World’s Luckiest Football Fan

Guinness World Record Association has recently created a new record with a funny name “The Luckiest World Cup Fan”. This unique idea is originated from a telecommunication company in South Africa and has been expanded on a large scale all over the country. The competition called “Last Fan Standing” has attracted so many people. The winner have chance to see free all World Cup game in VIP seats with soccer officials worldwide. The contestants have to answer every question about football and the score of any famous match. Finally, a South African citizen named Thulani Ngcobo won the World Cup tickets. In accordance with the schedule, Thulani Ngcobo will travel over 17,000 kilometers around South Africa to watch the live match. In addition, this lucky man is enjoying extremely preferential regimes such as accommodation expense in different cities.


Thulani Ngcobo, nicknamed “Ngcobo 2010”, was born in Temba in 1980.



He has been an avid football fan as long as he can remember, claiming “my other home is the stadium”.


Before winning the competition he said “It’s my dream to attend all the 2010 FIFA World Cup games as I’m nicknamed Ngcobo 2010.”


Lungani Ngcobo and his friends after the final game


Ngcobo 2010 is the lucky winner of the Last Fan Standing competition.


His beloved girlfriend also congratulates him on his great winning.


The winner of the “Last Man Standing” competition hugs family members in the crowd.


‘Ngcobo 2010’ was announced as the winner during half time at the MTN8 final live on SABC on the 24th October 2009.


As the winner of “Last Fan Standing” competition, he will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most matches watched in one World Cup.



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2010-11 Montreal Canadiens NHL Predictions and Odds

The Montreal Canadiens improbable playoff run last season raises a few questions. How did Montreal manage to win two Game 7s on the road, one against top-seed Washington and another against defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh? Where had that Montreal team been all regular season when it struggled just to get into the postseason? And then how did that same Montreal team get blown away by No. 7 seed Philadelphia in five games?

And, of course, the question most pertinent to this season, why is the hero of those playoffs, Jaroslav Halak, now suiting up for the St. Louis Blues?

The answer to the latter question is Carey Price. The 23-year old netminder signed a two-year contract extension in early September this year. Montreal is putting their faith in the netminder for the second season in a row. Price was the No. 1 goalie last season, but as the season wore on Halak began to handle more and more games before completely taking over in February and in the playoffs where Price only saw one game of action.

More so than any other team in the NHL, the situation in net could define this Montreal season. Behind Price will be veteran Alex Auld, who presents an ideal situation. The 29-year-old is a veteran and capable backup, but his job is to spell Price at times, not to have Price constantly looking over his shoulder. Auld has played 20-plus games in a season four times with four different teams, and the plan is for him to see around 20 starts this season.

The pressure will be on prospect Lars Eller to produce on either the second or third line. The pressure to produce comes from the fact that Eller was one of the pieces St. Louis sent to Montreal in exchange for Halak.

Tomas Pelkanec returned to his 2007-08 form last season when he scored 25 goals and added 45 assists. While Pelkanec was producing, center Scott Gomez was regressing. His 12 goals were the fewest since his third season in New Jersey. His 59 points were the fourth lowest of his 10-year career.

The Montreal Canadiens schedule opens at Toronto on Thursday, Oct. 7 and then they return to Pittsburgh, where they closed down Mellon Arena for good back in May. Montreal has one of the longest road swings in the NHL with a seven-game trip in late December that winds from Colorado to the East Coast and to Florida. Montreal gets its rematch against Philadelphia when it plays the Flyers twice in a four-game span in late November.

Offseason Moves
Losing Halak and gaining Auld is by no means a wash for Montreal. but when considering what Auld will be asked to do this move has the potential of helping the goalie situation. Eller and left winger Ian Schulz represent the return for Halak, and both have received high marks in training camp so far. Forwards Sergei Kostitsyn (Nashville) and Gregory Stewart (Edmonton ) and defenseman Shawn Belle (Edmonton) were the major notable departures from Montreal in the offseason.

Montreal Canadiens Predictions: Outlook
Montreal has the makeup of a playoff team, but to improve on its No. 8 seed from last season it will have to improve on an offense that averaged 2.6 goals per game last season (25th in the league). The Habs hope they have the postseason-like efforts of Mike Cammalleri, who scored 13 goals in 21 games compared to the regular season when he scored only 26 goals all season. The Halak trade could end up being addition by subtraction in the goalie situation and expect Montreal to resemble the team we all remember for their unprecedented playoff run last season and not the one who barely snuck into the playoffs.

Montreal Canadiens Futures Odds
Montreal’s NHL betting odds to return to the Eastern Conference finals are +700. To win the Northeast Division Montreal is listed at +400. Their odds to win the Eastern Conference are +1400 and their odds to win the Stanley Cup, +2500. The Habs ‘over/under’ for total season wins is 40.5. Odds are courtesy of BetUS.

NHL Predictions for Montreal Canadiens
Their playoff run was not a fluke last season. Montreal has the personnel in place to make another run. They won 39 games last season and an improvement should be expected, so take ‘over’ 40.5 wins.

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Auto Forex System Trading

Auto forex system trading seems to be all the rage right now. Many traders always seem to want some sort of short cut to trade the forex market. However, the forex market is not the stock market and many great stock market traders have been brought to their knees by the foreign exchange market.

The foreign exchange market or forex market for short is huge with more dollars trading hands each day then all the stock markets of the world combined. This makes it appealing for the average person to trade since it is probably the most liquid market in existence, trades 24 hours a day for 5 days a week and you can start with as little as $ 50.00.

Trading with a robot or EA (expert advisor for the metatrader 4 trading platform) should not be entered into blindly. I have traded the forex market for 5 years now and have tried as many as 30 trading robots. One robot I attached to my trading platform one night just before I went to bed had a program bug and was stuck in an endless loop. It would buy and then immediately sell and then buy again and sell. It did that around 500 times before I could stop it. Fortunately, that was on a demo account. It is important to note that if you try a trading robot, that you first use it on a demo account to get the feel of what it is actually doing.

Before you start trading with robot or EA, you should have at least an understanding of how the forex market works and how the robot works. For instance, what criteria does the robot use to take trades? Does it scale trades – trading larger lots as your balance increases? Does it use stop losses? Beware that many robots look great in backtesting because they won’t use a stop loss. So they could take a trade in February but not close the trade until August when the trade is in profit. In the meantime you could have a 1,000 pip loss or more which the backtest won’t show.

To help you understand how the forex market works read as much as you can. There are many good books out there and free information on the internet. Apply for a demo account on preferrably a metatrader 4 platform as it has many features and easy to understand. Also you may want to learn to trade manually first using simple indicators such as support and resistance levels, pivot points and trend lines. Afterall, if they came out with a device to automatically drive your car, you would still want to know how to manually drive your car incase the the device malfunctioned.

That being said, I believe that robots do have their place in trading but do your homework. If you purchase a robot, make sure it comes with a money back guarantee and you get free updates of the software as the forex market is constantly changing and robots have to be optimized every once in a while. A trading robot can make you some good money and save you time.

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Executing Day Trades

Day traders buy and sell stock very rapidly within the course of the day with the hope that for the few minutes or hours they own the stock, the value would have gone up in their favor and they grab a quick profit. Day trading is not for the faint of heart. It is an adrenaline and tension filled activity. You can make huge profits during the course of a trading period, and you an equally watch your portfolio evaporate right in front of you.

A popular component of trading is margin trading. Experienced traders execute margin trades which when done well could be very lucrative. Before you engage in margin trades it is very important that you understand what you are getting into. Margin trading simply means borrowing money from your broker to buy stocks and paying back after you have made a profit. It allows you to buy more stock than you have the funds for. You trade with other people’s money and when you take profits, you have not risked your own funds. However, if your trades were unsuccessful, be prepared to pay the broker as ASAP.

Analysis of Stock
To execute trades successfully, you have to do some sort of research. To find out how the stock of the company has done in the past and use that information to predict if it would be good investment for you to trade on that particular stock. There are basically two ways to analyze stock, Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis

This type of research involves looking at the core of the company and trying to predict the future of the company, i.e. if it will be profitable or if it can sustain itself and survive whatever problems it is facing presently. This would involve looking at the financial statements, the people than run the company and the type of products or services that they provide, and try to determine whether they would be relevant in the future.

Technical Analysis

This is a totally different approach to analyzing a stock before you trade. It is at the other end of the spectrum with fundamental analysis. It does not care about who runs the company, what product or service the company provides or its financial report. All it is interested in is the stocks price movement in the stock market.

With technical analysis you try to determine the direction the price of the stock will assume in the future, by monitoring demand and supply of the stock in the market and previous trends of the stock in the market. Today, there are softwares in the market that can accurately predict the analysis of stock based on an algorithm and some people swear by them.

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What is Trend Trading?

A simple definition of trend trading is to trade with the trends. But, a beginner will need to know what trends are and how they are followed.

Whenever we are trading (buying/selling) any type of security, we take advantage of technical analysis, which is a study of how the value of securities change over time. When we talk about a bull market, the trends are up, like the horns of a bull. When we talk about a bear market, the trends are down, like the paws of a bear.

During any trading day, there are often many peaks and valleys. Trend analysis looks at the bottom of the valleys over a specific period of time.

Analysts plot the low values over that period of time on a graph. Or, they may use available software to plot them. If the lowest values continue to increase, over time, then there is an upward trend.

Analyzing or identifying trends can be used to decide when to enter a market or when to leave it. Trend analysis is used by short and long-term traders, but long-term traders rely on the trends, more than any other analytical tool.

Historically, stock market investments have been safe, when held for 20 or 30 years. During the last three years, we have experienced a bear market. The trend is down.

Even though some investors lost money in recent years, they may have still had a net gain, depending on when they entered the market. Some investors were able to identify the new trend, the change from bull to bear, and exit the market with maximum profits.

When upward trends are experienced consistently for weeks, months or years, then the valleys seem to flatten out, many investors choose to sell at that time. They believe that the flat-line is a pre-cursor to a downward trend. Sometimes, they’re right, but not always. Trend trading over short periods of time is akin to gambling. Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you lose.

Advanced software has made it easier for investors to use trends and other analytical tools themselves. In years past, we had to rely on market analysts or investment advisors, who spent practically every hour of every day watching the market.

The definition of trend trading is simple. Learning how to spot the trends and take advantage of them can be difficult. But, at least it’s getting easier.

Ian Wright wants to make it even easier for you. That’s why he has written a review of ETF trend trading on his site. Or you can read more about What is trend trading here.

Learning How to Track Major League Baseball Standings

This guide will provide you with the information on how to find the best internet sites for tracking the MLB standings. Major league baseball is a statistical game. The current standings are something you will want to be updated on consistently. Without the ability to calculate things like a computer, you can’t monitor every statistic on your own. It is necessary to research different resources for MLB rankings. Here is how you may find a position of major leagues using online options.

Go to The exhaustive tally of MLB positions can be located through the club’s registered portal. You may use any of the following methods to access the desired website:  cut and paste the link into the address bar, click the hyperlink or enter the address into your brower’s address bar. You should see a red toolbar at the top of the official website of Major League Baseball. Locate and select the “standings” menu tab. You’ll be immediately directed to the MLB standings page for the east, central and west divisions for both divisions as well as the National League (NL for short). If you want positions for previous years, get the pull-down menu at the top of the page, and pick the year you want to look at. too boasts of an excellent post in their site describing the latest MLB positions. Click on standings. You will discover the latest rankings for the divisions in each league of MLB. (American League and National League). You will have the ability to sort the information any way you choose such as by division or league, etc. Also, in the form of rankings on a regular basis, expanding the format and have the option to display the team – ballteam layout, or actually RPI. You may opt to see what the positions were on any said day during the previous months. You can get the standings as they were a week or even a month ago if you so choose. You can find as much information as you would like just as with the MLB official online site, these rankings represent the present season, however it is possible to go to previous seasons also.

Click on CBS Sports. Another trusty website for all of your baseball standings needs is  on cbs. Travel to this website and you’ll find information on the standings during spring training and throughout the regular year. As indicated by the other websites, you’ll be given an opportunity to preview the teams within both division and compare any corresponding stats related to each team for the current year. It is possible to view the totals of victories and defeats, plus lots of statistics. Only the most current 12 month MLB standings are listed on the website. 

Tiffany Provost writes about baseball and other sports tips for

Foreign Currency Trading

Foreign Currency Trading is all about buying and selling different currency on the forex market.  It has everything to do with exchanging currencies one for another amongst different currencies in the world, which provides liquidity and accessibility to the traders. In this market, exchange of currencies takes place on daily basis. In the  exchange process, large number of currencies will be exchanged by the members and other traders with fluctuations of market price. The best way to enter the world of Foreign Currency Trading is by utilizing one of the best software available on the internet today.  There are number of different Foreign Currency Trading programs available today.  These software applications are created to provide wide selection of services to the customer, traders and participants. Some of the biggest customers are commercial banks, central banks, investment banks, brokers etc. These software applications are designed to help not only those large corporations and brokers, but also individuals who are looking to make a good living. Most popular software in Forex market are forex autopilots. I have done extensive research about many different automated robots, and came up with a list of top three applications.  Please visit for a list of top three Trading Robots.

Since the main purpose of Foreign Currency Trading market is buying and selling different currencies, more countries are coming forward to exchange their currency for another. The entry of any currency is free and any number of countries can enter the forex exchange market by buying and selling world currencies. Nowadays, currency market becomes the general and common market for more buyers and sellers to buy and sell at a profit. Trading in a Foreign Currency Trading market helps the buyer and seller to come up with lucrative currencies and profits for those currencies. Sometimes, the Forex may find fluctuations for many currencies listed with respect to political and economic condition of the forex currency in the market.  The main reason for the establishment of the Forex System is to have a uniform rate for the currency listed in the market. Foreign Trading is very similar to stock market, only it takes place with respect to the currencies. With more customers and traders, this market serves the purpose for which it is established and offers better opportunity to come up with different and more forex currencies as per their requirement.

Rob Matysiak

Teaching your Son Basketball Tricks

Basketball is considered as the second most breathtaking and fastest game in the world. It deals with:
? Shooting targets
? Doing strategic positions
? Thinking on the spur of the moment
? Learning to do basketball tricks
Players (whether they are playing it as a sport or as their career) are always in a state of hype when they play ball. The rush of energy never seems to run out even if they’re just practicing. Welcome to the world of basketball buffs!
If you want to teach your son, basketball tricks, there are actually a lot of tricks you can run through him. This means, you can spend a lot of fun weekends with your son – teaching him different basketball tricks.
The Crossover Style
This is one of the most popular tricks in the world of basketball. To do this:
? Dribble the ball using your right hand for a proper grip. When the ball reaches your hand, swiftly bounce it over to your left hand.
? Using your left hand, dribble ball while running or dodging.
This is a simple basketball trick you need to teach your son because he will use this style very often. Ask him to practice this style for 10 minutes during his basketball warm-ups.
Behind the Back with No Bounce Move
? Using your right hand, engage the ball close to your arm. Make sure you keep it in your palm while dribbling.
? Try to gain full control of the ball. Then swing your arm in a clockwise manner around your body. You can carry the ball in your hand in this step but if you keep doing this, it will be considered a violation.
? When the ball gets near your left hip, push the ball forward and bounce it naturally in front of you. The ball would be out of your fingertips as you keep running forward.
This is one basketball trick that entails lots of practice. Your son needs to dedicate daily hour on his own to master this.
The Knee Dribble
? Dribble either with your right or left hand.
? Propel the ball under your bent knee. Following a few counts, use your opposite hand to catch the ball.
This basketball trick is not that common. Your son also needs to really practice to master it. He can try this once he gains comprehensive control of the ball.

Learn more “>basketball tricks and moves through BasketballTricks.Net.

Great ?actors? in football

World Cup is renowned as the world’s most attractive football tournament. The tournament is not only the field for footballers to show up their refined skills but it has also witnessed cheating skills by witty players. Pretending to fall, rolling on the field shouting in pain, they are not only good at football but also excellent at acting.


Slaven Bilic, Croatia – France, 1998


Slaven Bilic is one of the most impressive players of Croatia in World Cup 1998. However he was renowned as a good “actor. Laurent Blanc was the victim to receive a red card after Bilic covered his face rolling on the field in pain.


Gilardino, Celtic – AC Milan, 2007


Not all “actor” succeeded in his acting. Gilardino in the match between Milan and Celtic in the 1/8 round at Champion League 06/07 had to received a yellow card when he pretended to fall. This fall is regarded as the most stupid pretence since the defence of Celtic was meters away from him then.


Norbert Meier and Albert Streit, 2005


Norbert Meier was once a player for Germany national football team. After “hanging shoes,” he tried his strength to become a coach. His coaching had nothing special except the event that he was banned for 3 month coaching by the German football federation when they reviewed the videotape in which Meier acted when approaching Albert Streit of Cologne.


Roberto Rojas, Brazil – Chile, Elimination round for World Cup 1990


In the elimination match for World Cup 1990, Roberto Rojas splitting his face himself by a razor hidden in his glove. FIFA after that banned Rojas playing forever.


Rivaldo, Brazil – Turkey, 2002


This Brazilian striker has left stains in his career when “acting” in the match between Brazil and Turkey in the World Cup in 2002. He holding his head and rolled on the field pretending to be painful while the ball just hit his knee.


Kader Keita, Ivory Coast – Brazil, 2010


In the second half against Ivory Coast, Kaka had to receive the second yellow card colliding with Kader Keita phase. This 28-year-old striker held his face and rolled in pain as if he had been hit. But actually Kaka’s arm just beat his chest not his face.


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Find Out Around Collecting Baseball Cards

Accumulating baseball cards has always been a enthusiasm of mine and something that began from the day my mom took me to my extremely initial baseball game. I bear in mind it quite clearly I was only five on the time but I still remember simply because which was the time when I obtained my very first baseball card which you must realize was a magical thing for me at the time.

I treasured it over all else and actually I still have it a little earworn maybe and maybe a bit rough across the edges but nonetheless my most prized possession even if its not my most costly baseball card. You see the thing is gathering baseball cards is now my hobby my severe pastime but my pastime nonetheless.

I think about collecting baseball cards to become an artwork kind and one thing that I am really great with. The truth from the make a difference though is that not every person appreciates what they have within their baseball cards so that they dont consider as excellent care of it as they should have completed to begin with but on the other hand I guess small youngsters are a bit hard to individual from eternally grubby fingers.

I scour endlessly by means of the baseball stores to seek out the best cards for my collection. These cards could be ones like vintage cards rookie cards and distinct current baseball player cards. Of course these cards may possibly be ones that are previously in my collection but that does not actually make any difference.

Using the a variety of duplicate cards I have the signifies of investing these cards for other cards which We have yet to collect. This does not truly imply that I will obtain the cards that I actually yearn for or that these cards I trade for will probably be inside the best situation but that doesnt make a difference.

The fact with the make a difference stays even though that gathering baseball cards isnt for everybody. Not every person will feel the rush at holding a Troy Glaus rookie card within their fingers or even the joy of seeing for the initial time a card they had believed by no means to see within their lifetime.

The identical anticipation that I experience when I understand that Im going to get my greedy little paws on a vintage Mickey Mantle card isnt always felt by numerous people and this I consider to become a great loss to them. For me its a boon since you will find significantly less folks on the market accumulating baseball cards which means that theres more for me to seek out and collect

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