Baseball Handicapping System – Selecting Winning Baseball Picks


No other major sport gives a handicapper the vast array of stats to help determine a winner. Baseball is definitely a game of stats and as a good handicapper one must acknowledge all the different stats. Knowing what the stats truly represents along with a proven winning system will deliver winning selections.

Building a winning baseball handicapping system based on all the available stats is a time consuming process. One must consider pitching match ups, ballpark configurations, bullpen and closers. That is just to get started. Batting lineups and weather conditions effective the outcome greatly.

A proven baseball handicapping system should be on statistical data, prior and present. A formula that powers such a systems should be based on mathematical equations implementing the current line. This is the base of winning sports betting system.

Every successful sports team has a proven system in place. They follow that system with players that are drafted and signed into team. All actions are based upon the structure of the system. The same goes for a baseball handicapping system. You need to have system in place and synchronize your bets according the the system.

Having a proven baseball handicapping system is critical to be able to win money betting. The average person who places a sports bet in Nevada does not have the skills nor the access to statistics, trends and historical data. Therefore the average better relies mainly on luck as they bet off the top of their head. Guess what, being lucky does not cut it and the sports books constantly turn a profit and continue to grow. The sports books have access to trends, statistics and historical data. Sports books have the edge. With a proven baseball handicapping system, you the sports better not only have equal data access as the sports book but actually have a proven winning formula

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Troy Powers is a 20 year resident of Las Vegas an avid sports better. He does use and fully recommends following a baseball betting strategy.