Information About Harrow, Greater London

Harrow is a borough found in Greater London. Hertfordshire borders it to the north & Hillingdon borders it to the west. Ealing borders it in the south, Brent borders it in the southeast, and Barnet borders it to the east. It is not to be confused with the actual hamlet of Harrow.

Back when it was formed originally, not so long ago in 1934, Harrow was created as one of Middlesex’s urban districts. The review order which made it so actually merged the urban district of Harrow on the Hill with the rural district of Hendon and the urban district of Wealdstone. In May of 1954, the newly formed district became a municipal borough, thus gaining status. However, a mere eleven years later, in 1965, the entire thing was abolished. In its place, it became the now known London Borough of Harrow.

Located on the primary hill of Harrow is the Harrow School. The area there is extremely affluent. It is also surrounded by suburbs now. How, its affluence has not depleted. While houses there are expensive, costing an average of 1.5 million pounds, the area seems to be worth it. Its crime is very low.

For all of that, the Harrow borough is considered to be very diverse. Lots of different ethnicities and cultures can be found there, which is one of the reasons the area is so desirable.

Of course, it never hurts when a lot of well known people come from any given area. Harrow has boasted quite a few well known citizens. Popular singers James Blunt, Tom Fletcher of McFly, and the inestimable Billy Idol all hail from in or around Harrow. Roger Moore, also known as Bond, James Bond, is from Harrow as well. Sir Winston Churchill attended the Harrow School. Better still, famous Romantic poet Lord Byron comes from Harrow.

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