Conference in Darjeeling

The term conference conjure up the image of long hours of being in a convention hall, listening, taking endless notes and generally waiting for the scheduled and much needed breaks. And when it is the kind that spills over beyond a day then having it in a good place may be the difference between a successful experience and an unsuccessful one. Especially during the peak Indian summers the AC halls can get a tad suffocating and stepping out into the heat can actually suffocate you. Wouldn’t it then be nice to have a cool pleasant hill station as the venue? Pleasant weather leading to pleasant moods can actually lead to brainwaves and emergence of good ideas. And Darjeeling, a quaint hill station about 650 kms from the city of Kolkatta, is just the right place for the same.

Two things are definitely on the cards when you have a conference in Darjeeling, one you have a very pleasant hill station break and two you have a good successful conference as it is the kind of small hill station that puts everyone in the best of moods. With its mountain views and quaint set up, small eateries and short days it just makes for the perfect set up for hosting a long 2 to 3 day conference. Small town, quaint settings, doesn’t mean compromised facilities too. The Windamere Hotel is very well equipped. With a capacity of seating up to 40 people it makes for the perfect place to host senior management and board level conferences. Have a free flow of ideas in the rooms during the day and then just sit back and enjoy the cool summer evenings. Dual advantage is a good way to put it for a conference in Darjeeling. Hotel Mayfair, the erstwhile summerhouse of Maharaja of Nazargunj, is another great place to hold conferences.

The best way to go about it all is to spread it over the weekend and thus seep in the flavor of the town whilst you come together for some brainstorming as well. Check in advance for the conference facilities available in the various hotels there. Most of the Darjeeling hotels are best equipped if you need a lot of technical hardware support. And if it is more a brainstorming session that you are looking for, to come out with new ideas and just think out of the box then facilities at other centres too will suffice. So go ahead, plan that meet, pack your bags and make that trip. This will be one conference you will not regret being a part of.

Ackley Cooper Shaw has written various write-ups on hotels in India. In this article he gives the readers a quick peek at the Conference in Darjeeling that will surely impress your business guests.

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