1966 season in the NHL

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The 1966-67 season of the NHL was a landmark season for the National Hockey League. This year marked the 50th year of play that took place. The 50th year anniversary was more than just a sentimental year though, this season brought changes to the league that would change the sport forever.


Since the 1940s the league had featured just 6 teams. These six teams would square off repeatedly during a season that lasted 70 games. This was exciting as rivalries were able to be built up, but it was time for the league to grow into what it could be. This season would be the last season in NHL history where they would have just 6 teams.


There were other things that made this season in hockey historically important. One of these things included the debut of Bobby Orr. Bobby Orr is known as being one of the greatest players to ever play in the NHL. He would make his NHL debut with the Boston Bruins.


Despite the addition of one of the all-time greats, the Bruins were not able to find success during the 1966-67 season. They managed to take home just 17 wins on the season while dropping 43 games. This record would leave them in the cellar of the league, winning 10 fewer games than the next worst team.


The Detroit Red Wings would be the second to worst team in the NHL. They managed to take home 27 wins on the season, but their record was not good enough to make the playoffs. The Red Wings and Bruins would be the two teams that season that did not qualify for the playoffs.


The 4th best team in the regular season was the New York Rangers. The Rangers managed to take home a record that was above a .500 win percentage. They would win 30 games while dropping 28. The Rangers were led that season by Phil Goyette. Goyette was not much of a goal scorer, but he was one of the great distributors of the puck that season. He dished out 49 assists on the season.


The Toronto Maple Leafs would secure the 3rd best regular season record with 32 wins and 27 losses on the season. While they weren’t super impressive during the season, they managed to take out the Black Hawks in the first round and advanced to the Stanley Cup. Their performance in the playoffs would make them the Stanley Cup Champions.


The Montreal Canadien would secure the 2nd best regular season record during the season. They were led by Bobby Rosseau and Henri Richard. These two players combine for 118 points on the season and they were good enough to keep the team in games on a nightly basis. The Canadiens would win 32 games on the season. This team would advance to the Stanley Cup Finals, but fell to the Maple Leafs in 6 games.


The Chicago Black Hawks were the top team in the league for years and managed to continue that reputation in the regular season. Unfortunately they were not able to come through in the playoffs. They would fall to the Maple Leafs in 6 games in the Semi-Finals.

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Nascar: Overcoming Your Limits

The origin of  Nascar is said to revolve around the concept of stock car racing being a new prospective favorite for audiences who are into exciting (or, sometimes even extreme) sports. Knowing that many people would want to witness the racing events, the founders of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing sought for a way to reach out to racing enthusiasts. In doing so, they have developed this implementing body that is an epitome of competence, camaraderie, and excellence.

Witnessing any event by Nascar will definitely be a blast as high-speed cars flash before your eyes in their pursuit of the championship title. Each season, the games get even more exciting as new participants, as well as experienced drivers, register their vehicles and get into full gear and make their mark in racing history. Even if you are not a driver yourself, you can still get into the action just by following the games, or even betting for your favorite racers.

But then, you will have to be equipped with your own gaming platforms from the wide array of gaming formats released by the stock car group together with the other popular game developers all over the world, which include those of the Wii, the Xbox including the Xbox Live and that of the 360 model. There are also the PCs, the GameCube, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PS3 to have so that you will be able to participate in the fest.

The efforts exerted by each member of the teams that work together as they participate in racing events also represent the ideal that joining these races should be a fun and worthwhile activity for everyone. Even the audience, through betting games and viewing car races, will be able to find that all the races are marvelous events to really look forward to.

Likewise, there are even accessories and gadgets that you can purchase to enhance your looks as a racing car enthusiast or fanatic. There is actually a wide array of them to choose from which includes buying jackets, helmets or caps, shirts, accessories, flags, apparel, game boards and several others to choose from.

Modifications on the cars are regulated by  Nascar, and as such poses a great challenge to drivers to go beyond their limits and improve their driving skills. Those who are watching the games are also encouraged to overcome their limits, and get into all the happenings in this sport to see for themselves that this is both rewarding and entertaining.

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