Michael Jackson: My Super Hero


When michael jackson is mentioned, not a single person could remain untouched. His songs, his dancing and his smiles are embedded in minds of countless people and remain there as a permanent part of memory. “That’s it” – the biographical short film looks back upon the path Michael had walked all along. To commemorate the death of Michael and leave it to his fans as a gift, the film really swept across the world and became an immediate riot among his fans.
Despite his later scandals, Michael is always a figure only next to god in the eyes of his fans. And the mourning over his death will be witnessed every year. They are willing to collect everything about Michael to put him in the bottom of their hearts forever. Dealextreme.com, an online cool gadgets store, recently came up with cute Michael-themed gadgets. Michael’s fans surely should go and have a look.
These gadgets include compact name card style USB 2.0 flash drive with Michael Jackson figure pattern, unique novelty photo holder in Michael Jackson figure and rechargeable MP3 player with Michael Jackson figure pattern and other cute widgets.
In the pattern of Michael Jackson in black, this USB 2.0 flash drive always let us to take one more look just because Michael is always in our heart. Holding it in hands, one tends to be nostalgic and lost in the memory of Michael’s heyday. Besides, the USB flash drive is also convenient in using. Its size is cute enough to be put in pocket without causing any discomfort. And given its storage capacity of as large as 4 GB, it really worth the money you pay.
And the novelty photo holder is also nice and desirable. You could simply insert a photo into the slot on the top of the stand which is in the shape of Michael himself. So when you back off and gaze at it, it simply seems that you are just Michael Jackson. I wonder have you ever dreamed of becoming Michael, at least I had. So just imagine how wonderful it is to have such a photo holder! It can be a very good gift for someone who is a stout advocate of Michael Jackson.
That’s it! Michael passed away, but he never really left. He is there in our hearts forever. And these cool gadgets will remind us Michael does stay with us for every moment.

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