Trading Computers are key!

If you are a trader like me, you undeniable depend on your computer to participate in the market. We are part of an automated world that more than ever depends on technology. Thousands and thousands of market transactions take place on any given working day and technology is responsible for making it happen.

We have evolved and there is no way back. For this specific reason when searching Computers For Trading, make sure you understand how vital is to have the best technology you can have. A lot of people say a computer is a computer is a computer. Well, let’s think about this, if you are a runner and need to buy shoes, what type of shoes do you buy? And where do you buy them? I can also say: A shoe, is a shoe, is a shoe, right? As you can see, when we talk about performing well in any field, we look for what has been designed to achieve better performance. We do not just buy a pair of sandals and go running. We look for the best support on a shoe and comfort of course. The same applies when talking about technology. In this case the technology that you will be using for trading.

So, if you are in the market and have been browsing trading computers, you will come up with some options that might confuse a lit bit in the beginning but will make a lot of sense once you take the time to understand what all of that means.

Be aware of mass manufacturing companies. These companies use cheap components and will not give you the customer support you deserve. If you have any questions, more than likely, your call will be routed to somebody in a foreign country and you will be one more in the queue. Also, check out what types of warranty do they offer. Most companies only offer a one year warranty, even though; the usable life of a computer is 3 yrs.

By now, I hope you realize that when searching for Trading Computers, there are a few things to take into consideration. If trading is part of your life or what you do in life, then you must have the best tools out there that will allow you to be the best.

We are in an era where we depend on technology and more than ever we need to familiarize ourselves with it. We live in an almost virtual world and as traders; we know that the trading virtual world is a very powerful and interesting one. Get on board and embrace it!

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How Super Postcards Are Made

Anyone starting out a business has to know how to market effectively because marketing is the lifeblood of business. You can be the most aggressive and the best manager on earth but if your target market does not know that you exist, you dont stand a chance in succeeding in your endeavor. Many business owners understand the basics of marketing, and conscientiously set on marketing their business. Unfortunately, many overlook the old-school marketing techniques and fail to promote their business in most effective and economical manner.

For your small business, postcards as a marketing tool is an excellent way to get your business know out in the market. Color postcards let you to perform marketing campaigns economically and efficiently. They can hold a lot of information such as your business identity and a strong marketing pitch. For a small business such as yours, post card marketing can really pay off.

Here are some pointers to help you produce the best marketing post cards:

o Be sure to create a design that best reflect your business and your identity.

o Dont forget to include your logo in your cards as it help build recognition.

o Use font styles and sizes that are easy to read and understand.

o Every color conveys a different meaning. Be sure to choose the best color to use in your cards.

o Create a tag line that is aimed at your target audience.

o When creating your list, be sure to think of the needs and wants of your target market.

o List down the ways you can meet the needs and wants of your prospects.

o Make sure that you develop the best message that will encourage your prospects to do the next step in the purchasing process.

o Design your message in such a way that it links the gap between your prospects and your goals.

o Of course, the success of your message will depend on how good your products or services are. The better your products are the easier it will be to create a message.

o Remember, write a message that resolves a difficulty, offers a solution, and provides value.

o Write a big, bold headline that directly recognizes your target customer.

o In the headline, be sure to present a strong benefit to your audience.

o Make sure that you create a clear, simple and honest headline. As much as possible stay away from fancy and complex language that will only confuse your audience.

o Dont bore your audience with a dull headline. Create an interesting headline to stir peoples interest.

o If possible, use numbers and other eye-popping details. Dont generalize everything. Deal with specifics.

o If this is your first time to create a postcard printing, its best to hire a professional graphic designer to make your design. You can also use a template that you can customize. Be sure that you dont send a card that gives you a poor impression.

o Be unique. Be creative. Be imaginative. Think outside the box.

o Design your card in a way that boosts your message and makes it easily understandable.

o Create the kind of attention-grabbing card that sends your message straight from the mailbox.

o Be sure to provide a strong offer to stimulate your prospects and increase your response rates.

o Try to learn something from each card you send. Modify one aspect at a time and see how it affects the response rate. This is how you produce killer postcards.

Michelle Abreu has been writing articles online for about 2 years now in a printing company. You can also check out this website for more information about appealing postcards and tips on how to make online postcard printing effectively.

Fundraising Ideas For AAU Basketball


As the head coach and founder of the Tri-City Thunder AAU basketball team, I want to be able to offer our brand of basketball to as many kids as possible, and keep expenses down for the families involved in the program. Anyone involved with AAU basketball knows, there are many expenses a club incurs over the course of a typical season including practice facility expenses, tournament fees, equipment costs, etc. And the more fundraising you can perform, the less money your club’s families will have to chip in during the season. Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for AAU basketball that we have put into place for our club team.


First of all, ESPN The Magazine offers a great fundraising program for AAU basketball teams. For $ 40, a donor receives a two-year subscription to ESPN The Magazine (52 issues). The best part is that of the $ 40 contribution, $ 30 goes directly into your AAU program, and that is money in hand! As a team, we set a goal for each player to try and sell three to five subscriptions, if possible, and the result is a nice chuck of change that can be used for gym fees, uniforms, and equipment! If you set a deadline of a good two weeks, you can literally fund your program for the next few months with some diligent work on your contributor’s behalf.



Next up, every team benefits from spirit wear! Not only does it look good on families who come out to support the team, it also helps get your brand name out there. Believe me, when you are at a tournament, and wearing sharp looking team apparel, people notice. In this method of fundraising, you can go to one of numerous websites that allow you to design a custom t-shirt or other type of clothing. In the case of the Thunder, we created a basic t-shirt design with our team colors, name, and logo. Then you can sell each shirt for $ 20, with $ 8-9 from each shirt sale, going into the team’s coffers. Again, getting each player to sell at least five shirts, goes a long way towards building a nice fundraising account for your club.


Another easy fundraising idea for AAU basketball is to partner with some local restaurants in your community for fundraising nights. Many local businesses offer programs that allow you to earn 10-15% of all proceeds for customers you can bring into the restaurant on a given evening. Not only is this easy money for your program, but it’s also a nice way to spend an evening bonding with other families that are a part of your program.




These are just a few of the numerous ways we have been able to raise funds for our AAU basketball team. By staggering out the fundraisers over the course of the season, and getting all the players and families involved in working together for the benefit of the club, you can create some truly spectacular results for your program. For more information about building an AAU basketball program, please visit Star Potential Sports.


Anthony is the founder and creator of Star Potential Sports Training (, a sport-specific training portal. He is a certified personal trainer with an emphasis on youth sports training, and the head-coach and founder of the Tri-City Thunder Basketball Club.