Lacrosse Ball Passing

Over the years Lacrosse has been becoming an increasingly more popular sport across America. However, I feel like people aren’t getting a good understanding of the sports basics before they hit the field. So I thought I would do something about that, thus this article. I just wanted to go over some basics so people would stop making fools of them.


Lacrosse has been popular on the east coast for many years, and has slowly made its way across America and has become popular all over the states. Over the last several years there has been a huge jump in the number of people playing lacrosse. From the west to the east and everywhere in between lacrosse seems to be popping up everywhere.


Just like every other sports every person needs to have a strong understanding for the sport and all its fundamentals. Let’s start off with the real basics and that all begins with simple passing of the lacrosse ball.


Proper handling of a Lacrosse stick is the first thing that one must learn.  Watching lacrosse players play will help you understand that the throwing motion should be fluid and will often have to take place on the run.


When running you will also have to make sure that you can cradle the ball through instinct or muscle memory.  This can take some time and is definitely a skill that you will have to start cultivating.


As you hold the lacrosse stick you will want to make sure that the stick is across your body.  The pocket should be near your ear and you want to make sure that your top hand is holding the equipment right above your shoulder.


Your opposite hand will be at the bottom of the stick.  The order of your hands will depend on which hand is your dominant hand and you should be sure that you understand in what order to hold your hands.


Your feet should never be even with each other when you are throwing a lacrosse body.  You should make sure that your feet are staggered so that you are able to put more power into the throw and you are also able to have the balance that you need for the throw.


When you are throwing the ball you will have to move your body to transfer the weight from your back foot to your front.  This transition of weight and the momentum that you are using to push the ball forward will help you have a lot of force behind your throw.

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