College Lacrosse Recruiting – Success Tips

If you are a high school lacrosse player, you may be thinking about earning your way to college with a college lacrosse recruiting scholarship. There are several tips that can help make the lacrosse college recruiting process more successful for you as you advance through your high school years.

Make it easy for coaches to see you play

This seems like a no brainer, but it really isn’t. If you participate at a major lacrosse recruiting camp, there can be upwards of five hundred players out on the field on any given day, with no guarantee that the coach you want to see you will in fact have the chance. When coaches have rosters to fill, they are out every weekend with the goal of recruiting lacrosse players to fill the gaps on their teams.

While it is important to attend a lacrosse recruiting camp, there are other methods that will enable you to be seen by coaches: utilize video on a personal webpage that you set up. While coaches may or may not have time to track you down at a tournament or lacrosse recruiting camp, it is very easy for them at their convenience to click on a link in an email you send to them and watch you play online. You can select the video, allowing you to put your best images forward for coaches to see.

Be selective when you attend a lacrosse recruiting camp

You may have different goals for college lacrosse recruitingdepending on where you are at in your high school career when you select camps and tournaments to attend. If you are a freshman or sophomore, you will want to focus on attending lacrosse college recruiting camps where you can learn and improve your skills. In later years, your focus will shift to attending college lacrosse recruiting camps and tournaments at colleges you would like to play for and where the coaches you want to be seen by will be in attendance. While on campus, you can check out the dorms and cafeterias, even classes and see how you like the school.

Work hard at your high school academics

This is especially true in your junior and senior years of college lacrosse recruiting. It is all too easy to begin to let things slide in classwork, but it is this very work that recruiting lacrosse coaches will be looking at to see if you meet their requirements for admittance to their university or college. College is not all playing lacrosse; you have to meet the academic requirements to be admitted in the first place. Your college counselor can offer advice on lacrosse college recruiting and what colleges are looking for in terms of academics.

Finally, have fun. College lacrosse recruiting can be stressful, but if you are properly prepared for it, it will be much less so.

In this article Wayne Hemrick writes about a lacrosse recruiting camp.