their lips yet to justify this choice! Oh, and this massive dose of sugar and artificial toxic ingredients was served with the toxic fruit drink of choice for this generation. Wow.

So, am I judging? No, actually I’m not. I am, however, venting. I find it frustrating… infuriating… that this even happens. It just makes me sad. I know that parents (coaches, administrators, etc.) don’t really know the true consequences of providing those foods. Of course they don’t! I do not believe that any parent would knowingly harm their children in any way. People just don’t associate giving their children toxic, chemical, factory-made poison with causing harm. They’re thinking it’s a ‘normal part of childhood’ or that they’d be ‘depriving’ the kids of something if they didn’t allow them to eat this stuff. I get it. I think it’s dangerously inaccurate, but I get it.

So, we come to an end of soccer season with mixed emotions. I’m sad to see the running and playing and laughing and cheering and camaraderie come to an end for this season… but, I’m SO glad to put this snack nightmare to an end! Until the next sport, that is!

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Asian Odds In Soccer Betting

If you were to ask a person on the street to explain soccer betting to you, the answer you will hear is likely to be along the lines of simply deciding which team you think will win or whether the game will end in a draw, and then placing a bet on that outcome. While this is certainly true when it comes to fixed odds betting, Asian odds betting provides an entirely different betting experience that many have found to be both intriguing and exciting.


Asian odds betting works on the basic principle that, unlike fixed odds betting, which has a total of 3 possible outcomes for every match on which you can bet, Asian odds betting only offer bettors 2 different possible outcomes for every match. This means that there is a lower number of choices you have to deal with, making it easier, in theory, to decide which one is more likely to happen. Asian odds betting aims to give bettors a 50-50 chance of being right whichever way they choose, through the use of a handicap.


The handicap is a concept unknown in fixed odds betting. In Asian odds betting, the handicap is used to level the playing field when the two teams playing are of unequal skill levels. The less skilful team thus receives a handicap, thus raising their chances of ‘winning’ once the handicap is applied to the final score of the game.


The possibility that there is a draw when the final score is calculated and the handicap applied is greatly diminished, since handicaps are often applied in terms of quarter-goals, half-goals, or even three-quarter goals, so there will almost always be a clear winner. In the unlikely event that there is a draw, however, the bookmaker will provide a full refund of all bets on that match, and bettors will have lost nothing.


Track Your Bets With SOCCER LiveScore


One problem that many people face when betting on soccer is that there is a limited number of games on which they can bet. Most people feel limited to betting on those games which they can then watch on their televisions in order to track the progress of the match and find out at the end of the match whether or not they won their bet.


With SOCCER LiveScore, however, this is no longer a problem. SOCCER LiveScore, as its name suggest, provides a live feed of the scores of all the games being played around the world, no matter how obscure the soccer the league is. The best SOCCER LiveScore websites even offer the scores of minor-league games, making it possible for bettors to bet even on those little-known games.


SOCCER LiveScore is also excellent if you do not receive televised soccer matches in the area where you live, but you still wish to bet on soccer. A simple search in any one of the online search engines will provide a multitude of results, with multiple websites all offering SOCCER LiveScore services that you can take advantage of absolutely free of charge.

With SOCCER livescore, you can now place bets on games even when you are unable to watch them on television, and what better way to make use of this information than to take advantage of the Asian odds betting options offered by Betewin.

A Brief History of soccer jersey

by ViNull

Soccer jerseys  were around from 1848 but those were pretty basic clothing which ensured good ventilation but nothing beyond that. It was in 1870, a revolutionary change in the history of soccer uniforms evolved when the audience of a tournament asked the organizers to provide different teams with jerseys of different color schemes so that they can recognize the players easily. However, the intention of protecting players was not prominent even then which took several more years to become a reality.

During the 20th century, many players were highly interested in collar jerseys which became a fashion trend. Several tailors were taken on contract basis by teams to stitch jerseys for them. During these days, natural fibers were used and the idea of providing protective jerseys caught up. Tailors started adding protective pads that can protect a player from injuries during a fall or other physical injuries. During 1960s soccer became a very famous game and the collard jerseys made its way to V-necks and round collar ones. From those days, the jerseys offered several protection features.

You can classify a jersey’s protection features as follows

1. Fabric – Highly durable nylon and polyester fabric were used to make jerseys. These were not easily damageable which gave them an edge in safety. Nylon is a thin fabric which helped the makers to reduce the weight of jerseys.

2. Mesh – Thick mesh is used to protect the players. Usually mesh is made up of natural cotton that can absorb sweat effectively.

3. Perforation – The nylon body of the jerseys come with neatly stitched perforators to ensure excellent air ventilation to the players. These also help the jerseys to dry out quickly.

When you see the jerseys worn by players today, you will be surprised to notice the change in fabric, design and other technical features of the jerseys that are worn by players today. If you like a player and would like to own the same jersey as he does, you can shop on internet and find authentic jerseys. However, there are replica jerseys also available that target people who only want the looks and have a low budget.

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The Good Old Soccer with a Twist

Thailand International Soccer 7s are invitational football tournaments that are held in many key cities of the country. The main thrust of these championships is leisure and sport. It aims to promote camaraderie among soccer vets, enthusiasts, and even tourists who simply want to have some fun while staying in the land of smiles. There is no prize money at stake. Players come together simply for the love of soccer, and for the fun and excitement of mingling with people from different cultural and racial backgrounds.

Thailand’s Soccer 7s is a slight innovation to the traditional football game. Like a usual soccer game, it is still played following the FIFA Laws besides a few exceptions, such as the offside rule and tradeoffs of players. Unlike soccer, which is conventionally played by 11 players, soccer 7s is played as the name suggests, with only seven players on the pitch. The 7-minute halves rule also makes it a faster, more action packed version of its classic predecessor.

Soccer 7s is something that everybody can enjoy and numerous tournaments are opened for players of all age. There are categories for the veterans, with each team composed of players older than 35 or 40. There is also an open category, where each group consists of any age from 18 years old players. Teams are invited to join, but those who do not belong to a team may also register by themselves and get drafted into teams that are short of players.

Appearing at the sports scene only at the turn of the century, these spiced-up soccer championships are already much of a fad at present times. Athletes and inquisitive folks from all over the world find their way to the land of smiles just to be in the game and experience the thrill for themselves. The tournaments in big cities like Bangkok and Phuket, as well as Pattaya hoard seas of spectators and players during championship seasons. Even more people are expected to come as the sport steadily builds its name across the globe.

It is not just all about the game, too. An important aspect of Soccer 7s is relaxation and interaction, so parties and other cool hangouts are never out of the picture. In between the games are social happenings like exuberant night parties, where players can relax and meet each other. Aside from that, the cities where the tournaments are held also contain their own great wonders that are perfect backdrops for unforgettable experiences.

Seeing this growing national attraction, the organizers in Thailand has made things even better. They are now also offering the best Soccer 7s training camp deals. Interested amateur or professional parties who want to train in an amazing and different environment, or play friendly practice games, may sign up for a training camp.

Plain soccer 7s training is not the only offering of these camps. Each one comes complete with playing venues, PA sound systems, the soccer balls, as well as accommodation and meals at the Hotel. A learning experience coupled with convenience and comfort awaits the players. Plus, they also get evening parties, drinks and great many opportunities to make new friends during the camp.

A fresh way to enjoy a well-loved classic sport, endless get-together, great training camp deals, global group of friends ‘ these things make Soccer 7s a hot foreign attraction. If you have not gone to one, you have not gone to Thailand!

>> Michel Gerard is a Travel author based in Asia. Visit the Thai Soccer7s website to learn more about the Thailand International Soccer 7s tournaments and its soccer training camps in Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya. =>