Show Your Love For Basketball

So, you love basketball? You are an avid basketball fan who tries to catch all your favorite team games and enjoy having a dribble every once in a while. But what happens when shooting a few hoops just isn’t enough? How else can you let people know how passionately you feel about basketball?

After being relegated to the back of your dresser drawer, cufflinks are making a comeback. Worn with formal attire as well as some casual outfits, cufflinks can be a great addition to your wardrobe and can make you stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.

In addition to the more traditional and conservative steel, gold and silver cufflinks, novelty and signature cufflinks are proving to be very popular. These cufflinks allow you to support your favorite basketball team or sport and can be a great icebreaker at cocktail parties or other social events.

There are those that are avid cufflink collectors who seek to have every basketball team’s cufflinks, the more obvious being the Chicago Bulls, La Lakers, the Knicks, Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. Smaller basketball teams have begun the trend of giving cufflinks to team members as mementos and a great way of showing team unity. Many teams are required to dress formally when attending away fixtures, often wearing smart suits with their own team cufflinks.

Apart from logos, basketball cufflinks do come in other designs, some featuring silver basketballs, basketball courts and hoops all of which are great ways to show your support of the game. Following on from this tradition has shown that many universities will design cufflinks for their alumni, like the famous Harvard sweatshirt, signature cufflinks will often be passed onto family members as keepsakes and a memory of good times had.

When a student has settled on which university they intend to attend, a cufflink with the university motif or logo is a great way to congratulate them and wish them the best, a great memento to be given at a high school graduation.

The Kansas Jayhawks basketball team won the 2008 National Championships and like many other university basketball teams they have designed their own logo cufflinks which are a great way of actively supporting your favorite team.

Worn with French cuff sleeve shirts novelty, signature cufflinks are best worn with casual outfits. Although it should also be noted that many basketball team members when suited and booted for official formal events will often wear their team’s cufflinks.

It should be noted that basketball cufflinks are not best suited to business attire unless you are directly involved with the profession. When you are at the office or attending a business meeting it is best to opt for plain cufflinks, however there are certain basketball designs that just feature stamped initials or a simple engraving.

If you are not sure that you can carry off the formal look, try wearing them with a smart casual outfit. A great combination could be a smartly pressed shirt with smart jeans, a tank top and neat tie. You will quite literally be wearing your heart on your sleeve.

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