Carp Fishing Tackle Evaluation : Wychwood Equinox 12k Big Pit Reel

In lots of Asian societies, the carp is looked upon as a revered animal , capable of converting itself into a dragon. If you have ever caught one of these feisty fish on a line, I’m almost sure you’ll heartily concur . Although I delight in all types of fishing , hunting the wily carp is my ideal pastime . To be set for the undertaking , I am constantly on the lookout for carp fishing tackle to add to my collection. Here is some material about a fantastic , inexpensive fishing reel from Wychwood, the Equinox 12K big pit carp reel.

Concerning Big Pit Reels

Big pit reels are properly suited to carp fishing considering that they were created to accommodate a considerably bigger quantity of line than conventional reels. To illustrate , a big pit reel normally has close to three times the capability of a traditional baitrunner reel. A reliable big pit reel will secure greater than 380 yards of 16-pound test line or 400 metres of 15-pound test line. Yet another aspect I like about this reel is that it is designed with an extra large M10 aluminium spool that reduces line memory plus improves line lay with its extraordinary low friction lip. An extra aluminium spool comes along with the reel. Top quality big pit reels like the Equinox 12K are great for long range carp and beach fishing. This reel delivers the line flawlessly every single time.

Aspects of the Wychwood Equinox 12K Big

As opposed to many reels in its classification, the Wychwood Equinox has an exceptionally large amount of ball bearings: 13. There’s also a roller bearing drive and a hard-wearing machined aluminium handle. The reel is made with an exquisite wood torpedo grip. I appreciate the direct anti-reverse as well as the high-speed 5.0:1 retrieve ratio. The reel’s one turn front drag features multiple discs and also the D-Osc feature assures perfect line lay by way of making up for the non-linear fluctuation rate of your spool. Line lay is really important to me since I try to avoid the difficulties involving uneven line lay, such as shorter distance on casting and a lack of effortlessness on drag release whilst struggling with a fish. A consistent oscillation system functions to lay the line flat around the spool and helps the angler stay away from these difficulties . I’ve discovered the D-Oscsystem on the Equinox to be durable , trustworthy , straightforward and compact. Finally , the Equinox is equipped with SMS rotor balancing. Its scaled-down body offers amazing stability , particularly when I mate it alongside a long-range carp rod.

About Wychwood

The product manufacturers at Wychwood are all committed carp fishers. This implies they bring a great deal of expertise to the development and production process. Equinox reels are developed integrating CAD (computer aided design). Celebrated for trustworthiness and hard wearing , Wychwood products are exhaustively field tested to assure faultless and superior performance.

For my money the Wychwood Equinox 12K big pit reel should be considered exceptionally priced at 79.99, but do search for it at a bargain price for as low as 56.99. It’s a superb unit of carp fishing tackle!

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