Telltale Seven Interesting Differences Between Men And Women

by t i g

In this world, because men and women there are large differences, just collision gives the brilliant sparks. Recently, the American “bo smell nets” revealed between men and women 7 interesting differences.
The woman is good at written details; man is good at written situation
Male and female brains of memory are different regions, female feelings, and emotional regional active details about the easy to remember, such as anniversaries, trivial life. And men’s memory area in accept visual stimulation will become increasingly active, and men are better at attention overall situation, such as road layout etc, therefore, they to overall memory more profound.
Women can become multi-taskers, men only with undivided attention
The countries, the study found women Sheffield university in doing the also don’t delay and chatting, while men with person dialogue must concentrate. Because men in listening only activate the brain’s side, woman will activate the big both sides of the brain. It is also the result of evolution, the female’s initial role is to take care of children, deal with household two doesnt hold up. And men will hunting, must stay focused.
Women easily “into play,” men more callous
Women more than men likes reading novels, will follow hero cry smile together. Psychologist Simon said,”dragon Cohen said, the women have” emotion “brains, men have mechanized” brains. Which doomed women always put yourself in others’ situation, and feel more ruthless men performance, not too devotion, don’t quite understand.
Women than men fear of pain
When pain strikes, women in the brains of the emotional centers is very active, and it allows women focus on pain feelings, on the pain becomes very sensitive. But in male brain, pain can activate the cognitive and reasoning, they will analyze regional pain causes and solutions, resolves the part of pain.
Women love to loiter about, men buy before they make up his mind
Women didn’t specific want to buy, but most will be hanging in temporary decide what to buy. Men are planning ahead to buy what things, then go straight to shelves, both men would not accompanying wife shopping window-shopping reasons.
Woman alar scallions flavour, man alar cheese flavour
Female alar when sweating is flavor than male heavy. Female armpit sweat taste usually emits scallions flavour, male emit similar cheese flavor. Men and women walk to arrive together, as to the big dining room, dessert and spicy taste flavour days to bend points with perfect interesting.
After drinking wine men think the women are ugly
After more than male wine to drink, feel oneself heroism plumes, think women look simple, beautiful become ugly. Women drinking after feeling greatly elated, seems to be a man to become more beautiful.

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