Soccer Scholarships – 5 Reason Soccer Players Fail in College

You see it every year. Very talented high school soccer players earn a soccer scholarship to a great college. A few years go by and that athlete has seemed to disappear and no longer plays for the college team. What happened? While everyone has their own reason for quitting, we have narrowed 5 main reasons that scholarship soccer athletes fail to succeed at this level.

Not developing a solid recruiting plan: Most reasons relate back to this main issue. Players in high school do not know what they want out of college. They are going through the recruiting process without first having developed a personal assessment with their parent’s and coach. They then end up picking a college for the wrong reasons and this almost always leads to failure.
College is the wrong academic fit: Just because a school accepts you,  that does not mean you will be able to succeed academically there. We know many students that get accepted into IVY league schools because they play a sport. Their grades aren’t that bad, but will they really have the academic tools for success? We also see athletes that will attend colleges because they go the scholarship, but will use the scholarship to rationalize the college not having the major they wanted. College needs to be used for academics first, athletics second/
Picking the wrong school socially: Realize that the college you visit on a recruiting trip is not the same school you will see when you show up in the fall. Recruiting trips are sales visits. Make sure that away from athletics, the college has enough to offer you. Also if you come from a small town, will you be comfortable at a massive university that is larger than your hometown?
Picking the wrong school athletically:  Just because you accepted a scholarship, it does not mean you will get any playing time. Each year, freshmen and transfers just as or more talented then you show up to campus wanting your playing time. Are you willing to sit on the bench for a few years while your skills improve at a DI school. Or would you be happier at a smaller college where you know you can play the fist year on campus?
Geographic Issues:  It is hard to say how you will react and feel attending a college 1,000, 2,000 or even 100 miles from home. Think about this long and hard when you are in the recruiting process. Also if you live in Florida, do you think you could handle snow and cold for months on end if you attend school up North? These factors are often overlooked.

Do not sacrifice your reasons for attending school or what you truly want in a college just because you were offered a soccer scholarship.  By developing a personal inventory before starting recruiting that takes into consideration these topics plus dozens of others, you can maximize both your college soccer scholarship potential and your success rate once you show up on campus.

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