A Brief History of soccer jersey

by ViNull

Soccer jerseys  were around from 1848 but those were pretty basic clothing which ensured good ventilation but nothing beyond that. It was in 1870, a revolutionary change in the history of soccer uniforms evolved when the audience of a tournament asked the organizers to provide different teams with jerseys of different color schemes so that they can recognize the players easily. However, the intention of protecting players was not prominent even then which took several more years to become a reality.

During the 20th century, many players were highly interested in collar jerseys which became a fashion trend. Several tailors were taken on contract basis by teams to stitch jerseys for them. During these days, natural fibers were used and the idea of providing protective jerseys caught up. Tailors started adding protective pads that can protect a player from injuries during a fall or other physical injuries. During 1960s soccer became a very famous game and the collard jerseys made its way to V-necks and round collar ones. From those days, the jerseys offered several protection features.

You can classify a jersey’s protection features as follows

1. Fabric – Highly durable nylon and polyester fabric were used to make jerseys. These were not easily damageable which gave them an edge in safety. Nylon is a thin fabric which helped the makers to reduce the weight of jerseys.

2. Mesh – Thick mesh is used to protect the players. Usually mesh is made up of natural cotton that can absorb sweat effectively.

3. Perforation – The nylon body of the jerseys come with neatly stitched perforators to ensure excellent air ventilation to the players. These also help the jerseys to dry out quickly.

When you see the jerseys worn by players today, you will be surprised to notice the change in fabric, design and other technical features of the jerseys that are worn by players today. If you like a player and would like to own the same jersey as he does, you can shop on internet and find authentic jerseys. However, there are replica jerseys also available that target people who only want the looks and have a low budget.

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