Trade Show Booth Rental 101

Trade show booth rental options have increased dramatically over the last few years. In the past, they weren’t really any good leasing options. They lacked customizability and were often too generic in form to be a feasible choice for the majority of companies. Nowadays, they’ve changed almost completely. Many companies are making the choice to rent their trade show stand rather than purchasing, recognizing it as an inexpensive alternative to buying trade show displays and supporting materials.

Trade Show Booth Rental Offers Customization

The introduction of modular units has changed the landscape of rental displays. In the past, it was impractical for any rental company to offer more than a few selected styles of units. They couldn’t really offer any customization, simply because the cost to them would quickly outweigh any benefits provided by the rental income. Today’s modular trade show displays make things very different. Modular units have a high degree of baseline customizability because they can be rearranged on the fly, adjusted to meet varying demands and stylistic requirements. Companies can stock just a few units while at the same time meeting the demands of hundreds of companies.

The main detriment of choosing a trade show stand lease is that you lose the ability to customize the graphics and text to some extent. The exact level of adjustment available will depend on the company you choose to work with. Before you firmly decide to lease, discuss the options and exact level of adjustment available with the provider.

Benefits Of Renting A Trade Show Stand

If the slight lack of detailed design control is acceptable for your company, you can consider the benefits that come with a leased unit. First, you’ll be able to avoid some of the most substantial hassle associated with owning displays. When you’re the owner, you need to ensure that you’ve got an adequate place to store your unit as well as a way to get it transported where you need it to be set up. This can be a costly and very annoying process that can be completely avoided if you decide to lease instead.

Finally, you also avoid the upfront costs of purchasing when you choose a lease option. Many leases may give you the option to purchase in the future, which would allow you to lease for as long as it suits you and then move on to ownership.

Should Your Company Lease Trade Show Displays?

The best way to determine whether purchase is the right option or not is to consider whether you’re going to use your new unit often enough to make buying outright the more economically viable option. Many companies will offer some degree of storage and other amenities that make shouldering the burden yourself slightly less of a hassle. Ultimately, look at your finances and your projected usage, and decide which one will be more beneficial to you. While a purchase may be ideal for some and a lease ideal for others, there is no wrong answer. Either one will help your company present itself positively at conventions, which is always a good thing.

Chris Harmen writes about Little Rock trade show displays for Skyline, a recognized local authority offering sales and trade show booth rental in Little Rock and the surrounding region.

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