How to Become a Leading Edge Entrepreneur

Intuition in business is a fairly unexplored field but one which more and more young, forward-thinking business owners are discovering as a means to help them achieve what they want to professionally, more quickly and with more ease, understanding and determination to succeed. Theirs is a generation that is saying goodbye to the effort filled days of martyrdom and hello to the economy of personal and physical resources as well as time.

But what does this really mean? It means that there is a movement of entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of their desired fields, who with a unique blend of self awareness, business smarts and support networks are blowing through the old barriers and definitions of what it was previously agreed was required in order to succeed.

Their novel approach to themselves, their unique offerings to the world and their progression up the self employment ladder in large part has granted us the permission to carve out our own niches, pathways and rules in the quest for the personal and financial freedom that we are each more free than ever before to seek. Having moved away from the notion of being a 9-5 employee fulfilling someone else’s dream, they are the artists, creators, musicians, tailors, designers and architects and other professionals among us who are re-writing the rules on how to achieve success on one’s own terms, in our own time and space.

Of course this does not mean that sound advice and business practice no longer apply. On the contrary, it means that they have taken the best that the business world has to offer…the tried and true laws of success BUT they have combined those with a heightened sense of self awareness and understanding of what drives them at their most personal and fundamental levels. In so doing, they have given themselves permission to chart their success in their own way. And this is important…they have been able to run a thick and definite line between success according to someone else’s perspective and that in their own true and heartfelt view.

And this is the new breed of business men and women who have been emerging from seemingly no where. They have honed in on the veritable gaps in the market that have been begging to be filled with service providers at the top of their game…to raise the bar on the offerings of what a particular industry can offer. They have instinctively realized that it is a refined sense of self awareness which sets them apart from their competition and they have begun utilizing the services of professional intuitives to help them stay on track with their sometimes hidden or unspoken desires and goals.

These renegade business owners are the ones who we say are ‘on fire!’. Indeed it is no wonder that their businesses seem untouchable. And isn’t this how it should be? Everywhere you look, life is constantly shifting or being transmuted from one form to another. When last did you pick up a book on business or economics that really took the human element into account. These new businesses are constantly changing, moving and evolving to meet the ever changing needs of their owners and their target markets. It seems, therein lies the secret of success…we cannot be considered truly successful if we are not fulfilled in every area of our lives.

These leading edge entrepreneurs have some how made their way into the less well understood and written about realms of the unknown. Yet they have discovered in this place that personal integration, expression and contentment in our daily work yields untold benefits, not just for their businesses but also raises the quality of the offering to the people that they serve.

Caroline Diana Bobart
Virtual Intuitive & HotDesk Genie
Advanced Intuitive Administration
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