Held In Shanghai In 2008 Appliance Trends Conference

, 2008 held in Shanghai appliance trends conference gave the answer?? Big screen digital TV, fashion personality 3C digital products, saving the health of the ice washing products, household electrical appliances will be the trend next year.

Leading home appliance retail chain Gome, Yongle host this theme of “new ideas on the pulse of the new” consumer electronics trends conference, Sony, Siemens, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, Haier, Philips, Lenovo, Hitachi, etc. nearly one hundred participants world-renowned brand manufacturers, major home appliances manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad show recent or future upcoming new appliances.

The Shanghai general manager of Gome Huang Xiuhong said the trend in the leading consumer appliance based on the United States and the Shanghai area States in more than 100 stores, like 2008 Olympic year, the impact of 20 billion yuan in sales.

In order to better understand consumer demand, the National US-Paradise for a wide range of consumer surveys, summarized the three major trends next year, home appliances, home appliance brands at home and abroad yesterday gave a high evaluation on behalf of that consumer from the sale of terminals and market demand, product design and improvement of its direction.

AC electric appliance industry

Shanghai Association official said the total appliance sales in Shanghai at present 70% of GOME Paradise; All categories Electric sales in China accounted for 50% of the US-Wing-lok. A household electrical appliance industry believe that sense, States United States leads the home appliance trend Paradise, will have a great impact home appliance industry.

2008 Three Year appliance trends

Digital color TV, large screen of

With 2008 approaching, digital TV terrestrial transmission standard formally announced, and the Ministry of digital TV receiver terminal device industry standards on January 1 this year, the official implementation of the color TV market ushered in a historic opportunity. TV is moving digital, flat-based, large-screen directions, consumers also need high-definition screen large, cost-effective products. More than 40-inch large-screen flat panel TV will be fully operational, is expected to account for the flat-panel TV sales by 20%. Large-screen TV is a TV business major source of profit, prices will drop further, to accept the price of ordinary consumers. Among them, 42-inch, 46 inch, 50-inch will become the mainstream product. HDTV will be using the Olympic style, irresistibly into the eyes of Chinese consumers. Full HD TV industry will bring a new level, leading into the flat-panel TV market ahead of the rapid growth of the popularity of the transition period to accelerate the pace of China’s popularity.

3C digital fashion, personalized

According to the latest statistics, 3C usage of digital goods reached 37.7%, with the popularity of digital products for digital cameras, computers, MP3, 3G mobile phones and other high-tech products, consumers seeking new appearance, fashion trends and a variety of features to meet their pursuit of quality of life. The trend briefing, 3C new digital cameras, MP3, computers and mobile phones, which brought together many well-known brands. Digital class of consumers familiar with the new camera the Sony DSC-T200, the new camera Canon EOS-400D, JVC GZ-HD7 camcorder, etc. New Fall 07; computer class of the torch Lenovo notebooks, ASUS S6 Series, HP tx1100 series and many other brand; phone class has MOTORAZR2V8, Samsung F308, Sony Ericsson P1, Nokia N95, etc. The new fashion.

Refrigerator, washing machine energy conservation, health of

Fridge all appliances in the longest continuous use of goods, almost all the time in operation. Therefore, the choice of models with high energy efficiency can save a lot of money for electricity. When customers buy the refrigerator is still concerned about the preservation of function of the strength of some accurate temperature zone control, fluctuations in the refrigerator a small range of customer choice. Washing machines can kill and inhibit bacteria, is considered by consumers when purchasing products with the primary factor. LG, Haier and other domestic and foreign manufacturers have introduced new technologies and new products. Many consumer products have not only depend on the health function, but also to measure whether the full and effective sterilization. Temperament steam washing machine on the use of silver nano-polymer composites, including the formation of protective film on the cylinder, the effective inhibition, a unique steam washing technology to achieve the “triple kill”, that common bacteria, allergens and mold killing and removal, will be the best choice for consumers.

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College Lacrosse Recruiting – Success Tips

If you are a high school lacrosse player, you may be thinking about earning your way to college with a college lacrosse recruiting scholarship. There are several tips that can help make the lacrosse college recruiting process more successful for you as you advance through your high school years.

Make it easy for coaches to see you play

This seems like a no brainer, but it really isn’t. If you participate at a major lacrosse recruiting camp, there can be upwards of five hundred players out on the field on any given day, with no guarantee that the coach you want to see you will in fact have the chance. When coaches have rosters to fill, they are out every weekend with the goal of recruiting lacrosse players to fill the gaps on their teams.

While it is important to attend a lacrosse recruiting camp, there are other methods that will enable you to be seen by coaches: utilize video on a personal webpage that you set up. While coaches may or may not have time to track you down at a tournament or lacrosse recruiting camp, it is very easy for them at their convenience to click on a link in an email you send to them and watch you play online. You can select the video, allowing you to put your best images forward for coaches to see.

Be selective when you attend a lacrosse recruiting camp

You may have different goals for college lacrosse recruitingdepending on where you are at in your high school career when you select camps and tournaments to attend. If you are a freshman or sophomore, you will want to focus on attending lacrosse college recruiting camps where you can learn and improve your skills. In later years, your focus will shift to attending college lacrosse recruiting camps and tournaments at colleges you would like to play for and where the coaches you want to be seen by will be in attendance. While on campus, you can check out the dorms and cafeterias, even classes and see how you like the school.

Work hard at your high school academics

This is especially true in your junior and senior years of college lacrosse recruiting. It is all too easy to begin to let things slide in classwork, but it is this very work that recruiting lacrosse coaches will be looking at to see if you meet their requirements for admittance to their university or college. College is not all playing lacrosse; you have to meet the academic requirements to be admitted in the first place. Your college counselor can offer advice on lacrosse college recruiting and what colleges are looking for in terms of academics.

Finally, have fun. College lacrosse recruiting can be stressful, but if you are properly prepared for it, it will be much less so.

In this article Wayne Hemrick writes about a lacrosse recruiting camp.

How To Improve Your Lacrosse Team

Lacrosse is a very popular sport back east. The Ivy League schools have had a big part to play in lacrosse. Lacrosse can be very fun to play and very entertaining to watch when you understand the way the game is played.

When playing on a lacrosse team it is important to get to know the way each of the team players work. Finding out which team members are best at different positions in the game will help the team to have overall success.

Paying attention to every players strengths and weaknesses will allow the team to make adjustments to the strategies that need to be practiced.

Use the time you have together at practice to study each other so you can learn how each player can be his best. Listening to the coaches suggestions and being responsible with performing your part on the team will help make the practices and games go smoothly.

As you work on improving your lacrosse talent, think about ways to help your teammates get better as well. If you see them struggling in areas you are strong in make sure to share your knowledge with them.

This will build the trust between you and you will see the unity build when the team is competing against another team. It makes a difference how people react to others when they know you care about them and their success.

Using the time outside of your lacrosse practices and games to get to know each teammate on a personal level will help build comradery. This will also help you become more familiar with each persons likes and dislikes.

Since most of the lacrosse teams are back east recruiting is a big part of the game. The best way to advance your lacrosse career is to get a college coach to notice you when playing high school lacrosse.

Make sure you keep up your conditioning on and off the field so you will be prepared to play college lacrosse. Working out in the gym is important so your muscles stay nice and flexible. Stretching is a major key to keeping your body limber.

Working out on the treadmill is a great way to keep pace when timing yourself on how fast you run.

Cade Lennox is a health and fitness expert. He has written dozens of articles about treadmills and other health and wellness related topics.

Better Communication Skills – Three Tips For Conference Calls

The conference call has been a way of life in business for many years now. So why are so many frustrating, ineffective calls being held every day? This simple list of reminders is intended to help keep conference calls from becoming wasted time.

No multi tasking — I’ve been guilty on this count, I must admit. But if you force yourself to follow a no multi tasking rule, you get another benefit. You’re force to confront the question of whether the conference call is an effective use of your time. It’s easy to say yes if you’re thinking you can appease someone while you do your email. But if the call isn’t worth your time, you need to speak up and say so.
It’s a meeting, so treat it like one. The call should have a clear PAL (Purpose, Agenda, Limit). Participants should be invited, and attendance taken. Be clear about who is leading the call. Start on time. The leader needs to keep the call/meeting on track, and document actions taken and follow up activities (who, what, by when). End on time. Send an email with the documented action items promptly, preferably before you do anything else.
Test for agreement. In face to face meetings, body language and facial expressions provide clues as to whether people are engaged in the topic, even if they choose to remain silent. Not so on a phone call, and while we’d like to live by a rule of silence equals acceptance, that’s dangerous. If the number of participants is reasonable, call the roll so everyone has to say yes or no on key decisions. Beware of voice inflections that indicate uncertainty, and tactfully call them out.

Avoid ex partee one to one conversations after a conference call, especially the kind where someone calls you right away to express their frustration or anger. On the other hand, if you’re leading a call and you’re convinced that someone has been disenfranchised or needs some help dealing with a topic, go ahead and reach out to them.

One more point — the speakerphone is a great invention. But poor quality speakerphones can really bog down a call. People end up talking over one another and sometimes don’t even know it. It can lead to repetition and frustration. If you’re relying on speaker phones, get high quality equipment. Otherwise encourage people to use handsets or headsets.

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