The Use Of Voip Conference

Not so long ago, conference calling was a costly affair, especially during the nineties though today it has become a lot more affordable. In fact, the origins of the modern VoIP conference can be traced to the nineties though since then many changes have taken place with core technologies having developed at a rapid pace.

Group of Technologies

Basically, VoIP conference refers to a group of technologies that are focused on more interactive type of telecommunication that help at least two different locations to interact through use of bidirectional audio as well as video transmission that takes place concurrently. In fact, the first demonstration of the VoIP conference actually took place way back in the year 1968 though modern VoIP conferences even allow three plus remote points to interact simultaneously. The Multipoint Control Unit or MCU is a link that helps in interconnecting calls from more than one source and each party can call the MCU while this unit itself too can call other parties (sequentially) that are about to take part in the VoIP conference.

Today, typical examples of VoIP conference services include Yahoo Messenger, NetMeeting and also MSN Messenger and there are also many other services that are inexpensive though quality are also an issue with them. Since almost every aspect of our lives today is run with the help of the Internet it is easy to see why the VoIP conference has such an added significance to everyone, especially as this facility allows for making distant calling at very affordable prices.

The best use of VoIP conference is in businesses where the need to communicate with others in different parts of the world at affordable costs is the need of the hour. The developed world too is certainly benefiting considerably from using the VoIP conference facility as it has made accessing wider markets that much easier and more affordable – is it voice or data or video communication that needs to be taken care of.

There are differences between the way that VoIP conference works and how the earlier conferences worked in that the former involves sending calling services in packets instead of the more usual electronic circuits that were used earlier.

Hosting a VoIP conference call means that audio information has to be sent in packets (digital) over Internet connections and not the traditional means which was to make use of public telephone networks. The only trouble with the former type of communication is when the packet has to travel for especially long distances there is certain amount of audio disturbance that mars the quality of the conference.

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