Mlb-from A Sport To An Industry

For the longest time Major League Baseball did not take itself seriously when it came to marketing. They did not realize what a cash cow they had on their hands. In fact for the longest time they would outsource and have others make their products. They would take a percentage of the sale.

This seemed good for Major League Baseball except that many times inferior products would get in the marketplace carrying their name. This hurt sales of MLB products and Major League Baseball knew something had to be done.

Major League Baseball is one of the most popular sports, but knew they had an untapped industry they were sitting on. The problem they had was how to best go about it. Major League Baseball decided that the best way was to market their own product and give it their own name. People would buy products that were approved by Major League Baseball much quicker than something that was not.

Once Major League Baseball started put their own logos on their products a new industry was created. MLB went from a sport to an industry virtually in no time at all. People wanted these official products from Major League Baseball from caps to shirts and everything in-between. If it had the Major League Logo on it people wanted it. Baseball had hit a home run and they knew it.

Merchandise sales continue to rise even today. Major League Baseball understands that the game of baseball is still the main attraction, but the industry they have created must also be maintained. MLB does not endorse every product that comes along who wants to use their logo. There is a process that you must go through to be approved.

If you do become a part of the Major League Baseball merchandise family you will see consistent sales from it. Baseball is the National pastime and that will not change anytime soon. Cheering for your favorite baseball team means you will need some merchandise and MLB is happy to give it to you. MLB when from a sport to an industry and they have no plans to turn back right now.

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