Ronaldo Affectionate Farewell Conference

The evening of February 14 Ronaldo with the Football Shirt with his two sons to the Corinthians club located in the Corinthians to the training field and teammates goodbye after Ronaldo appeared in the conference site, officially announced his retirement news. In the conference, Ronaldo can not help falling tears. Ronaldo said his decision to retire, said the torture he had suffered injuries, but these have not let him cry, his strong restrain their emotions in an attempt to the best stance to face the media, and hundreds of millions of the attention of his fans. But it is the fans that word Ronaldo touched the hearts of the most vulnerable part. “I want to thank my family, thank all the people who criticized me, for in my life who helped me grow, to thank all my fans in Brazil, they bless me, I cried with me, crying, “Ronaldo thanked the owner, and then choked voice said,” and the Brazilian fans, I especially want to thank the fans of Corinthians (voice began to choked), because I have never seen such passion, such a enthusiastic fans with football shirts.”

Ronaldo with the Premier League Shirts has been difficult to control the mood, he cries, the sound is no longer stable. When the lens is pointed at his face, his eyes the tears are so marked. Ronaldo finished twitching almost incoherent words during the following: “I want to thank the club president; I would like to not help the team into the Copa Libertadores with my club football shirts, said a public apology. I want to say is my President Brother, I’m here a really good experience; it is amazing, I will continue to move forward, and has been linked with the club. in the future you will often see me at the scene to refuel the Corinthians. “

Although Ronaldo is the fuse of retirement to lead the team he has not reached the South American Libertadores Cup with his club soccer jersey, but Ronaldo did not tell any one injury and Corinthians Corinthians fans say. Ronaldo at the press conference began by saying: “I made many lifetime friends, and I do not remember setting an enemy.” Love to the depths of man named Ronaldo clank also falling tears, maybe it all melted into the color is too sad, but that feeling is how real – because love you too, football! Lover’s tears flow for you but – because love you too, Ronaldo! Ronaldo with the Man U Kits was officially announced through the press conference the decision to retire. A few hours later, the Brazilian national team coach Mano – Menezes personal website published by Ronaldo with the Man U Shirts caused by an open letter deploring Ronnie make retirement decisions.

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5 Soccer Drills

by skpy

To be competitive in today’s game it imperative you put away the old outdated training methods. Running long distances can be slowing you down and may be burning off the muscle you need for bursts of speed and power. Soccer players need strength and conditioning exercises that both closely resemble the actions of their body and muscles that perform during the game and mirror the energy systems that are used in a game!

Here are 5 soccer drills to help your power and speed.

1. The Box Drill – Use cones placed 6 yards apart in a square. Start at one cone and run forward to the next cone. Perform a drop step circle around that cone. Perform a shuffle step to the next cone. Perform a drop step circle around that cone. Backpedal to the next cone. Perform a drop step circle around that cone. Shuffle step to the original starting cone. Perform a drop step circle around that cone. Run diagonal to the next cone. Perform a drop step circle around that cone. Shuffle step to the next cone. Perform a drop step circle around that cone. Backpedal to the original starting cone.

2. One Leg Squats – One leg squats is another excellent leg strength exercise. Stand on a platform and lower one leg off until you are just below parallel and then stand back up using the other leg. Work up to 3 sets of 10 for each leg.

3. Uphill Sprints – Uphill sprints will help you develop power. NFL All-Time leading rusher Emmitt Smith was a big proponent of hill sprints. Beach runs in soft sand are also really good for developing acceleration. Make 10 yard sprints with plenty of rest in between.

4. Zig Zag Ball Handling Drill – In this drill you will set up cones in a zigzag pattern at about 5 yards apart. The closer together the cones, the more difficult the drill. Next you will line up at one cone and dribble the ball to the next cone and cut around the cone and on to the next, then you dribble the ball back to the beginning. Take a short rest and repeat.

5. Groin Conditioning – Metabolic conditioning (intervals) should always remain at the end of a training session that incorporates “explosiveness”. If you fatigue the athlete with conditioning, you can’t expect the athlete to perform explosively and you may even compromise safety. Like all other aspects of the program, in order to develop “groin-specific” adaptations, you must incorporate lateral movement into the conditioning drills.

This means short, high-intensity intervals that include lateral shuffling, crossovers, and sprints into and out of lateral movement. Intervals can range from 10 to 60 seconds (or more). Rest intervals will vary, but one option is to rest an equal amount of time to the work interval.

5-10-5 yard shuttle using lateral movement for a set period of time
5 yard shuffle for a set period of time

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NASCAR Supernovas – Junior and Busch

People are fascinating. I am biased towards the ones in auto racing. Let’s face it: that is what I surround myself with, so that is my frame of reference. Human beings are by far, to me, the most interesting piece of the motorsports puzzle.

In any realm, it is people who make the spark and the interest. Politics can be a very dry and clinical topic to study. One can read about laws and policies and crave some caffeine product. But let’s read about how different people with varied beliefs interpret and practice our politics and then we have some interesting subject matter.

Religion falls into the same category. Pick up a textbook and read a few chapters written centuries ago regarding another civilization’s beliefs. Good readings if that is what you are into. However the attention commanding material in usually about how citizens can read the same book, yet come to multiple conclusions about the same written lesson.

Switch scenes to our favorite sport we all know and love and people provide the most captivating topics. Business and machinery help stir the NASCAR pot. Men and women add the spice and flavor.

Week after week, race after race, new chapters are written. No two are exactly alike. In 2009 two men stand head and shoulders above the crowd for attention. They command it from the time the race haulers enter speedway grounds late in the week, to the time those same haulers are making the long journey down a dark interstate back to some race shop after completing a weekend’s work.

And their time in the world’s critical crosshairs was not earned from what they might do, but from what they already have done. Both drivers have entered the zone of “what will happen this race?” because of what has already occurred.

Circumstances have brought Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to where he is today. He is a man with a tremendous namesake. Second and third generation athletes live under a microscope and a heat lamp. Only unquestioned success brings relief. Ask a Manning brother.

Junior was brought into racing not just as a driver, but also as a son. He was a late model racer with a team his father owned. He was employed as a then-Busch Series driver by a team his father owned. He was brought to the Cup level with a team his father owned. And the day after Dale Earnhardt died was, very sadly, the news story that garnered the sport the most attention it ever received.

Front-page headlines about the Earnhardt passing were carried in newspapers that absolutely ignored auto racing. NASCAR’s most recognizable name was gone. Millions of fans and non-fans mourned the loss. This man was also a father. And one of his sons was left to carry the sport’s torch whether he was ready or not.

“Big E” was the guy who was introduced in pre-race ceremonies and nobody in the grandstand was using the seat they paid for. Some cheered. Others booed. All reacted. His presence was enormous.

Junior’s Nationwide resume shows two championships and twenty-two race wins. The Cup Series’ victory lane has had him as the guest of honor on eighteen occasions. He resigned from Dale Earnhardt Incorporated at the 2007 season’s conclusion.

His driving tenure for Hendrick Motorsports began in 2008, arguably Sprint Cup racing’s strongest team. The championship car has come from Hendrick’s effort the past three consecutive years and eight times total since Jeff Gordon’s initial crown in 1995.

Joining Hendrick Motorsports was supposed to have his best chance of success, but it has not gone according to plan
Now Junior has his best chance for success being with a quality racing team. He also is under more scrutiny than ever for the same reason, being with a quality racing team. So far in 2009 Earnhardt’s three stable mates have won races and are within the top ten in the title standings. The number eighty-eight stands out for its lack of performance compared to the five, twenty-four and forty-eight.

A recent crew chief change has legions of Dale’s fans chopping at the bit for a strong on-track improvement. Junior Nation’s large membership has had their patience tested.

If any of the above details were not part of the story, Dale would not be the center of attention that he is.

Kyle Busch entered the sport with another famous last name. Busch’s older brother Kurt entered NASCAR’s Truck Series in 2000. His move was quick to the Sprint Cup Series, entering events later that same year. He won the tour’s championship in 2004 and was regarded as a top driving talent. His attitude and personality did not endear himself to fans in the same matter as the third generation Earnhardt racer. Kurt had his collection of followers, and his detractors.

Guilt by association was what Kyle had to deal with from the people who did not like his older brother. There were some that took an anti-Kyle stance prior to his ever turning an upper level NASCAR wheel. His full time Sprint Cup career began in 2005 with the Hendrick organization.

Some of his attitude and behavior endeared him to his following of fans. It alienated him to others. The younger Busch brother’s driving talent became evident to everyone who watched him closely.

His personality comes out and appears in bright lights most weekends. Controversial moments have drawn battle lines between Busch supporters and Busch bashers. “Rowdy” has made comments after near wins that criticize his crew and other drivers, whomever he feels negatively impacted the victory effort. He does not bite his tongue and says what he thinks.

Busch’s actions, such as his guitar-smash in Nashville, polarize both media, fans and competitors alike (Photo Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images for NASCAR).

There are observers who praise the fact that a Sprint Cup driver actually gives his opinion and shows emotion, and not just rattles off sponsors and gives a sound bite whenever a microphone is put in front of him. Others jump to the other side of the fence and do not like Kyle’s style or substance. Witness the differing opinions after the recent Nashville Nationwide Series guitar-smashing incident.

The cherry on the cake that intertwines the two drivers is the fact that Rick Hendrick had Kyle Busch driving in his group. They agreed to part company and move on to other relationships. Busch filled a seat with Joe Gibbs Racing. The driver chosen to move under the HMS driver umbrella was Dale Earnhardt Jr. It reads a little like a “Seinfeld” episode, where random occurrences often are tied together at the conclusion of the show.

Auto racing trade paper op-ed pages and radio call in shows have three topics every week. Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Busch, and whatever actually happened on the speedway. The first two have their fans and detractors wound up. Plenty are eager to wave the flag and cheer, or look for the opening to knock the legs out from either.

Something pretty strong has to happen to steal a piece of the fan’s debate. And it has at times. Carl Long’s penalty is a good example. Carl Edward’s spectacular crash at the spring Talladega race is another. But they are only temporary diversions. Eventually the hot topics come back around to our two lead characters.

This article is part of that phenomenon. We listen to the fans and watch what happens on the racetrack. There is no escaping the bench racing topics that keep coming up. I wonder what big story will come up that will eventually displace our current discussions? I know I will really enjoy watching. Racing has lots of characters and lots of stories waiting to happen. I can’t wait.

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Basketball For Confidence

by Mr ATM

My uncle was a paraplegic and his accident occurred when he was relatively young, 34 years old. Prior to his accident he was not involved in basketball his favorite sport was motor-cross racing. He was not a competitor but he was very influential in the managerial side of motor-cross events. After his accident he needed a new challenge and he eventually met up with a group of people who also needed a new challenge in their life and they found it in wheelchair basketball.

Basketball is a great sport and is open to so many different cultures and lifestyles including those who have disabilities. There are few people who have a disability that get involved in sporting activities. There are many physical therapeutic and psychological advantages available to people with disabilities who involve themselves in sports activities and wheelchair basketball is a great sport for many people who have a disability. Wheelchair basketball is just one of these options out there. Playing wheelchair basketball can help with issues such as self confidence but not only that, it allows the opportunity for interaction with others.

Many people are also aware that wheelchair basketball is played at an international level. The beginning of wheelchair basket ball is said to date back to the World War II where after the war there were so many serviceman that had been confined to wheelchairs. Then in 1946 those veterans got together in the sport and played their first game. The sport of wheelchair basketball has eventually grown to the way it is today to become a very popular sport all over the world.

The rules of wheelchair basketball are very similar in that they follow the rules of the International Basketball Federation where the games are played on a regulation court and with the 10-foot basketball hoop. Many of the rules were adapted such as the players are not allowed to touch the wheels of their wheelchair more than two times after receiving the ball or dribbling the ball. Then before they are allowed to handle the wheels they must bounce pass or shoot.

International competitions for wheelchair basketball are held all over the world today. The sport of wheelchair basketball is included in the Paralympic Games and has been since 1950. The Paralympics are held every 2 years. There are is also the wheelchair basketball prize of the Gold Cup and currently the countries that are most prominent in the sport are Canada, Australia, USA, Japan, Netherlands and England.

There are many countries that now have mixed teams. Mixed teams comprise able bodied players as well as disabled players. This form of basketball is very quick and as with most sports also highly competitive. The games are very exciting and great entertainment for spectators as well. Wheelchair basketball is enjoyed by the players of course as well as their fans, which makes it a great sport for those who are disabled but wish to remain competitive and of course enjoy sports.

For my uncle this was a great change to the way he viewed his life and after his accident which left him despondent for many years he gained a new lease on life. He did not attend the Paralympics but he certainly enjoyed watching the games with his new found friends and he loved to be able to be physical again on the court amongst those friends. He still plays as a Golden Oldie for a local team in his city but they have a mixed team for the Golden Oldies and it is great to see those with a disability encouraging those without disabilities to get the hang of wheelchair basketball. Who knows what kind of person he would have been if he did not have the opportunity to become part of the wheelchair basketball team.

Michiel Van Kets submits articles for Abso-bloody-Lutely, a general web directory. The articles cover topics like sports and basketball. Reviewing tons of submissions each and every day is a lot of work, especially when offering it for free. But of course a directory needs listings, so that’s just the dedication it takes.