How I Became A Professional Basketball Player

Hi my name is Wesley Channels. I’m a professional basketball player. Basketball is a fun sport to play for recreation or seriously. Far back as I can remember my dream was to play in the NBA one day. Although I haven’t reached my ultimate goal, I play professional basketball for a living.

It didn’t just happen for me overnight. As a matter of fact it was years of hard work and passion that allowed me to do this. If you aspire to play basketball on the professional level one day you will have to be passionate about it.

I am here to help you with tips of how I was able to do it. My strategies may not work for you but it’s worth a try. First before ever touching a ball you must know that basketball is not all physical. In fact it’s very much a mental game. I say this because noone plays perfect every gam or never suffers an injury. 

When you’re not at your best physically you can make up for some of it by being mentally tough. This includes studying your opponents, out smarting the opponent and staying in a positive mindset.

Coming up I was never the most athletic or most talented player. In fact early on I was always a reserve player that came off the bench. I didn’t let that discourage me but instead I made that my motivation to get better.

If you get that mindset, the sky is the limit. The key is doing what other’s won’t. What I did was get stronger by lifting weights. I had a ball in my hand all the time and put up shots every chance that I got. I often went to the gym and visualized myself in game situations and practicing what I would do in a game.

If I messed up in a game I would replay the situations to get the outcome that I want. Those are some of the things that helped me that can help you to. I’ve created a program “How Do You Play Basketball” to share additional tips of how I became a pro.

My name is Wesley Channels. I’m an Austin Peay State University graduate. I’m currently a professional basketball player. I have created a free training video series for people that are looking for tips and a blueprint of how I became a professional.

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