Cool Summer Soccer Gear

Do you ever have any of these problems while playing the great game of soccer? 

Your shin guards continuously slip down.  You sometimes use tape or other jerry rigs to fix this problem?

Well you need to check out the Sock Jockey™

The Sock Jockey™ keeps shin guards in place.  There is no need for messy tape to hold the shin guards up.  This is an excellent idea.  It is reusable and washable, so after sweating your butt off on the field just throw them in the washing machine with your uniform.  The Sock Jockey is very easy to adjust with Velcro closures.  Another benefit is that they also keep your socks in place.  After all you should not have to worry about shin guards and socks getting in the way of your play.

 How about your head hurting after heading the soccer ball a few times?  If you have this problem then you need the Header Band.

Check out the Header Band!  The inside of the header band is lined with a silicone shock absorbing pad.  This head band not only keeps the sweat out of your eyes but also protects your head when heading the soccer ball.  The circular silicone pad is perforated to allow air flow for cooling comfort.  Just think header shots no longer have to be painful!  The Header Band absorbs most of the shock and protects the head.  One size fits all.  This head band stretches to fit comfortably.  It’s made of cotton so all you need to do is wash it in cold water and let it air dry.

How about this problem- when you kick the ball your shoe laces get in the way and the ball goes in a different direction than intended.  If you have this problem then you need Hot Spots™.

Hot Spots™ improve the surface on shoe for better ball control (no laces to get in the way).  You will experience better touch, spin, and control of the soccer ball.  Also your kick becomes more powerful.  This item is a staple item with coaches and kids.  Trust me, it really works.  Hot Spots are very elastic so it is easy to pull over your shoe.  Just slip Hot Spots over front of shoe and cover the laces it’s that easy.

So before you hit the soccer field this summer get this cool gear.  They are ingenious solutions to your problems and look good on the field as well.  For information on these items and other soccer gear go to

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Basketball Hoop Review

You are probably looking at all the different kinds of basketball hoops out there right now and you want to know which one is best. The answer to that question is, well, it depends on you. Each type of hoop offers advantages to different people for different reasons. We will break down the components and advantages of each so that you can make a decision on buying a basketball hoop.

Portable – These hoops you can move. They are ideal if you cannot keep your hoop outside all the time or if you want to move it a lot. For example, if you live at the end of an ally and you want to move your hoop there now and again this type would be the one for you. The disadvantages of this are stability. It wobbles a bit because the base for it is not good.

Mounted – These hoops you mount onto your house or some other object. This is the way to go if possible. It is cheapest, stable, but you do not have the ability to place it.

In-Ground – These hoops you put in ground. There are very stable are a good option for those who are okay with it being there for awhile because they are a pain to get out.

Back board Material
Plastic – This is the cheapest and the worst. You simply get what you pay for. It cracks easily and does not respond well to basketballs.

Acrylic – These are the next cheapest. These are good, but watch out to see if they are made from extruded acrylic which will have a wavy appearance and is simply a cheap product.

Glass -These are usually used in indoor gyms. They are very high quality. They perform the best, but can break with a great amount of pressure and can wear if outdoors.

Polycarbonate – This is the most durable which is why parks use them. It performs okay, but is not commonly sold at retail stores for some reason, but would be a great option.

Other advice
Basketball Net -G et a premium grade basketball net. It will last much longer so you will not have to change it which can be difficult.

Rim – Get one that suits what you will be doing to your hoop. If you dunk it, get a break-away.

Adjusting – Once again, it depends on you. If you have little kids who will want to shoot on a 8 foot hoop, make sure your hoop is adjustable.

Brand – Read reviews about these at other places.

For more reviews about basketball equipment like a pool basketball nets, visit