Do You Know The Football Museum

In the world if there is a museum which identifies toilet gender even with a football, the museum must be England football museum. In this interesting museum, you will see a photograph of football match on men toilet gate where male football players hold on his critical parts which behalf of his own gender characteristics. There is also a picture on female toilet gate: a woman’s athletes do next crouching action in training.


It maybe some funny, but that sense of humor can be tacit inexpressible after seeing the two pictures in football museum toilet doors. You see players’ attitude, and you will know the standard form after you went into this gate.


England football museum which is the origin of the modern football is in Preston, making people a little puzzling. The museum is not difficult to find. When you drive from Manchester or Liverpool, and run on the highway M6 for 30 minutes, you can achieve Preston. Off the highway, you can get to the museum toward Preston club Prachanda dell Stadium direction.


The museum was completed in 2001 which was blockbuster news at that time, and was also a achievement of England football unite. But it is of small size and when you approached the scale to have a look, which just like dependencies of British armor buoyant Preston team, because it is between museum of Preston’s home and Prachanda dell stadium.


There was a game at home of Preston team on the afternoon of that weekend, so bustling people flooded into the stadium. Less than 100 meters before the museum collection entrance, there was filled with people.


Price of visiting this museum is five pounds tickets. You cannot know English football museum until you walk into a gate and chat with guard for two sentences. This is the reason why such quite fame football museums choose to synthetic his own place and less famous Diprachanda stadium together.


Preston is one of the earliest clubs in England; the more important is that Preston was the English league first championship when England football league appeared in 1888. They won 18 victories and four flat in 22 games during first league debut season in modern football, which make it become first “double” in English football history. It is unbeaten for a season and all competitions remain unbeaten. no team can break the record that Preston set. Although in later 102 years, Preston again failed to bid for England league title. They have always been England football giants in the Second World War.

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