Smaller Lacrosse Arm Guards vs. Larger Lacrosse Arm Guards

The world of Lacrosse and everything associated with it can be a mystery to many people. The sport is North America’s oldest – invented by the Native Americans – but only in recent years has it grown in popularity as a mainstream sport.

One of the signs of Lacrosse’s increased popularity is the abundance of equipment and products made for the sport by various manufacturers. There are many branded names of specialist lacrosse equipment and clothing, including Brine, Maverick, Nike, STX, and Warrior. They make products and equipment ranging from shafts, heads and gear bags to clothing and accessories such as pads, helmets and arm guards. There’s everything someone would need to turn a regular player into a Braden Edwards, Jim Darcangelo, or a Bobby Griege.

Arm Guards

Arm Guards are arguably one of the most underrated items of the Lacrosse player’s kit and clothing. Of course hats are important along with gloves, but leave arms exposed and some serious damage could occur.

Smaller Arm Guards -vs.-  Larger Arm Guards

Smaller arm guards afford less protection; however, the less protection offered is negligible when compared to the freedom of movement the smaller arm guards offer compared to larger lacrosse arm guards. Less weight carried over the course of a Lacrosse match also means the player will have more expendable energy to use in the game.

Benefits of Smaller –vs.-  Larger arm Guards

Not only are smaller arm guards lighter and less cumbersome, but the smaller arm guards are almost always 50% less in price than the larger arm. Easy to put on and easier to fasten, smaller arm guards are ideal for quick, incisive plays, and make playing the ball that much easier.
Smaller arm guards are ideal for the attacking player, but just as effective for defensive players. However, for goalkeepers, special fitting arm guards, protective head gear and throat protectors should always be the order of the day. Don’t forget it is the goalkeeper that is being aimed at, not the goal. Well maybe not, but nine out of ten shots the goalkeeper makes the save.

Buying Lacrosse Gear and Clothing

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