Madrid – Not Just Football

Being the heart of Spain, Madrid has been a cosmopolitan city and has served as an administrative centre, business centre and plays a major role in the Industrial and banking sector. This city is characterized by very artistic and intense cultural lifestyle.

How to get there
To the tourists, getting to Madrid has been open through the use of any form of transport; and once there you can explore your tourist options at your own leisure. It’s known as the central hub of Spain and all roads lead to the city; in case you use roadways. Nowadays, cheap and efficient means of air travel is one of the common ways of getting to Madrid, there is so much detailed and current information that has been provided on both online services and and at different open stations to guide you around the city.

Around the city
Madrid has overtime been known as the walker’s city and with its simple and excellent clean public transport. It’s ever expanding underground system provides cheap and flexible way to move along sightseeing many features around the city. A good network of bus operating system is maintained with cheap pricing system that enables tourists view cultural sites without exploitation. Taxis and car hires are always available and must be registered charging limited costs.

Elegant continental hotels are located at the cool extreme ends which always make it worth having paid a visit. Luxurious accommodation and great services are always offered but at slightly higher prices for tourists. A welcoming atmosphere is always there created to meet the both international and local, quality service provided by professional staff. Tour guides are always availed to those tourists spending in the hotels if they require them in the event of touring.

Tourist guides are always offered at entry points in to Madrid either at the bus stations or at the airport.Centres of attractions and features that are outstanding within the city are varied and numerous. Guiding information has always been provided in regard to the place visitors would like to visit and depending on whether they are within the city or would like to tour outside the town. The largest collection of Picassos work and other major Spanish artists has been of great value and has earned this country high amount of income since they have been well preserved.

The greatest cultural factor that has been held over time is the Madrid types of traditional dishes which are delectably served and appreciated. It’s an attractive feature as well as the manner they serve their cultural foods hence tasting their foods and sounds is always a great achievement for many tourists. Their guides always include locations and prices of their most common dish known as Tapas.

All essential information for tours is always availed in tour guides including embassy details for Madrid Spain. Outstanding features that are widely known to hold Madrid in its Current state also are inclusive of Football clubs, elegant hotels and their tight hold to culture have won them today’s fame and clear history.

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