Super superstitious stars

Superstitions are not based on knowledge or reason. People are superstitious, believing that certain things or rituals bring them good luck or help prevent bad luck. Celebrities are those who also have superstitions. Some take superstitions as practices and confidence to deal with the pressure to succeed. Their routine of choice is enhancing their performance. As a result, some perform better and achieve success.


Patrick Dempsey, known for his role as neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd on the medical drama Grey\’s Anatomy, has charmed many women. The Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob is very intelligent, confident, and talent. However, he believes that it is necessary to have a lucky charm by wearing his red Puma racing shoes. “I have to have red shoes no matter what. They\’re my lucky racing shoes”, said Patrick Dempsey.


Patrick Dempsey has to bring his red Puma shoes everywhere.


Christian Bale, whose starring roles are mostly in big budget Hollywood films, likes to provoke superstitions. While many people avoid going under the ladders, Christian chooses paths underneath them.


Christian first caught the public attention when casting in the starring role of Steven Spielberg\’s Empire of the Sun at the age of 13.


Michael Jordan
, an instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s, was known for a specific quirk. During his legendary career, this effectively marketed athlete of his generation wore his University of North Carolina shorts under his uniform in any games.


Michael Jordan led UNC to the NCAA Championships in 1982.


Kristin Chenoweth, best known on Broadway for her performances as Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1999), is scared of walking under ladders. She explained that “So that lights never fall on me.”


Chenoweth at the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards


Model and actor Seal Faris not only knocks on wood when hearing the unwanted things but also on his own head when he boasts about anything.


Seal Faris is best known for his roles as Jake Tyler in “Never Back Down” and Rick Penning in “Forever Strong”.


Angela Kinsey, currently the uptight accountant Angela Martin on the hit NBC television series The Office, gives the plan a little pat whenever she gets on a plane. She has done so since she was two years old and used to get scared of flying. Her father advised to her to give it a little pat to combat her fears of flying.


Kinsey is one of cast members of The Office to have a role in “License to Wed”


Tiger Woods often take on red on Sunday. Red is his lucky color. He took his mother’s advice on wearing red for luck and red is believed to be the most powerful color for Tiger Woods.


Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers of all time.


Ruth Brown used to follow theatrical superstitions including never saying the name of the play backstage, don’t bring peanuts backstage, never wish any luck, or never whistle backstage. Richard Chamberlain takes such superstitions very seriously.


Richard Chamberlain is an actor of stage and screen. Ruth Brown is an American pop and R&B singer and actress.


In the ancient times, the practice of crystal healing was popular. Richard Gere is just one of many celebrities who believe in the energy and healing power of crystals.


Richard Gere rose to prominence for his role in the film American Gigolo.


Singer and actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, best known for her roe as Meadow Soprano on the HBO television series the Sopranos, follows many superstitions, especially when she performs in shows. She wears the same underwear.


Jamie-Lynn Sigler also appeared in the fifth season of the HBO series Entourage in October 2008.


Matthew Goode’s superstitions are mixed with sports. He always taps the ball the same number of times, looks at the ball, and taps again while playing cricket.


TV talk show host Star Jones says she never puts her purse on the floor.


Julie Walters kept a piece of cold in her bad on Oscar night instead of using charms or talismans to bring fortune and luck.


Julie Walters is an award-winning English actress and novelist.


Giada De Laurentiis, regular contributor and guest co-host on NBC’s Today, has two superstitions: no cats on the bed and spilling the salt. The reasons are that they will bring unlucky happenings. If a black cat lay on the bed of a sick man, he would die.


Giada De Laurentiis is currently the host of the current Food Network program Giada at Home.


Heiress Paris Hilton usually knocks on wood if someone says something she does not want to happen.


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Baseball was first introduced to Cuba in 1860s by students who returned from the US and also from Western sailors docked in the nation. It quickly became popular and was spread widely.

In 1878, the Cuban League was established composed of 3 teams — Mantanzas, Habana, and Almendares — each playing 4 games. At first, players were all whites and amateurs but professionalism soon emerged as rivalry among teams strengthen.

The Cuban Revolution in 1959 resulted significant changes that reached the sports community. Baseball was chosen as the sport that symbolizes Cuba’s nationalism after the revolution. (Since the 19th century, baseball has already served as a symbol of Cuban pride.)

After the revolution concluded, guerilla leaders joined in exhibition matches in baseball as symbolic gestures. The 1960s also saw the replacement of pro baseball system with the Cuban National Series, an amateur baseball league. This is to encourage post-revolutionary games that depend on national ideals and not montery gain.

During the same period, Cuba’s government created the INDER (Institute for Sports, Physical Education and Recreation). This agency handled the physical education functions and the coordination of everything related to sports and served as a driving point in prioritizing success in sports games. Cuba’s eventual succss in the international sports scene put the revolution at the forefront and became a symbol of its triumph. Participation in sports was made essential as part of the revolutionary activity.

Baseball still played a key role even after the revolution, along with soccer and boxing.The government encourages its people to pursue sports albeit for a more political reason. Although it can be argued that sports really serve as a factor in improving health, it can also be surmised that games serve as training grounds for citizens in the area of self-defense.

From the outside, everything seemed good. However, when the professional system was removed to make way for amateur leagues, players ended up not getting paid enough. Prominent players only made an average of USD 2,000 per year. The situation got worse with Russia’s collapse in the 90s. Because of this, a number of players defected to the US for more rewarding opportunities. During this time, the sports scene in Cuba was also marred by bribery scandals which saw players and coaches fixing games and getting suspended as a result.


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