Xpress Yourself with Trade Show Displays

Xpressions, the ultimate in frame-graphic technology, is one of the hottest new display options on the market! Twelve frame options, integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities! The portable, lightweight frame is shipped with the fabric graphic skins fully attached making your trade show displays a breeze to set up. No tools or event labor required. A surface to set the frame on; a two-handed grasp and a few tugs is all it takes. Strong magnetic connectors lock the frame with a ‘snap’.

These versatile displays can be used for innumerous events – showrooms, fundraisers, lobbies, meetings, presentations, retail locations, and sporting events-in addition to the tradeshow floor. Alone or in conjunction with your existing Trade Show Display, they can certainly create a buzz on a tradeshow floor though.

For further proof why you should choose an Xpressions Hop Up Display, let’s take a closer look at the graphic characteristics and possibilities of this unit:

* 3-D Capability – The frame is constructed so the graphic panels can twist/weave between two separate planes creating a strong visual impact.

*Changeable- The graphic fabric skins have grommets that simply attach to nipples on the frame; allowing for quick, easy and cost effective transformation of your exhibit from venue to venue. Additional graphic panels in different sizes for optional configuration(s) can be purchased initially or at a later date.

*Durable – The fabric does not scratch or dent and is machine washable.

*Quality – Permanent dye sublimation prints on flame-retardant, stretch fabric generate excellent color saturation and life-like skin tones.

*Image Options – The small size of the fabric skins removes many limitations of large-scale artwork.

Believe it or not, accessories are available for Xpression Pop Ups, including shelving, lights and counters. ExhibitTrader.com carries a full line of these versatile marketing tools, starting at just $ 522.00. The model designations imply the number of graphic panels on each unit, i.e., a ‘4 X 4’ would have 4 columns/ rows with 4 graphic skin panels each, for a total of 16. A picture is worth a thousand words in explaining the frame options and graphic-configuration possibilities of these units.

Please visit our website, www.exhibittrader2.com and using the navigation drop down feature; select fabric display-Xpressions. You can view all the models we offer; options available; configurations possible for each unit; as well as a short (very short) video on the ease of setting up this display.

The Xpressions 3-D capability and fabric size options create truly unique trade show displays that will make a lasting ‘Xpression’. Two planes for integrating your graphics with multiple configurations offer a limitless canvas to create dramatic effects. Packing into a lightweight portable nylon case that can be self-transported (airline friendly); you can eliminate the exorbitant shipping cost incurred with traditional trade show displays.

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