The Good Old Soccer with a Twist

Thailand International Soccer 7s are invitational football tournaments that are held in many key cities of the country. The main thrust of these championships is leisure and sport. It aims to promote camaraderie among soccer vets, enthusiasts, and even tourists who simply want to have some fun while staying in the land of smiles. There is no prize money at stake. Players come together simply for the love of soccer, and for the fun and excitement of mingling with people from different cultural and racial backgrounds.

Thailand’s Soccer 7s is a slight innovation to the traditional football game. Like a usual soccer game, it is still played following the FIFA Laws besides a few exceptions, such as the offside rule and tradeoffs of players. Unlike soccer, which is conventionally played by 11 players, soccer 7s is played as the name suggests, with only seven players on the pitch. The 7-minute halves rule also makes it a faster, more action packed version of its classic predecessor.

Soccer 7s is something that everybody can enjoy and numerous tournaments are opened for players of all age. There are categories for the veterans, with each team composed of players older than 35 or 40. There is also an open category, where each group consists of any age from 18 years old players. Teams are invited to join, but those who do not belong to a team may also register by themselves and get drafted into teams that are short of players.

Appearing at the sports scene only at the turn of the century, these spiced-up soccer championships are already much of a fad at present times. Athletes and inquisitive folks from all over the world find their way to the land of smiles just to be in the game and experience the thrill for themselves. The tournaments in big cities like Bangkok and Phuket, as well as Pattaya hoard seas of spectators and players during championship seasons. Even more people are expected to come as the sport steadily builds its name across the globe.

It is not just all about the game, too. An important aspect of Soccer 7s is relaxation and interaction, so parties and other cool hangouts are never out of the picture. In between the games are social happenings like exuberant night parties, where players can relax and meet each other. Aside from that, the cities where the tournaments are held also contain their own great wonders that are perfect backdrops for unforgettable experiences.

Seeing this growing national attraction, the organizers in Thailand has made things even better. They are now also offering the best Soccer 7s training camp deals. Interested amateur or professional parties who want to train in an amazing and different environment, or play friendly practice games, may sign up for a training camp.

Plain soccer 7s training is not the only offering of these camps. Each one comes complete with playing venues, PA sound systems, the soccer balls, as well as accommodation and meals at the Hotel. A learning experience coupled with convenience and comfort awaits the players. Plus, they also get evening parties, drinks and great many opportunities to make new friends during the camp.

A fresh way to enjoy a well-loved classic sport, endless get-together, great training camp deals, global group of friends ‘ these things make Soccer 7s a hot foreign attraction. If you have not gone to one, you have not gone to Thailand!

>> Michel Gerard is a Travel author based in Asia. Visit the Thai Soccer7s website to learn more about the Thailand International Soccer 7s tournaments and its soccer training camps in Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya. =>