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NHL: History of Minnesota Wild

by toff63

The Minnesota Wild are a professional hockey team. They play in St. Paul, Minnesota in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League. The team has only been around since the year 200, but they have already managed to put their mark on the NHL in the short time that they have been a part of the league.


The team didn’t exactly start things off in amazing fashion. They lost their very first game and went on to lose 4 more to start off their franchise. Fortunately they managed to scoop up their first victory against the Lightning. They didn’t have a magical first season, but within a couple of years they were a threat to a lot of teams in the NHL.


The team managed to make the playoffs in the 2002-03 season. This was a huge surprise to many. The thing about the Wild is that they were not content with the simple fact that they made the playoffs. Instead they were determined to keep fighting their way through the playoffs. That season the team managed to continue to work through the playoffs until they landed in the Western Conference Finals. They met up with the Mighty Ducks and were to able to defeat them. The run did bring forth an attitude that the Wild can do anything.


The next season the team had playoff hopes, but they could not overcome the fact that two of their top players were holding out. Despite the poor start to the season the team came roaring back at the end of the season. They finished with a tremendous amount of strength and excitement, but they still fell short of the playoffs. Although they fell short of the playoffs many people were encouraged by the amount of heart that the team showed in fighting their way back after a difficult start to the season.

Unfortunately all of the hope and momentum that the team had gained was soon cut off by the NHL lockout. The NHL experienced a lockout that almost killed the sport entirely. Many fans were slow to forgive and it looked as though the league might have been in trouble. The Wild lost their spark and finished in last place after returning from the lockout.


In 2007 the team changed their history. They played tough and managed to win their division for the first time in history. This marked the 2nd playoff appearance that the team had ever achieved. They were led by Marian Gaborik who scored 42 goals on the season.


For whatever reason, the team was not able to duplicate their success the next year. They fell from being one of the top teams in the league. They only managed to get 9th place in the entire conference with their star Marian Gaborik plagued by injuries. The team has had a history that shows that can bounce back from anything. Although 2009 was a disappointing season for the Wild, nobody will count them out from having a chance at making the playoffs again.

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