Understanding Conference Call Services

Using conference call services are becoming more and more popular these days. There is constantly rising demand for them as the more businesses and individuals are finding such calls more convenient.

The conference call is a favorite in the business world as there are frequent requirements for many people to communicate. Being able to get in touch with the different offices of a company when need arises can be very convenient and also economical for most companies. Divisions that have offices in different locations will no longer have to send people from one place to another just to get their messages across. Different offices located in different countries need not have to wait until their executives reach their head office to make decisions.

Conference calls can either be audio, video or web-based. Audio is the kind where participants can communicate only through voice and cannot see each other. It is considered as the most affordable and is used most often.

With video, all attendees are able to speak with each other as well as see each other. They can view presentations, reports and documents if they need to. Seminars and training programs can be effectively done using this method. However, this method requires the use of video equipment that can be expensive. Most companies only resort to using this method for very important meetings. This is because each participant needs to have video equipment, a television and a phone line. There can be problems if one or more participants do not have the needed equipment. Although they can still join the conference by audio call, they will not be able to take advantage of seeing what is being presented or each other for that matter.

Web-based conferencing service makes use of a computer and the internet. Participants can see each other, exchange files, photos, videos, and messages. They can also see and hear each other. The only problem with this method is if a participant does not have an internet connection. There are also problems that can arise if participants have different internet connection speeds.

Conference calling makes it easy and convenient to communicate with people at any time. Most companies use them as a cost-cutting exercise. The costs of the calls are considerably less than having participants travel. Travel-related expenses — like air-fare, hotels and meals — can form a very large chunk of most companies’ expenses as executive or even job applicants need to be sent from one place to another.

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The World’s Highest Conference Call

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand on top of the world’s tallest mountain? Well now you can… from the comfort and convenience of your desk!

Tomorrow, Cisco engineer Brian Dickinson will be embarking on his final ascent to Mt. Everest’s peak –  a whopping 29,035 feet above sea level – and thanks to WebEx technology you can join him on his exhausting emotional and physical expedition. From Base Camp (17,500ft) Brian will answer your questions, talk about his trainings and challenges taken to prepare for the climb, what is currently on his mind, as well as discuss his three previous climbs.

You read that right. Brian has previously climbed three other mountains (Mt. McKinley in Alaska in May of 2009, Mt. Kilimanjaro in north-eastern Tanzania in February 2010, and Mt. Elbrus in Russia in July of 2010) on his quest to scale The Seven Summits while raising money for HIV/AIDS research and bringing gifts to orphanages in each country he visits.

Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Brian is an extreme outdoorsman and athlete. For six years he was stationed in San Diego as a helicopter rescue swimmer for the Navy. It was there he met his wife, JoAnna, and they went on to have two beautiful children, Jordan and Emily. In addition to working with Cisco, Brian runs Extreme Adventures, an outreach program that teaches leadership and confidence via biking, hiking, and rappelling.

The Consequences of High Altitude
After experiencing a cold, massive headaches, and a quick scare with what was thought to be the on-set of High Altitude Cerebral Edema, (an increase of fluid in the brain that can cause coma and even death) Brian decided not to take any chances and hiked back down the mountain to a lower elevation in order to get acclimated. He spoke of his frustrations in his blog on Climbing.com, saying that “at this point I am a bit frustrated. It’s not fair that less physically fit and less driven people are in a better position to climb the highest peak on earth. With something like HACE there’s nothing I can do from a physiological standpoint.”

Luckily, Brian fully recovered at a slightly lower elevation, refuses to let the hiccup slow him down. He has since returned to Base Camp, hiked to Base Camp II, (the penultimate step in the acclimatization process at 21,500ft) made it to Base Camp III, and will return to Base Camp for the conference on May 4th.

What started as a personal journey has quickly become an amazing world-wide adventure reaching far beyond his expectations. All the while, Brian has maintained his sense of humor, letting his blog readers know that, “If someone could please drop ship either a carne asada burrito from Roberto’s in San Diego or a double-double animal style from In-n-Out Burger I sure would appreciate it!”

To register for the May 4th conference with  Brian, follow this link: http://www.webex.com/webinars/Meeting-Mt-Everest-Live-from-the-Climb

The Khumbu Ice Fall – treacherous and thrilling.

Brian at Camp I.
In late March, we met Brian Dickinson via WebEx before he left for his Mt Everest climb. In that session, we learned about Brian, his Navy background, his passion for extreme sports and his desire to climb The Seven Summits.

While pursuing his incredible goal, Brian turned his journey into a cause to raise money for AIDS Research and to connect with the children at orphanages in the countries he visits. Click here to watch “Before the Climb” with Brian Dickinson

There has been a ton of press around 3G Internet coverage at Everest basecamp. Not true. NCELL offers 3G coverage from a village a few miles down the Khumbu Valley, called Gorak Shep. The 3G towers are run by solar panels so in bad weather and at night they are shutdown. And they don’t have the strength to send a 3G signal to basecamp. We get edge coverage, which works for cell phone calls and very poor quality Internet (almost unusable). To upload these blog entries, add pics to Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. I have to hike 30 minutes out of basecamp up on a ridge and climb a large boulder, which has direct line of sight to Gorak Shep. The view from the rock is the most amazing place I’ve ever been with views of the ice fall crawling up the mountain, the summit of Mount Everest and all of the surrounding Himalaya peaks. I’m sure NCELL will resolve the coverage in future years, but for now it’s a lot of effort to stay connected.

What’s next? On the 30th (tomorrow) we are heading directly up to Camp II (21,000′), where we’ll sleep for 2 nights. We will then climb the Lhotse Face to Camp III (23,000′) and descend back to Camp II. The following day we’ll climb back to Camp III and sleep on oxygen. That will complete our acclimatization process for a summit bid, at which point we’ll bring it all the way back to basecamp to wait for a weather window to make our attack on the summit!

You can keep track of Brian’s progress via his blog on climbing.com

For those not able to watch the live conference, it will be recorded so you can listen in later.

Andy Jacobs
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How to Pick the Best Basketball Shoe for You

 Allow me get started with saying this, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to finding the right basketball shoe. Each and every woman or man has different demands when it comes to choosing the best basketball shoe. 
There are two chief criteria to take into account when you are thinking about which basketball shoe is best for you.
1) Your Size and Weight – bigger and taller players need to have shoes that offer you more support and stability. Shorter and less heavy players don’t  require as much support and stability.
2) Your Choice of Play – If you’re a post player (center, or power forward) you again need to get a shoe that will give you the most stability. If you are uard or player that likes to run up and down the court, you want a light-weight shoe that gives you support, but does not restrict movement in your nimble lateral movements.
 Once you know your size/weight/style of play, you can continue to make your search more specifc. When looking at shoes, zero in on the attributes. Some features will be more important you than others. And not everyone places equal value on the same attribute.
The main attributes to look at are
1) Traction – Do you make a lot of swift cuts/lateral moves? You will require a shoe with good traction to keep you from sliding. Do you play quite a bit of outdoor basketball? Then you need to get a shoe with an extra durable outer sole.
2) Cushion – Each shoe places more cushion in distinct areas. Some place more in the heel, others put more cushion in the forefoot. Where do you require the most cushion?
3) Material – Some material makes shoes significantly more flexible, while other materials makes shoes significantly more rigid and stable. Do you require flexibility or stability?
4) Fit – Do you want a snug fit, or do you favor a looser fit?
5) Support – Again, this ties in with the type of player you are. How much support do you require?
6) Price – Don’t pay for features you don’t need to have. That will help keep the price down. But the price tag is always very important to look at to make sure you get the most bang for you buck.
Again, these are just a few of the main things one should consider when purchasing the proper footwear for basketball. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are now well equipped to choose the best basketball shoes for you. 

And finaly, if you would like more information on finding the best basketball shoes, please visit my personal website. mybestbasketballshoes.com Thanks for reading! 

– Jutin R.

Conference Room Table Selections

There are a number of shapes and sizes and types of conference table. Conference table come in round, square, rectangular, boat shape, oval, multi-purpose, and expandable. We will give you some information on the different choices available and additional pieces available to finish off your conference room.

Conference room furniture comes in Laminate, and Veneer. Laminate is a scratch, stain, and mar- resistance material. Many of the new laminates are high quality and will give a conference room an upscale look. Veneer in made of real work, and is more inclined to scratch, and stain. Veneer has a much higher quality look for the upscale conference room.

Many tables offer wire channels or grommet opening. These enable you to run computer, telephone, and electric wires under the table, and thru the top. The other option is wire management installed in the table. These are inserts that are installed in the top of the table, they are wired direct to your buildings phone and electric lines, and enable you to plug electric, phone, and computers directly to the top of the table.

The shape of the table you purchase will depend on your preference, size of the room, and what types of use you have for the room. Round and square table are normally used in smaller areas. There are number base styles available. Some of the most popular are metal, or wood. Metal come in a number of finishes and shapes. Some of the options of wood bases are “X” shape, drum, panel end, and “T” shape. Standard round and square table are offered in sizes from 30” to 72” diameter. Larger areas normally will use rectangular, boat shape, or oval table. These tables come in lengths of 5’ and longer, and will vary in width. Most tables larger than 10’ come with tops consisting of two or more pieces. There are a number of base styles and shapes available for the larger tables.

Expandable Tables offer the ability to make a table any length you wish. These consist of sections of table that are connected to give you one large table. As your business grows and you need more conference room space, you can add sections of table. These tables come in inexpensive laminate, to high quality veneer, to meet your needs.

Multi-purpose tables give you the ability to arrange the tables in a configuration that best meets your needs at a given time. This consists of individual tables that can be connected together to offer one large table, or they can be separated and moved to give a number of table. These are normally used in a room that needs to be used for multi purposes. These can be setup for one large meeting, smaller meetings, or a training room.

You can purchase credenzas, podiums, conference marker boards with doors, to mention a few of the matching pieces of furniture available for conference rooms. It is recommended that you look at some of the many options available in conference room furniture before you purchase.

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How to setup conference room?

Setting up a conference room can be simple or complicated, depending on what you plan to use it for. Conference rooms are used for many things; predominately meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. Conference rooms need to be comfortable and convenient. There are various room settings for your conference room.

The style of room setup depends on the purpose of the meeting. Meetings designed to encourage group interaction would be arranged differently to a traditional seminar where participants are listening to a specific speaker, or speakers. 
If your company is having a conference, the first step is to decide whether or not you will be getting outside help to plan and execute it. Conference organisers can put together a winning conference that will no doubt leave all those in attendance very impressed. On th other hand you may want to be saving money in which case planing it yourself or getting someone in the office to plan it is the only option. Seating arrangements are a critical part of any successful public speaking engagement and are especially important for humorous speeches. As a professional public speaker you must consider not only interaction, but safety and comfort parameters as well. When making arrangements for a business meeting, remember to take care of any technical requirements. You may need a microphone for the speaker so audience questions can be asked. A LCD Projector is generally used for PowerPoint presentations and many meeting room will also have inbuilt or free standing projector screens. A podium may be required by the speaker and a lectern is handy for the speakers notes. Setting up the room well is important. This should ideally be done the day before to avoid any last minute jobs. If there are training aids being used such as projectors or powerpoint presentations then the chairs will need to face the front. If there is any training in small groups being given, then chairs facing each other will be appropriate chairs arranged in a circle. Thinking about the order of events of the day will make arranging the chairs easier.

Uncomfortable people will not listen to you. The unwritten rule is that meeting rooms are always too hot or too cold so you’ll have to do your best. When setting air conditioning levels, the room should be cooler than you think it should be. The body heat of the audience will bring the room to the comfort level. Make sure it does, and be ready to make adjustments as you go. If you can’t get the right temperature, make sure you acknowledge the audience’s discomfort and encourage them to make the best of it. Your care for them will automatically make things a little better.



Hosting Canada Conference Calls

Do you need to host conference calls for participants located in Canada? Whether you’re based in Canada or the U.S., hosting a Canada conference call allows your Canadian attendees to easily join. It all begins by choosing a conference call provider that offers a Canadian conference calling plan.

With such a plan, you’ll be able to host a teleconference accessible by people calling from Canada. In order to connect to the call, your callers will dial a toll free number. Some providers even offer US – Canada plans where you can have callers from both countries involved in the same call. For instance, your Canadian callers will dial a Canadian phone number while your U.S. attendees will call a conference call USA phone number. In either case, call forwarding is used to connect these callers to the central conference call.

With low per minute rates for U.S. and Canada toll free conference calls, you may be surprised at just how affordable these international calls can be. For example, if you hosted a 45-minute Canada conference call with ten attendees and your conference call provider charges 6.9 cents per minute, your total cost for the call would be $ 31.05. Compare that cost to the cost of holding a face-to-face meeting with partners scattered from coast to coast and you’ll quickly see the value of conference calling.

Who can participate in a Canada conference call? Just about anyone in Canada. However, it’s important to make sure that your conference call provider supports the provinces that your participants will be calling from. For example, if you have callers from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, it’s smart to double check that your provider supports those provinces. If a caller lives in an unsupported province, you may be able to use the conference call provider’s “dial out” feature to dial these attendees directly.

In fact, dial out features are useful even when the provinces are fully supported in that you can set up the conference to automatically dial certain numbers. For example, if you have a sales manager that’s chronically late to meetings, you may want to program that manager’s phone number into the conference calling utility (if dial out is available) and have the software dial the manager at the scheduled time. Dial out features are also useful for connecting international attendees whose countries have higher per minute rates.

Whether you need to host a U.S. or Canada conference call, USA and Canada rates for toll free conference calls can be found at extremely competitive prices. Consider conference calling instead of face-to-face meetings and reap the rewards.

American International Telephonics offers cost-effective Canada calling plans loaded with useful features including MP3 recordings, superb audio quality, online account management, and options for U.S. toll free access. In addition, the Canada conference call plans are available on a no contract basis with no minimum usage requirements or minimum fees.

Executive Conference Tables

Conference is a very effective tool to create potential clients in any firm or organization. Most of the big organizations have managed their own room in their office building so that they may not have to go any where else and hire expensive meeting halls for the purpose. Special attention is paid to the meeting room furniture and other essentials like conference table, speaker dice, presentation screen and multimedia. As perfect this arrangement may be as much your clients would be impressed and you will succeed to get substantial business.

The looks of your modern conference tables are quite important. It sets a standard of quality that is anticipated when a meeting begins. A dingy conference room with a lackluster conference table gives the appearance of a financially struggling company, which is not very good for morale. A conference room that appears professional and successful can elevate the mentality of the entire meeting.

The glass conference tables are not difficult to find, as you can buy new or used tables that can meet the needs you have for your office. However, you need to proceed with a sense of caution when choosing your table, as you need to keep the shape of the glass tables as well as the size of the room in mind. These are important factors that you need to consider when you are buying a table for your office, as a round table would not fit the proportions of a rectangular room for example.

The executive conference tables are used largely to hold video conferences, and can furthermore be outfitted with electrical power points, full cylinder bases, telephone ports and a lot of added trimmings. These brands of table can also so be recognized as multimedia tables, as they are brought into play for more than just your broad conferences and meetings. So when it draws closer to the time for you to select your individual executive table, keep in mind all indispensable facts for in and around your office.

The style you choose for your table will make a statement about you and your business. Traditional ones are characterized by medium to dark finishes and architectural detailing such as decorative molding and motifs like leaves, scrolls and shells. Transitional merges elements of traditional and contemporary styles for lines and forms that tend to be simple yet sophisticated. Contemporary styles are known for its use of sleek lines and geometric shapes.

There are so many different styles and materials that executive conference tables are made from that you could be forgiven for thinking that you will never be able to make a choice, good or otherwise. Do not despair though, a little bit of thought and attention will get you the right tables. Have a good look at the room or rooms you wish to hire out for conferences and see what shapes are likely to be functional and also look inviting. Perhaps draw some plans on paper or use an interior design computer program which will let you see many different looks and designs. You may well have an idea of what you want the finished room to look like, so use this to begin your search for just the right tables.

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Useful Conference Call Rules

The conference call service is something very common these days especially among people who run their own international business. But before you start using this service, you need to get to know with some of the basic things you have to be careful about. When you hold a conference call, you talk to more than one person and in most of the case, you don’t see each other faces so it could be very hard to make the meeting useful. Here are some basic rules that can do the opposite.
It is very important to synchronize your watches because of the different time zones. If you are in the United States, and one of the participants in the call is in China, then you have to arrange the call in proper for both sides hour. As for the time, do your best not to be late. Set an alarm a few minutes earlier in order to start the conference call on time.
Try not to use a mobile phone. It is really recommended to use a land line because of the mute feature it offers, which cell phones very often don’t have. If however, you don’t have any other choice but using your mobile phone, you can at least try to make your comments as brief as possible.
Use a headset instead of speaker phone or a handset. Holding the last one for a long period of time is very tiring and talking on the speaker is sometimes really annoying. The headset is the best option especially if you are expecting a long conference call. It also reduces the ambient noise around you and provides better quality of the call.
Organize your documents and materials no matter what they are. Put all your papers in order and formulate your questions in advance in order not to take it too long to react. It will be even better to write all your ideas and suggestions on a piece of paper and have them in front of you during the meeting.
Making a conference call is sometimes harder than it looks, but keeping close to these recommendations will reduce the possible problems to the minimum.

Peter Merifield is a London-based freelance journalist with a mission to make you a better and happier human being. Drawing attention to the peculiarities of life in the modern age is all part of the package.Check out his other articles for everything you need to know about communications.

Popular After School Conference Topics

If you are considering attending an after school conference or a seminar for out of school time professionals, you should know that just about everyone who has attended raves about their experience, and also almost always continue to return to various programs and seminars. There are so many different topics, tools and much information that is shared and provided that are important to the arena of out of school care and programs.

There are some well established and very recognized after school conferences that are very much anticipated by those who are planning on attending. One of the best is set in a retreat like atmosphere, which enhances the passion that attendees have for quality programming. It provides an invigorating combination of opportunities for teambuilding and collaborating as well as networking. The presenters of these conferences invite those who attend to learn and grow with them as they offer information about the latest trends and research concerning out of school time programs. Many of these conferences have more than 100 exhibitors who all share news, services, resources and products so that attendees may consider those offerings for their own programs in their communities.

There are also often very inspiring and motivational guest speakers and small mini special events that take place throughout the duration of these seminars, which can expand over a few days instead of just one afternoon, as is the usual case with workshops. Meals are also, more often than not, included. These all inclusive conferences support staff members of after school programs all over the country. Who are some of the attendees that look forward to these events? Attendees include teachers, administrators, program directors, principals, superintendents and many others.

In addition, staff members of community based organizations often are in attendance and these include staff from the YMCA, the YWCA, and the Boys & Girls Clubs. Also welcome in these events are representatives from non profit, school, local, state and federal government, PTAs, law enforcement, probation, corporate, health and human services, volunteer, and philanthropic organizations. If you are interested in attending a seminar, workshop or conference like this for your organization or school, be sure that you browse through all of the particular offerings and topics that are presented. Take a look at the credentials of those who will be presenting at them too, to make sure that you are going to get quality instruction from real professionals.

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Business Conference Agenda And Tone

A good number of people of invest a significant component of our work day going from small business conference to a new one without bothering to assess if we are truly gaining anything worth while out of them. Is there a method to make small business meetings far more productive?

In order to make the most out of a small business conference you have to strengthen the productivity of each and every single meeting. Every conference should extract the maximum possible attention for the duration that it lasts. Don’t attempt to make a conference cover every thing under the sun. Instead, try to ensure that the items on the agenda for the certain conference are covered effectively. At the end of the meeting, the participants ought to leave realizing the tasks and priorities they must accomplish.

Here are a couple of additional ideas for you to get the most of out your organizational meetings.

Company meetings must never be held on an ad hoc basis. You ought to prepare for a conference in advance. Commence by listing the objectives of the meeting. These objectives have to be clear, certain and measurable. These will support you check when you have covered the conference goals. You’ll also waste much more time by attempting to get to the point in haste. List out the expectations, or results, that you anticipate from the business conference. In the course of the meeting, encourage the other participants to contribute with their ideas and opinions to ensure that you’ve got their buy-in. The far more involved people today are, the quicker you might be able to see results. Focus on the bigger problems at hand and don’t let tertiary problems take over the meeting. Enable the tone of the business conference to be casual but don’t let that make the participants treat the business conference as becoming frivolous. Leave the business jokes for later.

Do not invite individuals to company meetings unless their presence is required. Just invite people who can truly contribute to the agenda of the meeting. This avoids wasting time for those individuals who are not actually necessary. Small business meetings really should be held in a pleasant environment that makes the participants feel relaxed and comfortable. If required, you could rent out an office or business conference venue for the conference so that individuals have the opportunity to unwind.

Even though you’ve got prepared the points that have to be created do not be in a hurry to get to them right away. Set a steady pace for the conferenceand begin by generating every person feel comfortable. The tempo ought to neither be too slow nor too rapidly.

Get ready to be inspired by this business conference to reach new heights in both your business and personal relationships. Learn what it takes to be inspired.