NASCAR in person

I’ve been to Texas Motor Speedway at least 8 times. And boy I’ll tell you, it’s a totally different ball game than watching it on television. A live NASCAR race has all the excitement you see on television, but totally enhanced in every way. The sound of the flyover, the sound of the cars as they fire up for the first time, the pace laps and how tense and exciting it is. And the amount of people there, that’s really one of the most different parts in person as opposed to watching the race on television. There are a lot of different individuals, totally different and yet a lot alike, in the stands of a NASCAR race. You can sit next to people that you’ve never met, and have a conversation and get along with them like a long lost friend. The fan doesn’t even have to be pulling for the same driver and it’s still fun to talk to them about the race and different things like that.

The smell of the cars and how you can literally feel them go by, now that’s something that the television crowd is really missing out on. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching on television. It truly is enjoyable, and it’s the vast majority of how I view NASCAR races. But smelling that car that blew it’s engine is wonderful, to me anyways. When the cars go by and they are three wide, it’s so exciting to see it right in front of you and for you to keep up with as they race around the track. It’s thrilling to see the pit crew at work and the adjustments they make to the race car. It’s exciting to see a wreck as it happens right in front of you. The sudden scream of screeching tires, the smoke and the general damage that’s normal for a NASCAR race, that’s really a lot more exciting in person than on television. And the burnouts the driver does after he wins are truly thrilling, and it’s a lot of fun to smell! You can smell the race and taste it, something that again the television audience can’t truly imagine if they haven’t ever been.

NASCAR is my favorite sport, and it’s always going to be in this system of things. But it definitely knows no rival when it comes to being there in person versus any other sport. It’s still really fun to watch on television at the same time though. If you’ve never been to a NASCAR race, I highly recommend it. You’ll never forget it.

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I’m Agron Bashota, and I wrote this article.