Five Best Exercises For Football

1. Power Clean- This lift helps develop total body power and athleticism in the player. You not only develop great power but also body quickness, timing and athleticism. Great athletes know how to use their whole body as “one”. After the bar has been propelled upwards then you must quickly change directions in your hips, move elbows under the bar and readjust your feet all to prepare you to accept the bar on your chest with the stress going into your hips and legs. You must try and move the bar upwards as fast as possible to get the most out of power cleans. As the weight gets heavier and the bar doesn’t move quite as fast, then you must get around the bar faster in order to accept it for the catch.The better athletes will make this lift look easy! Here are some no-nos in performing the power clean: a. do not raise up onto your toes (jump from flat feet-land on flat feet) b. do not shrug your shoulders c. do not pull with your arms(when the arms bend the power ends).

2. Dead lift- This is the best lift for development of total body strength. Once the player has lifted the bar from the floor all muscles and joints in the body are innervated. You will not find a lift better for total body strength. This is also one of the best ways to develop core strength with all over body strength.

3. Front Squat- To develop hips, knees, ankles and core strength and flexibility this is the best lift. Keep the upper arms parallel to the floor and upper body upright. Make sure knees follow the direction of your toes and your feet remain flat throughout the lift. Let you knees extend out toward the toes and maybe even beyond. The deeper you go the better, if you can in good form. The better players will squat the deepest, jump the highest, run the fastest, and play more on game day. You do not need to go heavy on this lift. Use the front squat more for strength throughout the full range of motion.

4. One Arm Bench- This is one of the best pressing lifts for football because you get tremendous pressing strength together with your core strength. To perform this lift you use only one dumbbell while placing your free hand on your belly. Make sure you go through the full range of motion. All the way up and all the way down. When performed correctly you will not only feel this in your chest, shoulders and arms but in the abs, obliques, lower back and glutes as well! This is a great lift for all athletes.

5. Chins- There is not a better lift for upper body pulling than performing chin ups. Try and go through the full range of motion. All the way up with your chin over the bar and all the way down with arms fully extended. Get a good stretch and a good flex. If you can’t do this then work on isometric stalls at the top with 3-5 count negatives. Pull downs are a poor substitute for chins.To make this exercise a little harder and better for offensive lineman and receivers you can do some sets with towels or a rope. This will develop great hand strength!

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