Conference Planning – A Guide To Organising A Successful Conference

Conferences are defined as an arranged activity where participants meet and discuss things that are of common interest to them. A conference sometimes includes hundreds or even thousands of participants. To plan a conference of this magnitude need not only time but also the coordination of all the people involved.

If you are planning a conference, follow the guides given below:

Formulate a conference planning committee
Plan your budget precisely
Select the venue that suits the needs of the conference and the participants
Settle agreements and contracts with all concerned groups
Look for a group of people to deliver conference talks
Plan the conference program
Implement all the planned tasks

In addition to the above mentioned considerations, it is also important to plan out the main theme of the conference. If the theme of the conference is geared towards a training conference, then the preparation and planning should satisfy the needs of a training conference.

Another thing to consider in organising a conference is the venue. One important consideration is the size of the venue in relation to the number of participants. It is also necessary that the venue has the essential facilities that are vital for the conference. Other facilities like restaurants or any recreational places should also be considered. Accessibility to any type of transportation should also be considered.

A detailed itinerary is one of the features for a successful conference and the smooth flow of events will make the discussions more effective. On one hand, disrupted activities will make the discussions less effective. To attain an effective conference schedule, follow these tips.

Inform participants who require accommodation of the available package and deals
Have a variety of events for the participants to select from
Ensure that the conference schedule gives the participants a chance to have free day
Spread out tiring or intensive topics
Scheduling energizing topics after lunch
Allocate breaks between sessions
If conference organisers do not serve lunch, guide the participant to places they can go
Allow plenty of time for networking

On the day of the conference, it is necessary to guide the participants to their respective places. In the absence of usherettes or ushers, signs should be provided to avoid participants’ disorientation. It is also important not to make any changes to the conference plan. If changes cannot be avoided, all participants should be informed of the changes as soon as possible. For the conference to succeed, the person in charge of the conference should do his or her job. The participation of other conference staff is also vital.

The above tips are guides for conference organisers on how to organise a good, if not, successful conference. Anything is possible if everybody works hand in hand with the goal of a successful conference in mind.

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