Throwback Thursday: Iowa State's Jeff Woody – Finding Opportunity

Throwback Thursday: Iowa State's Jeff Woody – Finding Opportunity
The award is named after the former Big 12 Conference staff member and student services' pioneer who passed away in March 2005. Criteria for the award includes a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale, participation in at least two years …

Shanghai Food Safety And Food Additives Conference & Exhibition Additives And Ingredients

Start time: 2009-10-10 End time: 2009-10-12 Venue: Shanghai Everbright International Hotel Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Centre

Contact: Wei Shijun Contact Phone: 8621-67757544 Organizers: Food Additives Industry Association, Shanghai

Sponsor: Shanghai Food Additives Industry Association

Food Industry Network HC Organizer: Shanghai Food Additives Industry Association

Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision of food production supervision and management Shanghai Food Production Supervision by

Organizer: Shanghai Food Additives Industry Association

Meeting schedule: 10 8-9: day to register, receive conference materials, Gift , Representative;

10 10-11 9:00 am-16: 30: Seminar, the opening ceremony, leaders addressed the guests, the General Assembly.

10 10-12 9:00-16:30: an exhibition exchange, negotiate; 12, 13:00-16:30 Exhibition Move;

This conference, participants do not charge fees (registration and conference information free of charge), room and board by the Organizing Committee Unity Arrangements for their own expenses.

Introduction: Food safety is related to the colossal task, food manufacturers are responsible for food safety first. Food additives food production is one of the most active factor, strictly in accordance with national regulations on the use of food additives in food production must follow the principle.

Add any regulations in the food material is not authorized is illegal, should be severely punished by law. Therefore, the strict self-discipline of food businesses, the public’s strong oversight, effective government regulation, is the basic guarantee of food safety.

Popularize basic knowledge of food additives, food additives, popularizing the application of technology to promote laws and regulations of food additives, food additives industry shows the characteristics and achievements, my food additive industry association established policy, which helps food companies right use of food additives, also help raise the overall level of food safety.

This year’s seminar and exhibition, Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta area of food additives industry in the state, “Food Safety Law” since the implementation of the largest organized charitable activities. We look forward to receiving all levels of government departments and industry leaders at all levels of public concern and participation.

Welcome to participate in the activities of FIS are welcome to visit next year will be held in Shanghai World Expo!

Main topics: Forum for food safety and food additives;

Promote the implementation of food safety law; the significance of

Explain the basic elements of food safety law;

Watch the status of food safety in China;

Analysis of the factors threatening food security;

Reveal food safety and the relationship between food additives; Natural health ingredients

the latest technology and market development; Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta

show the results of food additives;

Clear up doubts about food and food additives, consumer confusion;

Main participants: Government department in charge of food safety; food safety regulatory agencies; HACCP certification; international standard certification;

Food production and processing enterprises; food storage and transport and logistics;

Food additive producers; Food Ingredients Manufacturer

Food ingredients, additives / distributors / traders Food distributors / traders Food quality supervision institutions; import and export food inspection and quarantine authorities; food safety research institutes, universities;

Food imports, exports and traders; food wholesaler;

Food safety Detector Device research and development production, agent; laboratory equipment manufacturers;

Public health and medical institutions; industry associations, government, schools, research consulting, media.

Exhibit: food additives: Acidity regulator , Anti-caking agent, antifoaming agent, antioxidant, bleaching agent, leavening agent, coloring agent, color protection

Agent Emulsifier , Enzymes, flavor enhancers, flour treatment agent, cover film, water retention agent, nutrient supplement, Preservative ,

Stability and coagulant, sweeteners, thickeners, food flavors and fragrances, food additives, 22 compound categories of food additives.

food ingredients: starch, modified starch, starch sugar, sugar alcohol, edible oils and fat substitutes, flour, egg products, honey, yeast, oligosaccharides, proteins, fruits and vegetables and meat freeze-dried food ingredients, a variety of fillings, sauces, spices, condiments, dried fruit and nuts, dairy products, health food, animal and plant extracts, beverage concentrates, curing agent, soybean products, instant tea, functional ingredients, cocoa products as well as sweets, snack foods and other food ingredients and food products in 28 categories.

Related: food safety testing equipment and technology; food additives and food ingredients industry, the production and application technology; related industries equipment, apparatus, packaging materials, publications,

Exhibitors terms and conditions: All have independent legal status, production and distribution of food additives and food ingredients business and the related can register participants. Applicants should provide relevant documents such as business license copy. In recent years by the state authorities investigated the production and sale of fake and shoddy products, shall not participating. May not display in our laws and regulations have not yet approved for use in food products and provisions of this exhibition on display outside the scope of products; exhibits and promotional materials must be provided using the state standards the product name; respect intellectual property rights, shall not show a counterfeit product and not allow the use of the product. .

Booth specifications and charges: Standard Booth: 3M 3M5500 yuan (domestic enterprises)

3M 3M1000 dollars (outside mainland enterprises)

Standard booth: 1 fascia board in English, three panels, two spotlights, one table, a chair 2, 220V/5A power socket.

Indoor light land (18 square meter rents): 550 yuan / square meter (domestic enterprises)

100 USD / square meter (outside of mainland enterprises)

Indoor Raw: Raw without any facilities, the exhibition booth design and construction on their own.

Note: If you are interested in a sponsorship program details, please contact the organizing committee or visit the conference website learn more)

Journal advertising and other advertising fees:

advertisements placed in: (RMB) (All Bulletin advertising companies own design, please!)

Cover: 20,000 Inside Front : 15,000 yuan color first

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Nfl Week 12 Picks: Big Games For Week 12

NFL Week 12 Picks: It doesnt matter if NFL players actually watch any of the action unfold during Thursdays Thanksgiving triple-header; they know the results by Friday morning.

How it affects the players on Atlanta to see Drew Brees pass for more than 350 yards on the road against Dallas? Another mystery, but Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has thrown for 285-plus in five of his past six outings so the Falcons defensive backs better be ready!

Line: Falcons -2
Over/Under: 47.5
The Packers sandwiched their bye week with impressive wins against Dallas and Minnesota, leaving a trail of coaching casualties in their wake. The Falcons have had a few extra days after beating Baltimore on Thursday (Week 11) and theyll face a Packers team thats allowed only one TD on 31 drives in their last three games.

Atlanta is 3-2 ATS at home this year and was 5-1 ATS when laying points in 2009. QB Ryans (18-1 SU) strong run of straight-up home wins gets a ton of publicity but its well deserved; the guy knows how to get the job done.

Online sportsbook opened the line for this game at Falcons -2 and public betting percentages show a 70-30 split of ATS betting action, Green Bay getting the majority.

The Falcons won their final four games of the season ATS last year and are 11-2 SU in their past 13 overall. In what could be a preview for the NFC Conference Final we like the betting value on the home favorite.
Pick: Take the Falcons

In another one of the more popular games for online betting this week, probably more because of the storylines leading up to it than then actually matchup itself, Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre square-off for the final time at FedEx Field.

Line: Redskins -1.5
Over/Under: 43
After compiling a 40-37 straight-up record in five seasons with Minnesota, Brad Childress was fired this week after the Vikings were blown out by division rival Green Bay.

Leslie Frazier has become the second interim coach named in the past two weeks and Minnesota can only hope to enjoy the same success the Dallas Cowboys have enjoyed under interim coach Jason Garrett.

It was fairly obvious how big the rift between Childress-Favre had become and we know who will be calling the shots vs. Washington. Look for an up-tempo offense utilizing RB Peterson and all of the WRs to spread out the field.

On defense, the Vikings front seven will keep QB McNabb guessing. If the secondary can take something positive out of last weeks disaster they have a chance for redemption against the leagues 27th rated passing game (76.1).
Pick: Take the Vikings

Conference Review

I had attended conferences many times and I can’t tell you how many conference call I’ve been. Ever since I discovered GoingToMeet or GTM it is a conference directory, and I tried their service and it is completely free I have been using it for the past 5 years when inquiring for the recent global events. GTM serves as my efficient guide to the most relevant conferences all over the world. They came up with a list of updated events that links you to the event’s website and since I’ve observed conferences I’ll be grateful to give you some tips on what makes a good conference. Knowing what makes a good conference is very useful if you’re planning to organize one and some of these features might help for you to decide if a conference is good or not.

The food is enough for the participants from morning to evening so everyone is full and stayed together for networking opportunities and other stuffs.

The session that they prepared is not long enough to get us bored and restless unlike other conferences that have longer sessions and before you know it you’re already loosing focus and leaving the room. We were able to get useful information also at the conference.

They provided for more than one session so it means that no one have to struggle for irrelevant topics. Forum sessions were provided and everyone is quite enjoying and sharing their field of interest.

Handbooks and soft copies were also provided and you don’t need to worry if you miss anything in the session. Actually the main purpose of giving handbooks during the sessions is for you to use it and apply if possible in your field of interest.

The speakers provide an intellectual discussion wherein you can easily grasp knowledge for it covers a variety of topics. Most participants say that a conference may not be as varied and still be good depending on the overall topic of the conference.

The overall presentations included practical ways to use the information so it was easy to implement it and we all know that if you don’t use new information quickly, the chances of benefiting from it later are much less. This was actually promoted as part of the conference which wouldn’t always be the case.

Hopefully these list could help you decide what makes a good conference and for those you want to plan their conference take note of the things that I’ve mentioned for it will really have an excellent outcome. If you want to have a quality list of the latest events all over the world just visit GoingToMeet or GTM. It is the most preferred site for information on conferences and trade exhibits all around the world.

Learn more about the upcoming conference events by visiting