How to Learn Cool Basketball Tricks

: Basketball is a very exciting, and popular sport that’s played globally. It is basically a team sport, where two teams consisting of five players each, score points by shooting a ball through the top of a basketball hoop. In playing basketball, a set of rules are followed, and a wide array of passing, rebounding and shooting techniques are used too. Here are a few helpful hints on how to learn a number of cool basketball tricks.

More Basketball Basics
A standard basketball hoop contains a rim that measures 45.7 cm or 18 inches. The hoop is also mounted on a ten-feet or 3.05 meter high backboard. A team can score a goal by shooting the ball through the hoop, and a standard field goal scores two points. A goal that’s shot in the three-point line scores three points, and if a player is fouled when he makes a shot, a free throw is given. The ball is advanced through the court by bouncing the ball while walking or running. This method is called dribbling. A player is called a violation if he carries the ball, or does a double-dribble (holding the ball and resuming dribbling afterward), when handling it.

Simple, Fun Basketball Tricks That You Can Learn
Basketball is a game where a player learns to do a wide array of movements. One can learn dribbling or handling the ball while running from one end of the court to another. One also learns to rebound, pass and block the ball. Here are a number of simple yet fun basketball tricks that you can easily learn.
– The Crossover Dribble. In doing a cross-over dribble, the ball is dribbled in one hand, and bounced to switch it to the other hand. In doing a cross over dribble, the player changes the pace at which the ball is moving, and confuses the opponent on which direction he’s heading. You can do a crossover by bouncing the ball from your right hand to your left. The cross over is great for fooling an opponent. .

– The Spin Move. In doing a spin move, the player spins his body while retaining control over the ball. To change direction, the player can also place his body between the ball and the defender. Although the move may take some practice, perfecting a sudden spin can often leave a defender confused and off-guard.

– Behind The Back Dribble. The behind-the-back dribble is much like a cross-over, although it’s done behind the back. A player can also pass the ball from behind the back, without losing the ball or bouncing it off to the opponent. A behind the back dribble allows the player to stall for time, and take a quick glance on the court, while maintaining full ball control.

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