Football National Teams

I expect tonight’s game and the result is similar to the results of 0 to 3 is normal. But the IOC played a bit petulant calls. I do not know if this is the arrangement of the Olympic coach, player or fear of losing heart, afraid of South Korea. South Korea is South Korea, and China is not the real China as the last.

Just getting to feel the Olympic playing field a bit out of line, the midfield link is not enough, especially the midfield and up front. Wholesale football shirt shop Chinese team has five midfield, but we can clearly see when the Chinese attack on the ball when the organization, only 2 of the midfield, the other player? All run and play up front to go. I am eager to understand their meritorious service, but football is a group project, individual alone is not enough. To coach the second half has not played a role in the adjustment, but out of touch more serious, which is inevitable lose.

The gap between China and South Korea soccer game then we can clearly see, we can not put all the blame to the coach who can not blame players. Deep-seated reason is the time when we people in the fixing of matches in the Development League, our youth system is a mess. The people around us now is to play less and less, world cup football shirt I remember I was there summer home in our sporting goods store to buy uniforms, the boss said no one jersey for a long time to buy, they would prefer to not enter the football clothing, said now playing Tingduo basketball people. football national teams Asian Games, Chinese sports delegation Zhaijinduoyin look, we can not help but sad for the Chinese soccer, football as the first big movement in China is still so backward. Advantages in the development of the project we must also make up for our weaknesses.

Losing is not terrible, terrible football national teams is indifferent, do not let us bring the Chinese football is Unfair. Chinese football long way to go, let us look forward to Chinese football tomorrow.

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