Most Beautiful Couples in Soccer

Football is the most popular global sports favored by all genders in the world. Therefore, handsome football players have also drawn great attention from their fans, and they often concern the story of their private life such as love and family. Below are the most beautiful couples in soccer around the world:


1. Rooney & Coleen


Coleen, the fiancée of the famous striker Wayne Rooney, is becoming one of the wags or wives and lovers of English players. Thanks to her success, Coleen Rooney is more and more famous in the world.


Rooney and Coleen




2. Kaka & Caroline

Kaka seems to be the happiest football player. To be specific, he is not also the talented football player on the field but also owns a happy family with his son and his beautiful wife called Caroline.


Kaka with his son and his wife, Caroline


3. Pato & Brito

Pato has just announced his relationship with his beautiful lover called Stephany Brio to the public. One more thing, this happy couple is still attracting his fans’ attention.


Pato and Brito


4. Rafael van der Vaart & Sylvie

Rafael van der Vaart and Sylvie are still drawing strong attention from their fans. In addition, the beautiful wife of Van der Vaart, Sylvienot only has a perfect face but also is known as a good businesswoman.


Rafael van der Vaart and Sylvie


5. Gigi Buffon & Alena Seredova

The wedding party of the couple between Gigi Buffon & Alena Seredova which will be held next summer is promising to attract their fans’ concerns around the world.


Gigi Buffon and Alena Seredova


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