Conference Was Held In The Machine To Run From January To February Of Machinery Industry Association

April 12, convening in the machine machinery industrial economic operation in conjunction to analyze the situation chambers of commerce, exchange, discuss the first quarter of Machinery Industry and the industry sectors of economic operation, characteristics and existing problems. Experts deputy director, executive vice president in machine together but Ci Cai chaired the meeting, the expert committee members, executive vice president of Song Xiaogang and members of the expert committee, professional association leaders and experts for a total of more than 20 people participated in the Council Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Information Ministry of Industry Policy Division Director Jia also invited to attend the meeting.

Consultation meeting, the machine together statistics and information department Zhao Xinmin, director informed the January-February the first mechanical industrial operation conditions. The professional associations have also stressed the introduction of the industry’s first quarter economic performance.

The meeting last year in the national economic policy package to stimulate the role, the machinery industry to withstand the severe impact of the international financial crisis, economic performance continues to improve. January-February 2010, the domestic machinery industry in the continuity of economic policies to stimulate the situation, a good start and achieved the stability of recovery. Overall the main economic indicators and low status compared to the same period in 2009, have rebounded significantly, the state-owned enterprises, large enterprises grew faster than foreign-invested enterprises and private enterprises. But the whole market, raw material supply situation remains unclear, the overall situation of foreign trade has not fundamentally improved, that is, no worries, there is much worry.

Experts believe that from January to February in consultation with the operational characteristics of mechanical industrial economy are:

(1) sales growth to continue to extend the last quarter of the rising trend;

(2) increase in all sectors showed full recovery. 13 showed a double-digit growth in the industry, the automotive industry increased significantly over last year rebounded 87 percent, engineering, office paper, machine tools, General Motors, the other five sectors recovery rate is also 30 percentage points. Sales output value and output value, roughly the same rising trend;

(3) new product output value of more than 60% growth rate, raise the proportion of total output. 2010 to complete the entire industry value of 342.652 billion yuan of new products, up 67.78 percent;

(4) the continuation of subsidies to agricultural machinery and automotive industries continue to maintain strong demand;

(5) output of main products present EADS were mixed trend. 119 in the statistical output of main products, the cumulative increase of 107 products, accounting for all the submitted products, 89.92%; of which 97 double-digit growth of products, accounting for all the submitted products, 81.51%;

(6) Machinery investment in fixed assets fell sharply. January-February appears below the first investment in the manufacturing sector and the national urban rate;

(7) by the low base effect last year, both import and export of machinery industry with high growth. January-February total import and export machinery industry grew 31.73%, which imports up 38.91%, exports increased by 25.79%, 2.899 billion U.S. dollars surplus. Imports grew faster than exports 13.12 percent.

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