Permanent Basketball Systems – How to Build a Great Home Basketball Court

by Mr ATM

There is nothing better than turning your driveway into basketball central with a permanent basketball system. You won’t just have a great way to improve you basketball skills at home and maintain your fitness, you will also have a fun place to hang out with your family and friends and play basketball.

Start with a Great Basketball Hoop – It all starts with the permanent basketball system. You want to get the biggest backboard that you can fit within your budget, preferably a seventy two inches and made of glass. If that’s a little out of your price range you can still get fifty four or even sixty inch backboard systems at very reasonable prices. You should also try to get the largest basketball pole that you can get, four, five, or even six inches if you can do it. A couple brand names you should look at for these kinds of high quality basketball goals include Goalrilla, Mammoth, and First Team.

Buy a Court Stencil Kit – There are plenty of places that you can buy a really affordable court stenciling kit to go with your permanent basketball system. Some of the best ones are made of cardboard and just unfold on your driveway, allowing you to spray pint your court lines down. You will have a three point line and free throw line marked perfectly right on your driveway. While the better court stencil systems usually come with white paint, you can supplement your own paint to make your court lines any color that you wish.

Get a Composite Leather Basketball – A high quality composite leather basketball is ideal for home courts. Don’t make the mistake of buying an all leather basketball, like the official NBA basketball. All leather balls are meant for indoor use, and they just won’t perform quite as well when dribbling outdoors. You might even think about buying a couple and a ball holder that you can attach to your permanent basketball system.

Roll Back Nets – If you want to make sure that your basketball time is as fun as it can be, you should also think about buying a rollback net that you can attach to your backboard. This is just some netting that hangs from the back of your rims and keeps airballs from getting away from you. This cuts down on the amount of time that you spend chasing after basketballs and increases the amount of time that you spend playing on your permanent basketball system.

Make Sure you Get a Good Deal – The trick to stretching your budget and making sure that you build a great home court around your permanent basketball system. The more your educate yourself on all of the kinds of basketball hoops that you can get, the more cash you will have in your pocket at the end of the day. is the web’s top resource for learning about permanent basketball systems. It has information on everything from the best kinds of basketball brands out there to the right kind of nets to attach to your rim, plus tips on how to save cash on your next basketball hoop purchase.